Room For The Whole Crew! 1966 Dodge Crew Cab

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Four-door pickups are very popular today and you see many of them on the road from the various manufacturers. But in 1966 it was not a common sight. This 1966 Dodge D100 Crew Cab with a clean title is for sale here on craigslist in Dayton, Ohio with a price tag of $3000.00. It is located across the state line in Helmer, Indiana.

I think I can safely say pickups are a “hot” item among truck collectors today. And this one with four doors is very desirable. The one featured here is the 3/4 ton truck with a step-side bed. There was the more stylish “Sweptline” bed also. The D100 was introduced by Dodge in 1961. The four-door was first available in 1962. The D models were rear wheel drive whereas a W100 was four-wheel drive. This body style was used until 1971 with few changes. These trucks were designed for work had few features. It came with only one sun-visor and one outside mirror.

The base engine was the well-known 225 slant six. The 273 V8 from the passenger cars of the day was an option. Beginning in 1965 was the 318 V8. From the factory, this truck would come with the close-ratio three-speed manual transmission. This truck is missing its original engine but replacement ones are included in the sell. The bigger D700 series trucks with four doors were used to carry the “Snake” and “Mongoose” drag race cars all over the country. In 1970, Dodge offered “The Dude” trim package on the D100 with Don Knotts as a spokesman.

Photo courteous of JustaCarGuy

What would you do with a truck like this?  I would put a modern engine in it with a six-speed transmission. Features I would add would be air conditioning, a modern stereo, and a towing package to tow a vintage Airstream travel trailer!

Here is a pickup you can take the whole crew to the Friday night cruise in. It would stand out among the modern day luxury pickups.

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  1. ChebbyMember

    First the Vista Cruiser from Vacation, now the redneck truck from Christmas Vacation!

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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    I wonder if this truck came from Overboard? Nice project truck. Fix it up completely and install a 383 or 440 in it. That ought to make it snort. Actually I saw a ’69 model sporting a 383 and it was sharp. The guy was towing a tandem travel trailer (looked like about a 26 foot) through Glacier Park and had no problems in the mountains…

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    • Chad O.

      The truck in Christmas Vacation and Overboard are one in the same. You can see in CV, where “Dean Profit” was painted over.

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  3. KevinLee

    Besides Overboard, when I see one these old Dodge crew cabs, I think of the movie Fire in the Sky.

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    • Mike

      We saw Fire in the Sky. We were the only people in the theater which made it extra creepy.

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  4. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    I agree, Ben-a modern crate motor with a 6 spd manual and an updated but retro look interior would be very cool…!

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  5. sparkster

    Didn’t the tv show ” Timmy and Lassie” have one these as their family truck ? Perhaps a new 6.7 Cummins diesel with 1000 lbs or torque would do the trick on this old truck.

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  6. JoeT

    Fender badge and 8-lug wheels identify this as a D200 (3/4 Ton) model. ID tag on dash appears to be Military or some other government model identification. I drove a 70’s era Dodge W200 crew cab outfitted as a rescue truck while in the USAF in the late 70’s early 80’s.

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  7. Elliot Kaplan

    I would keep the original paint scheme, update the interior but to have it appear time correct adding creature comforts ac/heat to heated seat and well you get the idea but underneath it all a 4×4 system with a modern engine maybe something of a viper would have or one the high end multi automatic that is available these days. So in other words the skin would have it appear as a sleeper and underneath all the technology to have fun on and off the beach

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  8. Midwest Jeff

    Don Knotts as a celebrity spokesman? Max Baer Jr. would have been my choice. (And for the 3 people who get this joke, you’re welcome.)

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    • Mountainwoodiie

      Shucks, Granny, not very Midwestern of you…………

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  9. Jay E.

    It looks just like it drove off an Air Force base in 1970. A lot of USAF trucks were that color combination. Really makes sense since it is from Dayton OH. It even still has the USAF data plate on the dash.

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  10. Old Car Guy

    Without engine pictures one cannot tell if the ” ’67” 318 is a wide block or an LA engine. Both were used in ’67 trucks. First time I went to get parts for the “67 I owned the first thing the person behind the counter asked me was “big block or small block 318” ?

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  11. James Fuller

    318 Polysphere used in Dodge Light Duty Trucks 1/2 to 2 ton 1960-1966 aka the 318 A motor. 1967- used the Wedge 318 aka 318 LA motor. 273 V8 was in cars and A100 & A108 compact vans & pickups but, NOT the D/W series. First year for D/W100 was 1957. First year for Crew Cab 1961, l owned one.

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