Roadside Find: 1966 Ford Mustang

While out doing errands the other day, I spotted this nice ’66 Mustang sitting in a grocery store parking lot. It’s not perfect, but looks like it could be a fund driver. It’s powered by the base 289 V8 and an automatic transmission. That would be fine for cruising around, but I’d be tempted to drop a four-barrel intake and carb on top of that engine to liven things up. Then, I’d start to save my pennies so I could perform a 5-speed swap. Look through the photos to find the seller’s contact info and please let us know if you end up bringing this pony back to your stable.


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  1. Andy

    I don’t think of myself as a Ford guy, but I’ve always loved the look of the ’65-66 Mustang. If the interior is nice and it’s as ready to go as the seller claims, that’s probably a fair price.

    • Angrymike

      I have been everything but a Ford guy, till I bought my 06 Mustang GT convertible, I love that car ! I’ve always liked the lines on the 65-66, but after owning one for a few years, they look so much better. I’ve owned mopars and GM’s my entire life, but once you go Ford, you don’t go back !

      • Jason Thorsell

        Ford really did a great job on that 06, I’ve always liked them.

    • Gerry Rhoades

      Pop a hubcap and see if it is a four or five bolt wheel. Lots of six cylinder (four bolt) had V8’s dropped into them.

  2. Mark Evans

    If this was taken this week must be a Florida car.Look at that snow. What couldn’t wipe the (snow/dust) off before taking the pics.
    L.OL.. Sorry just an Ontario guy having a chuckle.

    • glen

      We lost a lot of snow last week here in Haliburton. I looked up the lows for the last month or so, 20 days we were -20C or colder(-4F) several were -30C or lower(-22F). I’m glad we didn’t get the -46C (-51F) windchill they warned us about. I could take a little snow in Florida!, especially in a nice ‘stang.

    • Steven Visek

      Hey Mark, it can happen to the best of us.
      See what happened when I FINALLY got to that garage project but failed to tune in to the weather forecast first. Oops!
      Let the mocking commence!

  3. Steven Visek

    Personally I hope the new owner resists the temptation to turn it into a hot rod or to Shelby-ize it. Nice cruiser just as it is.

    I’ve got the same car, except in Vintage Burgundy, with power steering, no radio, and 100,000 fewer miles.

    • thomas j schweikert

      nope needs hiked some nice steelies headers nice tach and gauges hi po 289 cam intake and pistons


    Just putting on a four barrel car and intake won’t do much. The compression ratio on a two barrel 289 is less than the 4 barrel engine. Found out hard way when NAPA used wrong pistons in my brothers 225 H.P. 289. Even though it needed a rebuild it had more power before rebuild. Even bored .040 over it was a dog. Real shame.

  5. mike

    I miss the days, when these were daily drivers. I’ve had a stack of Mustangs, just like this one. 10k is too rich for me…

  6. James Turner

    !n around 1969 I had a maroon 1965 mustang with standard 289 engine and the 3 speed floor shifter. A co-worker of mine had a 1964 !/2 mustang with the 260 C I engine. The guy just wouldn’t let me alone and wanted to race me on a back street in a small town. I finally obliged him and won with about 3 car lengths. I won a whopping $5.00 bet. LOL.

    • Brad

      Did you invest the $5 back in the day? :)

      • James Turner

        Brad, $5.00 back then is around $25.00 today. The winnings went and almost filled the gas tank. LOL.

    • Troy s

      Hey man, a race is a race , and winning any kind of money is always sweet.

  7. PJAKABenziBoy

    Wish it were closer, id have a ’66 Mustang. Only thing id do is tint the windows (because Eff the California Sun) and add power steering and power brakes. Oh and add a oldschool black and gold vanity plate.

  8. Warren

    LOL, just make sure it is a V8 car and not a 6 cyl car modded for a V8. Pop a hubcap and look for 5 lugs rather than 4.

    • Beaver

      Warren I think you are right I don;t see and v8 289 flags on the front finders!

