Retro Fun: 1968 Ford Pickup Custom Camper

I’ll admit I’m biased toward bump-side Fords–those trucks falling between 1967 and 1972 that have the distinctive belt line that sticks (bumps) out down the length of the body.  This particular truck is a real beauty that seems to have been completely restored after being discovered in a barn.  Found here on craigslist for the sum of $25,999 in Decatur, Tennessee, this truck screams retro with the blue and white color combination and the interior treatments.

The camper is the real star of this truck.  These particular Ford trucks are becoming more popular with restored and original examples being offered for sale privately and at auction fairly often.  However, truck/camper versions such as this are extremely rare.  Both the camper and truck have been restored to an extremely high level and appear nearly show-quality.  There are several pictures in the ad detailing every corner of the camper.  They truly give prospective buyers a good feel for the space and layout.

Check out that engine bay!  The power plant is said to be a brand new 390, and if it runs half as good as it looks, this is a real winner.  Almost everything under the hood is reported to be new with only 200 miles since the completion of the restoration.  If I was to be a little nitpicky, the accessory wiring could be cleaned up and routed more cleanly.  Other than that, this is a show contender.

The cab interior is as nice as the rest of the truck.  Even though the asking price of nearly $26,000 is pretty hefty, there’s certainly been a lot more than that invested in the restoration.  The only downside to a single-cab pickup is it limits the size of the family that can use it.  Although you could always pretend it’s 1968 and have some family members ride in the camper.  There’s even a pass-through from the cab to the camper for convenience.

With a full-length awning, restored appliances and restroom, this R.V. is a winner in my book.  Have fun reliving the past and making new memories while enjoying the great outdoors!  If I was in the market for a camper, this one would be hard to pass up.  Try building one this nice for twice the asking price.  Do any of you have memories of camping in something like this?


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  1. SanityFactor

    Love it….

    • John T

      Me too, especially with the brand new 390 V8 powerplant. This is a really nice camper/RV that nowadays in the current era of downsizing could be considered a “micro-house” on wheels!

  2. Flan

    A mishmash of attention to detail. The Mr. Slim AC unit retrofit seems to have been done well with the custom stainless diamond plate enclosure built on the rear bumper. But then look at the photo showing the pass through taken from inside the truck cab and screws are clearly missing around the opening trim and the whole execution of that looks otherwise sloppy. Then there are the miscellaneous wires in the engine bay which could have been neatened with wire ties or wire loom for just a few dollars and ten minutes work. And the ghastly sink vessel in the head. Perhaps different vendors had their hands in the remaking of this rig, some of which had higher levels of skill than others.

  3. DRV

    A great one. This is a good deal. In 5 years an incredible deal.

  4. Todd Zuercher

    Perhaps they mean a rebuilt 390? Since you can’t really buy a ‘new’ 390…

    I agree on the underhood wiring.

    Sure is a sweet looking rig though.

  5. Francisco

    No dash A/C? Forget about traveling in the Southwest during the summer.

  6. jw454

    The spare tire mount is in an odd position. Why would you want to lift the 3 feet in the air to stow it? That position raises the trucks center of gravity, it consumes more space, and it’s darn heavy. In a camper like this the idea is to lower the center of gravity anywhere you can.

  7. Butch Baker

    If the restorer isn’t savvy enough to get the horn ring on right, I want nothing to do with this.

    • Kevin

      Not sure why my previous comment was deleted, but anyway, take a close look at that horn ring. There’s no way to install it correctly, it’s the wrong one for that steering wheel. And secondly, the truck is a base trim level, so it came from the factory with a horn button only, not a ring.

    • Hoberg

      My gal may not agree but I would map my trip accordingly. She is an extrovert. I love it.

  8. Mark S

    These kind of campers are making a comeback I saw a new one in traffic a week ago only they were using a four door truck cab so the whole family could go. It was a sharp looking rig also a Ford.

