Road Runner Wagon: 1969 Plymouth Satellite

Now this could be some fun! This Satellite is based off the same platform as Plymouth’s Road Runner and while it currently has a nice running 318, with a 440 and a 4 speed, you could turn it a Road Runner Wagon with room for the whole family. It is going to need some rust repair and a little work on the interior, but if you can live with the 318, you could daily drive it while you work on fixing it up. Find this muscle wagon here on eBay in Petaluma, California with a BIN of $5,888.

The 318 actually looks to be extremely clean. The seller claims it only 3k miles on it since being rebuilt. It would be a shame to remove a freshly rebuilt engine, but boy would it be fun to have a 383 or 440 under that hood! The current 727 works and the drum brakes have already been rebuilt, so whether you upgrade the engine or not, this thing is ready to be driven.

I’m a little worried about the rust issues that I see in the photos. It isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but I’m curious to see what might be hiding underneath. If the worst of it is limited to just around the rear fenders, than it really shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. Since it is going to need rust repairs and the engine has already been rebuilt, I really wouldn’t feel bad swapping in a big block and some other go fast upgrades to make this the meanest family wagon around! How about you?


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  1. Billy

    Had a 70 with those ugly wheel covers. Didn’t take too long until I visited a salvage yard and found a set of Magnums. Ahh, the junk yard of old, I really miss my journeys in those. Hard to find a good one anymore. Its been 40 years, and I can still smell the solvents leeching into the ground water.

  2. Fred W.

    “Its been 40 years, and I can still smell the solvents leeching into the ground water.”

    As they say on the interwebs, ROFLOL!

  3. LM

    You clearly cut the dream short by not adding a Six Pack with a Air Cowl Induction Hood Scoop and a Pistol Grip kicking the gears. I guess we all can sit here and add even more to these few options to make a killer 69 wagon.

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  4. Blyndgesser

    These are unit bodies, right? So pretty much any rust would be structural. Watch the doglegs, the inner rockers, and the base of the firewall.

    • Ed P

      Chrysler unit bodies did not stress the body panels. Sheet metal rust does not always affect body strength. Proceed with caution.

      • Blyndgesser

        Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Woodie Man

    Amazing that it has bid as high as it has. I mean just a generic Mopar wagon……albeit without the slant six, Five grand is the new 500 bucks!

    Ah well….a motoring world where everything sells for more than I want to pay!

  6. John D

    I remember going to the drag races in the seventies. In the pit, I saw a guy’s Roadrunner racer that he towed with a Satellite wagon in the same color and trim. He also had a Roadrunner hood on it. They were both 68s s the hood did not have the air grabber. I always wanted a 68 wagon as mate to my 68 GTX convertible.

  7. Steve

    Words to live by: “For every bit of rust you CAN see…There is three times as much hiding.”

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  8. Terry Moore

    Love it! I had a ’69 road runner it was metal flake green with black strips. The 383 blew so being a teenager I put a used 318 in it. It would still burn those tires!! Wish I could afford one now!

  9. fordfan

    Legend has it that chrysler built don garlets a hemi wagon

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  10. Sneke_Eyez

    Reminds me of one of my loves – a 69 Satellite Wagon.
    318/A904, factory A/C car. 91k original miles when I bought it.

    Lived in the DC area its entire life until I bought it in 2014 and drove it home to MA. I’ve put about 7500 miles on it since then and I’ve been working on it ever since.
    I guess I got it for a pretty good price as the interior and exterior were much better than this one.
    This is an older photo, but I’ve since fixed the front fenders and I’m in the process of fixing the very minor rear quarter rust. I put Hotchkis shocks on it, rebuilt the suspension components, put big swaybars on it, Hotchkis subframe connectors, etc.
    I’ve been looking for a 5.7 Hemi to drop into it.

  11. mike d

    seems like I have seen this one before, think this might be some corporation car? seems to be an oddball combo. a hopped up SW that Plymouth could have made ? I think my dad was a dreamer, to get out of a “sale” he stated a two door veh, was not practical for a family, the salesman stated ” we can make you a 4 dr RR” too bad he didn’t hop on that, it would have been a 1 of 1 , alas , for everyday use in the Northeast

    • Blyndgesser

      This one is a 318, so not exactly a rare item in its day.

  12. Bryan

    Good memories with Satellite wagons, specifically my great-grandparent’s tan 68 that they bought new.

    They owned a florist shop in Yakima, Washington for 40 years, and they always used wagons as delivery cars. It was a 318 car and my great-grandmother Francis claimed that the odometer had turned over 3 times by the time it was replaced in 1979 by a new Buick wagon.

    Their Satellite wagon was officially the first car I ever drove. Francis used to let me drive it around her ranch in the country…at the age of 13 (my Mom never knew or she would have had a fit).

  13. angliagt

    Too bad they didn’t use the same taillights as the 2/4 door models.
    Nice front end,but the back looks like it could use some more styling.

    • Sneke_Eyez

      I really think they are pretty good looking.

      The rear end styling and tail lights are shared between all of the B-Body wagons.

      The back of the car looks better with the tail panel area blacked out like a Roadrunner/GTX.

  14. noparkin Member

    i have seen this same wagon for sale somewhere..

  15. slickimp

    Nice wagon sneke _eyez I like that you didn’t call yours or say you where going to make it in to a road runner or GTX because they never existed but I guess you can make one if you want . It’s like when people call a tempest a gto

  16. Madman

    Back in the 1970s I bought a 1968 Plymouth Satellite 9-pass wagon from a doctor. It was a plainjane blue 318 car, but not for long. I had it painted platinum, put a RR hood on it, and a 440 with a stall convertor and full-manual 727. Rear gears varied from 3.23 to 4.89. The engines got progressively stronger, until a genuine 1969 440 6-PAC wound up under the factory lift-off hood. Perhaps due to a 150# semi battery in the 3rd seat footwell, the hookup off the line was incredible — one little chirp, and it was GONE! I won EVERY street race with the 6-PAC engine, usually in the first 60 feet. Some may have won a full 1/4 mile, but in short bursts off a stoplite it was invincible. Rust eventually claimed the car, but what a ride!

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  17. jeff6599

    Too many don’t realize that when a car is created, such as you are discussing here, it is not a clone, which is a true copy of an existing car, it is a Phantom. That name has been around for years. I have seen quite a few GTO phantom wagons and then some which were close but didn’t have the trim or correct motor or the suspension upgrades. If you don’t do the whole copy, then it is just another modified car.

  18. Madman

    I don’t recall any words suggesting that a clone was created. No wagon could EVER be a clone of a Road Runner/Super Bee. Given that the wagon was made up, I don’t get too concerned if trim is correct, et cetera. I leave those nit-picking arguments for genuine cars. To each their own!

  19. Sam "Feller" Baysinger

    I am the new owner of the wagon and I love the thing. I drive it to high school, and oh boy does it rattle the windows. Idk what camshaft it had, but the lope is not too shabby. A little rumble never hurt. I repaired all the rust on the finder and dogleg. The 318 still runs like a dream. I have it on a little bigger tire in the back and it has a mean stance. I put new disk brakes on the front, and I did some upholstery with new seats and carpet. The principal loves my dixie air horn I put on it too. I’m planning on a new set of magnum heads and a Holley sniper system. Plus I might as well plug a real lumpy cam while I’m fooling around. Ill do the headliner and upgrade the stereo. I got every intention to keep this thing on the road. It’ll outlive me for sure.

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  20. Madman

    Not to get TOO nitpicky, BUT —- a Roadrunner would have a Big-Block. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your modified 318, but a “Roadrunner” it is not.

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