      • Steven Visek

        Beaver, I noticed that too. If you compare it to my burgundy ’66 above you will notice that the subject car is missing the Mustang emblems too. I assume the car got new fenders at some point and the owner decided not to put the emblems on, possibly for a cleaner look.

        Also note the dual exhaust tips. My 289 2 bbl. has single exhaust. Was dual exhaust an option? I assumed all the 200 hp 2 2 bbl. cars were single exhaust and that all the 225 hp 4 bbl. cars were dual exhaust, with the GT getting the trumpets through the rear valance.


      Checking how many lugnuts there are will not prove anything. Anyone doing a quality conversion will swap the 4 lug to a 5 lug setup. The best way to confirm if a Mustang left the factory with a V8 engine is to learn how to read a Ford VIN. The engine code is a part of the VIN and will confirm what was original to the car.

      • thomas j schweikert

        didnt hi po mustangs have the exhaust trumpets?

  9. DJS

    The day of a nice clean 1965 driver for under 10,000 is fast slipping away I would get. It on a lift check for rust and other items but for the price maybe 8,000 you can have a lot of fun nice convertible s are going for 25,0000 and up. If I had room I would call on it

  10. AF

    Looks fund!

  11. David

    as a kid, I loved my ’65 with the 260 and three speed…..until I drove a ’66 with power steering and brakes with a 289……..

    • thomas j schweikert

      a kid in hi school had a 65 i think 260 auto would lay rubber for a block with 4 guys in it till daddy swapped in a solid lifter 289 4 speed . the dork didnt know how to drive it cause another friend beat him with his stock 66 rag top 289 3 speed dual exhaust.

  12. DJ McMackie

    Yes yes, where are the badges and how about a vin #? Looks like it was a I6 with a v8 drop. Less value of not being a true V8 @ the start. If that is the case. Unless they shaved the badges. Remember that time period of shaving everything off?

  13. Chuck Foster Chuck 55chevy

    The missing badges may be from new fenders. I bought a rusty 65 Mustang with 289 4 spd for $150 back in late 70s, red w/white vinyl top, pony interior, it was very fast. I’m a Chevy guy, so I sold it to buy a 68 Impala, the Ford may have been a high performance for all I know. I may have to sell my 06 Jag if I find a 06 stang convertible now, it looks like snow here in Florida, but just sleet, can’t even make a snowball..

  14. Pete

    Well it is a clean Mustang, Looks very much like my buddies in HS. I think it has been repainted and modified. His ask is about close to fair. Although I still like mine better with original paint except for a couple poor touch up spots. Although mine is an In Line 6 with a 3 speed. Speaking of, anyone of ya’ll have a HED-AW Dagenham laying around you want to part with? Also would a 4 speed Dagenham from a 65 fit out of another 6 banger work without changing the drive shaft? I know little to nothing about Mustangs other than I like them. LOL.

    • thomas j schweikert

      not sure about driveshaft but dagenham 4 speeds came behind 6 bangers and were made in england

  15. chad

    ck fordsix, Pete, they should know (but will recommend a T5, lol).
    Also lotta tips on how 2 increase performance (more MPGs, more pep) on that 170 (or is it the nice 200 / 3.3)?

    • Pete

      Mine is a 200, I had the carb rebuilt by Pony Carbs right as the owner of the company died. Runs like a champ now. Yeah I am trying to keep mine stock. If I wanted to throw another 2K at it then I would just swap it over to a 289 with running gear. But that has been over done. Nothing wrong with that little 6. Those pics are by the seller I got the car from. That dude was so dishonest it won’t funny. He said it ran, well it idled. He didn’t know a thing about rebuilding carbs so he left a few vital parts out. Hence the idle only. Had a time trying to drive it onto my trailer. Kept choking out. A T5 would be nice but more than I want to invest.

  16. Barry Klotz

    This Mustang is located in Bel Air, Maryland. I see it there almost every day. It sits in the parking lot of the Festival of Bel Air, near the Shop Rite. Great looking car.

  17. Paul

    I can tell angry mike from experience once you go Ford…’s very easy to go anywhere else, love mustangs however quaility is not really job one!

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