Retired Early: No Reserve 2000 Corvette

While an earlier model than we typically feature, this 2000 Corvette convertible was simply too intriguing not to post up for your viewing pleasure. Plus, what’s more American than a Corvette? So, it’s an entirely appropriate vehicle to begin daydreaming about as we enter the 4th of July holiday. This particular ‘Vette has a supercharged LS6 on board, but it will need significant work and money before it runs again. Find it here on eBay with no reserve listed. 

This Corvette certainly has an interesting history, as the seller has previously owned the car in question. He sold it to the next owner, who passed away, and now that same previous owner is responsible for settling the deceased’s estate. He bought the Corvette back knowing it had been neglected, but was surprised to learn the motor showed very little compression across the cylinders. As you likely know, the LS6 was found in high-horsepower cars like the Corvette Z06 and Cadillac V-Series cars, so in supercharged form, this Corvette was a brute when tuned correctly.

The interior is one of the highlights, as it remains in presentable condition. The Corvette is even more desirable for being a manual-transmission convertible model, as our guess is most drop-tops came with an automatic attached. The seller notes that the top is good and the paint will still shine up nicely, but that’s where the positives end. There is evidence of significant body damage as key panels don’t line up, and a number of tests to evaluate the health of the motor yielded no easy answers. Plus, there are rumors that a shunt into the weeds, flood damage and epic overheat are all possible culprits as to why it was abandoned.

The seller does not paint a rosy picture: “This car has not run in close to 3 years.  It has been sitting outside during that time.  There is little compression showing on all 8 cylinders.  The ECM may or may not be shot.  I can pull codes on it and run the Corvette self diagnostics, but the ECM is not responding as it should to programming software.” I suppose the biggest positive here is the seller appears to know what he is talking about, but that also means you’re not likely to think of something he hasn’t already considered for getting it to run again. That said, taking a chance at owning a cheap LS6 with a supercharger attached sure is tempting.

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  1. Superdessucke

    Little compression in all cylinders?? What the hell did they do to this poor thing? Boost it to like 90 PSI? That or they overheated it to like 700 degrees! Wow.

    • Dave

      Hey, does anybody else see the broken plastic engine cover on drivers side? Looks like the engine may have been pushed back?

  2. Travis

    I can see in the picture that this car is pro-charged not supercharged… Big difference…

    • Ariston Speed Shop

      No it is not, a pro-charger is as super charger, it is a centrifugal supercharger, as opposed to a roots or crew type which typically sits on top of the motor. Both types can yield the same boost.

    • grant

      Explain, please.

      • Sam

        At the end of the day the damn thing doesn’t run.

        I bid $1,000….can I use Amazon Prime for free shipping?

  3. King Al

    Very thorough description in the ebay ad of what a mess this vehicle has become. Seller didn’t mention if the dog in the one picture is included with the car (it’s possible, as in estate sales, other items are often tossed in to swing the deal). After all, this Vette has really gone to the dogs. Bow Wow.

    • Superdessucke

      Wait, there’s another dog in these photos?

  4. John M.

    Only someone who has the know how, the properly equipped shop, the money and the ambition can take on the task of nursing this Vette back to full health.


    This one has two red flags instead of checkered. Run away and don’t look back.

  6. LAB3

    Low compression could be a couple of things, I’d be more worried about the chassis being out of whack. An engine swap is going to be cheaper and easier than a chassis swap.

  7. Gabe

    You meant later model, not earlier.

    You’d literally have to pay me to take this heap off your hands. An engine that won’t run with no compression, an ecm that won’t talk, and it looks like we’ve got frame damage from an accident. It’d be a ton cheaper to buy a used 2000 vette that runs great than to try to stitch this poor fella back together.

  8. redwagon

    pro-charger vs supercharger

    not an expert but i did sleep at a holiday inn last night ……..

    there are 3 types of superchargers
    a. centrifugal style – round, looks like a turbo
    b. roots style – big chrome on dragsters
    c. screw style – shoebox shape on top of engine

    procharger is a manufacturer of centrifugal superchargers.

    for self reading see

    • Steve Visek

      Yes, there are three types of superchargers, but you were slightly off:
      1) centrifugal – belt driven, mounted before(blow through) the intake
      2) roots(including screw type variation) – belt driven, mounted after the intake
      3) turbo(yes turbochargers are actually superchargers) – exhaust driven, mounted before the intake

  9. Steve R

    Bidding is currently $8,200+. I think it would be smart to value it as a parts car in order to protect yourself.

    Steve R

    • DrinkinGasoline

      And to respect yourself….as well as others.

  10. angliagt

    Parts car – or another stalled project.

  11. Wrong Way

    LOL, more American would be Mustang! Just sayin!

  12. Carl

    Parts car at best, total junk otherwise

  13. JamestownMike

    It’s up to $8,800 already. The KBB private party value in good condition is $13,800. Your buying a BIG mystery! I seriously doubt $5k will make this car right!

  14. Mcgyvrrr

    I’ve got some bubble gum, and duct tape…or maybe some C-4 to put it out of its misery.

  15. CW Hemingway

    I’d check for rodent next in intake. Enterance thru exhaust. I’d definitely check that before tearing the engine down.

  16. Rev Rory

    Somebody rolled that thing into the swamp and hydrolocked it at about 4500 rpm…

    • LAB3

      Hydrolocked was my first thought, that or valve timing somehow went out of whack.

  17. ACZ

    Another boat anchor. You could do a lot better for 8 grand.

  18. RP

    Wow, just wow……. I own a 2000 Convertible with an LS1 and a six speed, the only real non-stock items being a little work from LPG and Magnaflow pipes. As much as I know it’s just a car, still I would never allow it to be abandoned in the woods or left to rot as this one has been subjected to. Just wow…..

  19. Michael thomas

    9 grand and it needs tires. I would say it ran into water and hydro locked the engine resulting in all bent valves, computer shot and most likely all wiring. ths thing is wholesale thru the auction running and looking pretty good at 10 grand. Wow , some idiots on ebay

  20. Racer x

    don’t even know were you could get a a ecm to plug into or anything else like that, that style of vettes r cheap for the performance, ride, handling loved mine best looking vettes since the c3s to me c5s need back tires every 20,000,

  21. Old Car Guy

    Another one of these mystery sellers. Claims to be the second owner of the car and he sold it to the owner who passed away and is appointed executor of the estate and claims to know nothing about what happened to the car in the last 4 years. They just don’t appoint any joe blow to be the executor of someones’s estate. It is always a trusted friend, confident or professional such as a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor who knows what the deceased was doing.This listing is another one of these total hogwash fantasies that are sadly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

  22. JamestownMike

    Final bid was $9,900!…….good luck with that! That’s only $3,900 below value to get all the flaws worked out, which won’t happen! I’ve never seen SO MANY bid withdrawls during an auction!

  23. Paul

    The Corvette is more American then the mustang! Do the research!

    • EJB

      I think you could say the Corvette is America’s sportscar while the Mustang is America’s car. Both are American icons.

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