Exotic Barn Find: 1975 Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Alfa Romeo Montreal is one of those rare sports cars that remains somewhat obtainable for mere mortals (who still maintain a healthy bank account balance) while it continues along a clearly upward trajectory in the marketplace. The Montreal curiously isn’t necessarily considered as exotic as a Lamborghini Miura, for instance, but it’s almost as sought after – especially in survivor grade condition like this rare right-hand drive example that was found in dry storage after twenty years off the road. In addition to the right hooker configuration, the Montreal also left the factory wearing a desirable color known as Metallic Orange, which was sadly painted over in a more typical red. Find the Alfa here on the Historics Auctioneer’s website with an auction date of September 25th.

The Montreal may not have the cache of a Lamborghini or a 911, but it actually cost more to buy that the Porsche when it was new. Despite its striking design and racing-derived 2.6L V8, the Montreal was short-lived, with just under 4,000 produced. Today, you can find basketcase project examples for a pricetag that will still seem outrageous by most standards, but you could argue for overspending on car like this – however, rust issues can quickly turn a Montreal project into a nightmare restoration. This example is in the obvious sweet spot of having needs but also having been carefully stored so the bodywork is not completely trashed. The story behind why it remains unrestored is fairly sobering, as the individual who found it hidden away purchased the car to restore for his wife; sadly, she died in a “..tragic accident,” and the car is now being sold to fund a trip to New Zealand to scatter her ashes.

The Montreal’s right-hand drive configuration makes it one of just 55 UK-supplied models ever made, a number I’ll readily agree with having never before seen one of these with the RHD setup. The Alfa will almost certainly remain a UK market car, as any fans of the model and marque on the other side of the pond likely know how impossible it is to find one of these with the steering wheel where they want it. The Montreal has apparently survived in very good condition inside and out, as the interior presents well with no obvious issues beyond needing a cleaning. The dash isn’t cracked and the wood-rimmed steering wheel looks spectacular. All of the original switchgear in the center stack appears to be present and unmodified as well.

The right had drive setup will limit its interest to somewhat in other markets, unless there is a buyer out there who simply wants to own one of the rarest Montreal configurations out there. The color scheme, too, is another reason this one might find a buyer outside of the UK, as that factory orange color is simply striking if you’ve ever been lucky enough to gaze upon it. I’d bet the paint code and the RHD steering put total production of a similar model in the single digit range. The seller did confirm the engine turns over and that the electronics aren’t a mess, but did note some parts are missing (it’s not specified in the listing which ones.) Overall, a rare opportunity to bring home of the more desirable Alfa Romeos of the 1970s.


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  1. Derek

    Ooo, that’s nice. I fancy the Vespa a bit, too…!

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  2. alphasud Member

    Back in the 90’s when I lived in PA and used to go to the Carlisle Import Fest a fellow brought his Montreal to sell. I swooned over it but my friend who was big into the Fiat crowd who owned a Fiat Dino at the time said I would be better served buying something else. I wish I had not listened to him and spent the $8500 to buy it. Spica mechanical injection can take lots of money to set straight and the handling might be lacking as compared to a Ferrari or Lamborghini of the period but after hearing one of these engines at full song all practical thoughts get muted.

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  3. Terrry

    The rest of the car may look a bit weird, but I really do like that dash!

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    • Quidditas

      The shared a very similar dash. A progression from the Berlina. Most attractive.

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  4. Gerard Frederick

    Not being a fan of Italian mechanical creations, au contraire – back in the day when I saw one in L.A. I lusted after it. Spica fuel injection was similar in reliabilty to Lucas electronics, but I didn´t care. This Alfa was so beautiful, it was enough to override any concerns about the reality of the make. I wish the buyer all the luck in the world and congratulations!

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  5. Christopher Gush

    Great cars with a love/hate dynamic with regards to design. Certainly a great “project” for the unintimidated and with disposable income. Thankfully most of the toll roads are now electronic. A little tough to access that left window with the RHD. Fun.

