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Restored And Forgotten: 1929 Chevrolet


This old Chevy is listed on craigslist in Warminster, Pennsylvania for $8,500. It appears to be very original and complete. Most likely, it’s an older restoration. Sadly, the value of this Chevy, like other old cars, has dropped dramatically since it was restored. The seller hasn’t done anything to get it running after sitting for a long while, but it sure looks nice. Hopefully, the sagging driver’s door is a hinge problem and not a sign of problems with the wood in the body frame.


The upholstery doesn’t look original, but it does look nice and comfortable.


The engine looks a bit dusty, but complete and tidy in this picture.


They don’t say how long this old Chevy was sitting, so it will likely need the usual mechanical work. It’s shouldn’t be too expensive. I hope the buyer keeps it original.This Chevy will be a very drivable car. What would you do with it?


  1. Joe

    Car has great curb appeal. Does anyone know how fuel gets from below sea level carburetor up and into intake/cylinders? JC

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  2. Walt

    Probably a marvel carb, Sucked up with the venture action and neg. intake
    manifold pressure, vaporized in the heater tube that passes through the
    exhaust man. Should work pretty well if there is no intake leaks.

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    • Joe

      Thanks Walt and Alan Brase and others for the carb answer. Just seems from a fuel delivery perspective placing carb in the spot above the current location on top of the intake and letting gravity do its thing makes more sense than depending on heating and vapor and vacuum. Plus cold engine starts must have been a challenge. There is a nice open spot right on top of the intake for the carb location. But I guess the engineers had their reasons. JC

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  3. Rick

    BX to hold the wiring??

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  4. Rick

    that’s a lot of car for $8500

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  5. Alan Brase

    More of an elbow carb. I been looking at them for about 50 years so the comment took me off guard to begin with, but I understand why. It certainly would be a long way for any accelerator pump action to get into the cylinders. Very much like a briggs and stratton lawnmower carb. The concentric exhaust manifold did a good job of getting the intake hot, thus improving distribution. But ultimately better carbs and intakes came along, and I’d bet throttle response improved!
    All things considered this is a very nice example of a Chevy which in itself seems to several years more modern than its competition the Ford Model A. An overhead valve, 6 cylinder engine. But for mechanical brakes, this is a lovely modern car.

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  6. Hoos Member

    I remember seeing this car, or one just like it at local shows when I was a kid. It is local to me if anyone needs a set of eyes.

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  7. Mark S

    If correctly adjusted mechanical brakes work quite well, the fact is even the cars with hydrolic brakes were not self adjusting and needed just as much attention as the mechanical ones. The engines were better than the compition of the day with the over head valve fitment but were only partial pressure oiling systems the connecting rods were slinger fed. Geomechs is a good authority to talk to about these engine he will tell that these old stovebolt engines were rock solid and I have to agree with him even though I prefer the later fifties and sixties engines that were full pressure oiling systems.for myself as a Mopar fan and an owner of a indestructible flat head six cyl. car I’m kind of hooked in that direction, there is nothing finer than a stroker six banger no matter who made it.

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    • Walt

      Amen to that Mark. I am a caveman myself that loved the straight sixes
      and eights from that era. Cast iron rapture with their beauty exhaust
      notes ! Malama Pono !

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  8. Grouch

    That could be a Carter carb on that ’29 Chevy. I had a ’29 coupe and also a ’32 Plymouth with a Carter. I called them “updraft” carburetors, but most people call them “downdraft”. Whatever! They are very simple and very efficient if everything is adjusted and working right.

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    • Walt

      Aloha Grouch, You’re probably right on the Carter .Either way, it’s a updraft;
      and yes, good and simple carbs. That long heater section probably made
      some nice vaporized fuel .

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  9. bcavileer

    A little elbow grease, correct the modern heater hoses, replace the wrong clamps, put new grommets in the firewall… ah refinish the exhaust manifold and ditch the NAPA coil . You could go nuts or you could just drive it and have fun. The older reupholstered interior looks ok. And the paint scheme is nice too. Fair price for what it is. IMHO. They do not all have to be 400 points to be enjoyed.

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  10. Roselandpete

    Nice tutone paint job.

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  11. z1rider

    I have a 28 and I love the challenge of “clashless” shifting via proper double clutching and matching engine speeds for the next gear.

    Unfortunately, today’s kids may not want to master that. If this were mine I might be tempted to find a 53 engine with powerglide (pressure lube and insert bearings for the rods) to swap in. With a gennie shifter (do they still make those) you might be able to pass this off as original and make it more appealing to today’s hobbyist.

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    • z1rider

      On review of my comment ( “pass it off” ) I realize it might appear I am trying to be deceptive. Sorry, what I meant to say was something along the lines of keeping the original look while making it more practical to drive.

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