Rolling Living Room: 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz


This is a lot of living room – I mean car! When I saw the interior pictures I was taken back to a couch my parents had; I’d swear it was the same pattern and colors, even down to the squarish buttons. This Biarritz is located in South Jordan, Utah and is for sale here on eBay where bidding is brisk but only up to $224.72, with reserve not met. According to the seller, this is one of only 475 with the color combination and a sunroof. Personally, I’m not looking at this for the rarity, I see a perfect example of the late 1970’s rolled up into one car. With a 425 cubic inch V-8 producing only 180 horsepower, it’s very indicative of what the late 1970’s were like. I’m surprised to see the plastic fender end caps intact, although the different color may mean they’ve been replaced. And just look at that opera roof – I think I’d like to drive this one just to experience it. The seller states that it was running a year ago, so maybe that would be possible without a lot of work. Would you like to try this huge Caddy?


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  1. Grr


  2. bowtiecarguy

    I’d say pimp my ride but that would be redundant

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  3. francisco

    Needs steer horns.

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  4. Chris A.

    Grr seriously understated how hideous this really is. Bill Mitchell must be spinning. To go from the 1960’s clean GM look to this is really sad. I hope the reserve is $225.

    • Andrew M

      when I saw this posted on Facebook, i clinked on the link to leave that very same comment. What a shame the Eldo morphed into this giant crapmobile.

  5. KO

    It’s about 10 miles from me and I’m still not interested.

  6. sunbeamdon

    Aw, come on KO, this car has to have some value – four tonnes of s(crap) should bring above $320.00 as salvage! More if parts are salvagable!

    • KO

      sunbeamdon, I’m really enjoying your rose colored optimism!

  7. Anastos

    Hey now! I actually owned one of these in about 1000x worse shape if you can even imagine that. It’s 1 of 2000 Custom Biarritz Classics in this paint scheme, 500 of them came with the enormous Astroroof sunroof. Looking at this one, it’s pretty original…surprised those fender extensions haven’t rotted away and the interior looks like it’d clean up halfway decently. I have a soft spot for these things for some reason…

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    • kenzo

      You have got to be kidding…you buy this and i’ll send you a six pack of good canadian beer…..

  8. Jason


  9. DENIS

    I’m not really into these land-barges but it’s in pretty decent shape except for paint and I’d hate to see it rusting away in some salvage yard or barnyard….

    • kenzo

      I’d hate to see it on the street…………………..

  10. EmmyJ

    I could find a soft spot for it. The sofa-like two-tone seats are pretty amazing.

    Also, I’ve seen those fender extensions discolor like that right *before* they rot off. The sun breaks down the paint at a different rate from the sheet metal. So they could be original.

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  11. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Well, someone must like it; it’s up to $760. Anyone who frequents this site bidding?

    • Anastos

      I’m very tempted…

    • Horse Radish

      Not me !, but if this brings $1000 as is then mine will go on Ebay next.

  12. Chebby

    Come on now, this thing is hilarious and it’s underneath it’s built from GM’s best big-car legacy stuff so it’s reliable and cheap to fix. The biggest problem with 1970’s cars is the handling and the strangled power and those can be addressed with 2015 technology.

    I would replace the carb and intake, butter up the leather, give it the $50 Rustoleum paint job (google it) then go around doing big smoky front wheel burnouts. Yes with Steer horns on the front, maybe a whole buffalo head!

    It’s not worth a true restoration but there are so many fun things you can do with this car.

    • kenzo

      like throw it away

  13. jim s

    why is the drivers door card off? if the price stays low and seller removes the reserve i see maybe a daily driver. it would depend on a PI checking for rust, that the motor and transmisson both are good, and the rest of the front drivetrain is ok. i wonder why seller did not get car running! interesting find

  14. grant

    Hey! It’s Grandmama’s car!
    Really guys? From a rocket powered go kart (too friggin cool….) to this? Like the Monza the other day, these need to be allowed to die out and be forgotten….

    • francisco

      Grant, My Granma never drove anything but a wheelbarrow. The rich kids in her village had donkeys.

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      • grant

        lol mine had a TR-7. It was cool….

  15. Anastos

    Damnit…I’m a bidder…I’m teasing what’s out there but I love this car…

  16. Anastos

    Let me say this…the awful one I had I sold to a blind guy on eBay, lo those many years ago. I should have kept the period rims I had on it but I just hated the thing so damn much (for many reasons) it had to go.

  17. kenzo

    “6” count’em 6 front bumperettes and a 10 foot hood. I had a Dodge van with front seats like those. cool then, ??? now
    47845 miles. “thought to be original” maybe that is what the last owner put on it after it spun the 100,000 mark.
    Reserve not met. at 780.00 Wonder what the reserve is? $995.00, $1250? Apparently 1 of 475 with this colour and this interior and this and that and whatever. Still over priced at $780.00

  18. Barry T

    There sure were a lot of tasteless looking beasts made back in the 70’s. 425 cubic inch engine and it only put out 180 hp. Wow that was roughly 2.36 hp per cylinder, and that was when it was new. Plus this barge “might” get 6 mph. No thanks.

    • Anastos

      Surprisingly, my ’78 got 18+ mpg…

  19. Anastos

    This is up to $1875 with about 7 hours of bidding left and the reserve still hasn’t been met. I was priced out of the market on it $1000 ago. if this thing gets over $2k, and the reserve doesn’t hit, whomever is selling this has lost their mind.

  20. jaymes

    gorgeous, those fillers will crumble if you even try to wash them,lol

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