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    • Solosolo Member

      Back in the eighties when I had my 1967 Mustang in South Africa I acquired one of those gadgets that people use to pick up papers etc. from the ground. I fitted a small cup to the long handle into which I put the toll fee and the toll operator could put the change in the cup as well. A bit of a palaver but it worked. As for this beautiful Montreal the only thing I can see that doesn’t quite gel is the ride height. The ground clearance for an Alfa sports car seems to be a bit excessive.

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      • chrlsful

        its been ‘jacked’, no? Along wid da paint change – Y not go out, hit it w/a hammer all over?
        Back in the day we had locals put the eyelashes on the hdlghts too…
        The handling is superior, just wrk ur way up to it as currently most have no expertise…perfectly slotted btwn GT & sports…just B4 the ridiculous ‘super cars’ – just cuz U can does not mean U should…

  6. Howie Mueler

    These are great, like a mini Miura, why is it sitting so high in the rear?

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  7. Larry

    My mother was the personal secretary for the matriarch of an old-money dynasty back in the early 70’s. They lived on a rather spectacular ranch not too far from the city limits, where their thoroughbred horses were kept. The house was like nothing I had ever seen, and I have a great memory of seeing a brochure for an Alfa Romeo Montreal sitting on the kitchen counter, with a note from one of the college-age sons scribbled across it, reading, “Mom, this is the one I want”. My first brush with people that have too much money! The son wound up getting a ‘71 Mustang Mach 1, but the mother made the wiser choice and purchased a Porsche 911 Targa. Unfortunately, she expressed her equestrian leanings by bolting prancing horse-style hood ornaments to each of the front fenders. At the time, I thought the Mach 1 was the cool choice, but I was only 10 years old.

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  8. jerry lewis

    judging by the rear end and the left door, it may have been in an accident. rear taillight is crooked, left door isn’t closed tight, and the ride height isn’t quite right.

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  9. bog

    Only one of these I’ve ever seen “in person” was at the 1000K GT race at Nurburgring. 1968. It was parked in the lot behind the pit grandstands. Silver metallic and quite interesting. Never got to hear it run. Photos I took of it are long gone. Had never heard of that model up to that point, as was mostly busy with my military duties. The one for sale definitely has something askew with rear suspension to sit that high. I believe the last versions had bigger engines and fewer “gremlins”. Best wishes to new owner..

  10. Martin Horrocks

    Have had quite a few Alfas and the Montreal is one I would not repeat. Not a GT ( small gas range) or a sports car ( poor dynamics and visibility). Sincerely, buy the best GTV6 you can and keep the change.

    SPICA is reliable once set up correctly, problem is most Montreals were sold in EU whereas SPICA Alfas were not. Over the years many got trashed. Montreal is not bad for rust as was built in Bertone factory and fully dipped.

    They all ride high, particularly at the back. This one may be a little higher than normal, but any Montreal to drive has to have uprated suspension and brakes to be even basically competent.

    • bog

      Martin – thanks for your insight and experience. While I was stationed in Germany there was an informal “Alfa Club” among the young & single officers. There were at least a few GTVs and a couple Spiders. All were 4 cylinder cars in those days. I got to drive a couple..quite nice. Mine was a “monster” next to theirs, ’67 Fairlane 390 GTA. Always wished I’d purchased an Alfa to send home. The ones from that era are now super-expensive or had been converted to racing…

  11. douglas hunt

    when i was a kid, my mom bought me a book on sports cars, with a brief descriptions and nice color pics of various exotics, plus a 45 record of sounds in the back of the book. one of the featured cars was the Montreal. i dont know where that book ended up, hopefully it is in the attic and i will run across it one day

  12. araknid78

    Auction held at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England on Sep 25, 2021

  13. t-bone BOB

    Sold – £43,680

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