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Rolls Well: 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

right front

This Dodge is listed here on craigslist in Lorain, Ohio for $8,900. It’s said to have been put away in the 1980s after an accident and have only 30k miles. It has a numbers matching 383 with a 727 transmission and is complete. It sounds much more promising than it looks.

left front

The body shows lots of battle damage. The missing bits including a hood, a different trunk lid and front bumper are included.  It was from the south and is said to be rust free. There are a lot more pictures here.


The interior looks promising and contains lots of parts. The engine block is there and might even turn despite not having an intake manifold to keep moisture and ugly bits out. The underside does look like it has only surface rust. Is there anyway this not so super Bee could be worth the asking? Could it be restored for less than the value of the car? Besides a full restoration, are there any other possibilities?


  1. Avatar photo Thomas K

    You know, I dreamed of these cars 20 years ago when you could buy a nice one for 6-7K. The 1970 was always my favorite (back then it was considered the ugly and therefore cheap one). If I could find one today for that price plus inflation (say 12-13K) I’d jump on it. This kind of money for what is essentially a wreck — I don’t get it. There’s *so* many cars that do the same thing for so much less. But hey, what do I know?

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  2. Avatar photo Gary I

    If you squint you can almost still see a muscle car. This is a lot of car to restore, but it will pay you back in stares and thumbs up every time you take it for a drive. Cool car!

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  3. Avatar photo ydnar

    Somebody slap me.

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  4. Avatar photo ydnar

    Slap me again. Unbelievable what some folks call complete. A complete wreck I’d say.

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  5. Avatar photo grant

    For 4 k, yes. For what they want, the crack pipe should be included.

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  6. Avatar photo john

    This does not look like 30,000 miles to me, more like 130,000, done hard and put away wet.

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  7. Avatar photo piper62j

    No way this is a 30k mile car.. Look closely at the rear rail where the tow chain tore a hole in it, just to the left.. You can see a large floor pan rot hole up above what appears to be a muffler or pipe.. The seats look good, but may have been recovered at one time.. I’d pass on this one..

    HEY Mark Worman.. This one’s for you..Bud!!!

    I agree,, this is someone’s wreck and they want big money to get it out of the back yard.

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  8. Avatar photo mark

    This is a parts car. 8900 bucks……………..not even.

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  9. Avatar photo Chris

    Agree with everyone here. Fully restored this is a $35k car at most. It would cost way more than that to fix. These parts are super expensive. Also it is a 383 auto, so good, but not amazing. 440/4speed, still would not make it worth this, but helps.

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  10. Avatar photo Dovi65

    That car took one HELLUVA beating in it’s [ahem] “only 30K” lifetime. Either that, or the ‘accident’ that sidelined it was a tornado. Even $4k is a little on the steep side

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  11. Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

    Take a close look at the driver’s area. Seat shows the rubbing wear pattern [from people getting in/out of the car] consistent with high mileage. Look at the “A” post at the bottom where it meets the door sill trim; big hole! That’s structural corrosion damage. I’ve owned/restored a couple of these [Super Bee & GTX], and this isn’t a 30k car, not even close.

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