  9. Allan

    I’m 95% certain that I saw this very vehicle advertised on Craigslist in the Los Angeles area for a whole lot less $$. But, I also seem to recall that it was in an unrestored (ie. original) condition. And why is it being advertised on the Missoula MT craigslist site, if it’s located in TN?

  10. 68 custom

    looks nice. even if you use it as a camper it looks better than a modern camper. But you know something like this is meant to be driven so take it some where have fun.

  11. Francisco

    It looks like that bathroom sink drains into the pipe that vents the black water tank to the roof. No trap on the drain pipe means black water vapors escape from the sink drain.

  12. Charles

    $25+K! Please…. $12K at most….

  13. Bryan Cohn

    Tasty! This, towing a vintage race car to Road America, Mosport, Mont-Tremblant, Laguna Seca, maybe even the Pittsburg Vintage GP or Lake Garnett Vintage GP and you’ll be a hero! The hard question is, what vintage race car?

    Lotus 11? Too old but oh so lovely.
    Merlyn Mk 17? Could do.
    Triumph TR250? Now your talkin’.
    Ford Falcon ex Trans Am car? Nice.
    Chevron B19. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    Now where did I place that extra $300k I had laying about??? :)

    Hey, its fun to ramble and dream on a Tuesday afternoon when I should be out sweeting my but off wrenching on my soulless but fun Miata race car. Its the equivalent of going to the dark side from my Formula Ford days…..

  14. Jeffrey Platt

    Wow! I could live in that! Beautiful.

  15. Guggie 13

    My Dad had a similar Ford F350 chassy mounted camper back in the 70s , it was a 1965 I think , the cab was cut out in the back and had bucket seats , his truck had a smaller engine and a four speed tranny and dual rear wheels , the entrance door was in the rear , and the camper was longer than this , had all the usual stuff ( refer, heater , water heater , toilet , no AC ) we used it year round , hunting fishing snow mobiling ,after years of use he sold it and got a van conversion . Lots of good times !!

  16. Wayne

    I believe that the horn ring is just “clocked” wrong. I agree about the wiring. If in fact that the 390 was just rebuilt. I hope that they put in a hotter cam for a little more horsepower. As Ford cams are notoriously weak in the HP department. And on this rig it will not effect the fuel economy. ( which will be dismal at best) I restored a 1971 Crew Cab to tow our camper 17 years ago and loved it. ( crew cabs were not built (but sold) by Ford back then. It was built as a regular cab short box on a long box frame. Then sent to Sherer (sp?) body for the cab stretch. The rear doors were built from cut-down front doors and were about the length of a GM double cab door now. It received a lot of attention and it was a good driver. I installed front buckets and the first row bench (shorter for more room to enter and exit the rear seat as the original was the duplicate bench as the standard front) from a Dodge 15 passenger van. It was a good driver and I wish I still had it.

  17. Shane Friederich

    Needs a screen door too!

  18. MikeK

    What? No Interstate battery??

  19. rob j Member

    Ok, wait. On a restoration/renovation of this size and complexity, i.e.; a truck AND a camper, we’re complaining about the horn ring, a few trim screws on the pass- through cushion and a few stray wires? Oh, and wait, a sink that offends our sense of aesthetics?
    Please, give me a break. The guy did a heck of a job restoring a truck AND a camper, updating both with a pretty darn good sense of style and personally I think it looks pretty sharp. And, having restored a ’59 BMW R69, a 73 VW bus, a ’79 Cj-5, a Cherokee, a 73 MotoGuzzi, a 73 sailboat, and now an up to my c.c max on a 1980 ChrisCraft, I’m pretty sure he has at least the asking and more into this and that’s if he paid himself .05 an hour.
    What’s rolled out of your shop lately? Give the guy a break! Armchair restorers…

    Sorry, rant over.

    • rob j Member

      But, I did chuckle at the “What, No Interstate Battery” comment…

      Like 1
  20. James

    I have a 1967 in mint original shape. 352 engine. 35000 miles. Cab ac as well as in the home itself.

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