EXCLUSIVE: 1977 Mercury Capri RSR Rokstock Turbo

I’m a big fan of rare tuner cars, models built by aftermarket companies with a legit helping of performance-minded components. Now, I like to consider myself an expert on these limited production models, but I’ve never heard of this hotted-up Capri: built by a company called Rokstock, it added a turbocharger to the Capri’s already respectable powerplant, dialing up the output to a healthy 180 b.h.p. That’s a respectable number now, but it was out of this world when the Capri was still in showrooms. The seller has listed his rare specimen here on Barn Finds Classifieds where he claims less than 12 Rokstock cars still exist out of a batch of only 40 made by this skunkworks operation.

I don’t really have any reason to doubt that claim, as there’s next to no information available about this fortified Capri. According to justacargeek.com, Rokstock was owned by Richard O’Kiser, who had a reputation for engine building and tuning. He saw potential in the little Capri, and went well beyond just the turbocharger to improve performance. He had the suspension firmed up as well, along with an additional axle locator fitted to the rear. The goal was to create a track day weapon, and with close to 200 b.h.p. on tap, it’s safe to say it would find plenty of prey to hunt down on the back straights and in the corners. This one has been further personalized with rear window louvers and a center taillight garnish bearing the model’s name.

You get the plaque with this one that confirms the origins of the modifications, leaving little doubt that this Capri was one of the select few to benefit from the period tuning. When you Google a bit further, you’ll find an old Road & Track article that reveals the overall build included an AiResearch turbocharger, modified carburetor and distributor, special headgaskets, exhaust manifolds, and timing gears, steel-braided hoses, and high performance spark plugs and wiring. This was not just slapping a turbo on the engine and calling it a day; in fact, the same article goes on to state that Rokstock disassembled the engine, cleaned all components, checked all clearances, and then bolted it back together with the aforementioned modifications.

The same article goes on to report that Rokstock kept going with the long list of enhancements, including larger anti-roll bars, Bilstein shock absorbers, rear radius rods, poly bushings in the front lower control arms and rear leaf springs, and upgraded brake pads at all four corners. The rear window louvers I mentioned were also part of the package, along with the rear spoiler, front air dam, and Cibie driving lighs that replace the stock headlight assemblies. The interior comes with deeply bolstered Recaro-like seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a turbo boost gauge. Considering the Rokstock “conversion” added $12,000 to the purchase price, you certainly seemed to get your money’s worth – and at this asking price, it’s an even better buy for a rare piece of motorsports history you don’t see all that often.


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  1. Cadmanls Member

    Cool car, never heard of them but with today’s electronics bet you could dial in some real punch. Pulling air through the carb where it’s at had to be a task for a cold start. That Ford 6cyl was a tough little motor from what I remember. Could be a fun car.

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    • Jacob de Zwart

      somehow this car brings back memories of the South African Perana Capri’s from the early seventies, with a 302 HO they were unbeatable in their class

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Actually,it’s Richard O. Kiser.I bought a bunch of stuff from
    him when I had my ’73 Capri 2000.
    I remember Pat Snow,who worked for him.When where they
    both are now?
    I also ran into him in Crescent City,CA.He was driving his Black-
    Capri II with one of the nicest set of wheels that I’ve seen.

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Orange you glad it’s got a turbo!

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    • Mitchell G. Member

      Oh ho ho yes!

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    • Quidditas

      GM did the same in 1973 in South Africa with the Chev (Vauxhall) Firenza coupes.

      They also stuffed s 302 V8 ex Camaro into the little coupe that only weighed 2500lbs.

      0-60 took only 5.4 secs with a top speed of 140 m.p.h.

  4. Brian Goss

    When I lived in Portland Or, I worked with Rick very early in the RokStock history. He didn’t want to get into the 2nd gen Capris at first. At that time he was working on the original accessories catalogue. I moved from Portland in 1977 and lost track

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    • Cav427

      “lost track”? was the punn intended?

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    • Richard O. Kiser

      Brian… ROKSTOCK Rick here. Give me a call or Google ROKSTOCK Capri hit on the Oregon Hot Rod site or better yet email me at rsrturbocapri@gmail.com. Let me know where yer at and how yer doing. Hope things are Good. Classic Ford Magazine just did a shoot/article on the latest Capri (up 4 sale) I just finished. Also just finished a replica FIA Cobra also up for sale. Anyway would love to hear from you…. ROK

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  5. Derek

    I’m just wondering whereabouts the turbo is. Wouldn’t it be better to have 2 of them and 2 separate inlet manifolds?
    If the turbo’s after the exhaust joint, it’d be very laggy, wouldn’t it?

    • qmmq

      The turbo is mounted directly behind the air intake. These are single exhaust systems. So it should be first in line on the exhaust. If that helps?

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    • qmmq

      Sorry, again. Not sure if your referring to sequential turbo or parallel turbos. But this appears to be standard set up for single turbo system.

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  6. Sonny

    Damn! Now what am I gonna do with my 50Gs?
    Anyways, here’s Rick recently http://oregonhotrod.com/rok_stock_capri.htm

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  7. billy1

    Sold already?!! Every time a Capri II turns up on here, it’s gone the same day!

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  8. Robert

    I had a brown 1974 Capri with the 4 cylinder engine. It was a fun car. Never missed a beat. I recall the ROK cars.

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  9. Quidditas

    GM did the same in 1973 in South Africa with the Chev (Vauxhall) Firenza coupes.

    They also stuffed s 302 V8 ex Camaro into the little coupe that only weighed 2500lbs.

    0-60 took only 5.4 secs with a top speed of 140 m.p.h.

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  10. DerekF

    The seller went all out with that professional photography sesh.
    Cool car ( except for the hood ) if it ever gets restored.

  11. Timothy

    I have number 9 ROKstock,the turbo sits right in the front pass side corner,I must admit i have not seen that hood on the ROKstocks I have seen.

    • Buni Crivisin Buni Crivisin Member

      This car was special made for Pat Snow and it was special custom made for the magazine American popular Hot Rod as you can see on the plate

      • Buni Crivisin Buni Crivisin Member

        I was mistaken it wasn’t custom made for Pat snow Pat snow worked for Rokstock like someone else mentioned in previous comments that Rick it can confirm that

  12. Timothy

    They also had Racemark steering wheels,just for giggles google what those are going for nowadays.

  13. Kirk

    I was the passenger in a 73 or4 capri at about 17 years old. It was a 15 year old car and almost positive it had a straight 6 , this was Canada so don’t know if engine was stock or if someone swapped it in which is popular round here with lots of good engines sitting around in rusted out vehicles. So the car was fast we were racing a 70 something 2 door Pontiac lemans with a chevy 400 small block on an old country road 100mph on the straight aways we came into some S turns the Pontiac in the lead the driver of the Capri was young and not a great driver, he eventually crashed for the last time a few years later, this day he lost his nerve coming into the turn and jumped on the brakes despite my advice to get #@#*#* off the brake man as we slid off the road at I’d say at least 60 or 70 mph and came to a complete stop into the side of driveway culvert the engine somehow became locked into a wide open throttle and was screaming so loud at some unimaginable rpm that we were panicking to get out but the doors didn’t open any more and the driver who was wearing a seatbelt ..i was not .. couldnt get the belt to unlock and had to slid out of it locked and then out my side window we ran about 100 feet away. I don’t how long it went on but then a quick bang and it stopped and then whistled like a bomb dropping from the sky for a good 5.or 10 minutes. I ended up with 2 black eyes alot of stitches across the forehead and what felt like about half a dozen cracked ribs.driver more or less uninjured . Wear your seatbelts boys and girls. Good times, good cars too if you know how to drive them..we were on that V8 Pontiac and it was fast I was in 2 more accidents with the same guy driving before I vowed to never be in a car with him behind the wheel again
    God love him
    R.I.P Dave

  14. Buni Crivisin Buni Crivisin Member

    Here You can see videos of the car running and video of the underneath the car

  15. douglas hunt

    Loved the capris, they were all over our small town
    My buddy had one with the 4cyl all done up in orange with chrome bumpers and minilites
    I had a metallic brown 73 2.6 v6 4speed with chrome bumpers.
    Another friend had a brown 2.8 automatic with the big bumpers
    A lot of great memories in that car
    Wish i would have held on to it now, lol

  16. Mercuryman

    I believe this car was a project car between ROKSTOCK and Popular Hot Rodding. I believe that is what the plaque is for. I remember this car. Rick would be able to confirm this though. And as far as the price goes, ROKSTOCK were the Singer of their day. I have a ROKSTOCK dash plaque on my 71 2.0 Capri. Nothing else but….

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  17. billy1

    Buni, I don’t have an Instagram account(link requires logging). Can you post the vids where no log in is required/or post them to You Tube/Vimeo?

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