Rotary Bonanza: Massive Mazda Barn Find

In the vintage sports car market, there’s a clear demand for old-school Rotary-powered Mazdas, especially models like the RX-3 and RX-2. I’ve seen absolutely trashed rustbuckets dragged home as long as the engine was still in place, and survivor-grade specimens go for absolutely crazy money. There’s a fierce following for Mazdas of this vintage, even the crazy rotary-powered pickup. This seller appears to have a massive barn full of vintage Mazdas from every generation, along with a few other interesting projects. Check out the listing here on Facebook Marketplace in Shreveport, LA.

The seller claims he has 72 cars in total that he is selling, and based on that top photo, I’d believe it. Although seeing the pooled water on the floor is a bit worrisome, I’d still love to have some massive spread like this to store the vehicles I’m going to get around to “someday.” This photo shows what looks like a custom widebody RX7 and a later FC generation model with the sexy BBS wheels. And what’s that in the back corner – a custom S10 Blazer two door? This is a deeply intriguing listing, and I’ll be the seller is having to beat people off with a stick who just want to walk around and gawk.

The top photo shows numerous SA chassis RX7s, along with a genuine Mini Cooper. This picture reveals there are some much nicer examples in the mix, including the rotary pickup I mentioned earlier and perhaps the most desirable model, a clean RX3. The RX3 really is the hot ticket in vintage Mazdas right now, and the seller should be comfortable asking for a fair price on that one. Another FC breaks up the row of quad headlights, but what’s that model on the far left of the spread? The seller notes he also has numerous Datsun models as well.

The pickup seen here has escaped the confines of the dank warehouse and looks like it’s a runner, but no details are offered. The seller specifies having a 1970 RX7 coupe with just 1,000 miles on the clock. They don’t provide any photos of said car, which would be helpful in identifying the actual year of the car, and the general tone of the ad (and the storage arrangement) points to a lack of organization. Of course, with 72 cars, it may seem slightly overwhelming to present the details in a logical fashion. Regardless, I’m sure someone in the vintage Mazda community in the southeast knows who this individual is, and hopefully, he’s actually willing to send a few of these old-school Mazdas onto new homes. Which model would you choose?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Well, this is interesting. I don’t follow these cars so I don’t have comments on them, other than to say that I assume this would be quite the stash to the right person(s). The storage facility is– well, it keeps the sunlight off, but as Jeff noted, it looks like it might be flood-prone.

    And that Facebook Marketplace ad…. five pictures, four sentences. I guess the seller(s) figures the minimal ad will sufficiently generate the interest and they will just field the queries as they come. But wouldn’t that get unwieldy very quickly? “You got a blue 19xx Mazda xyz?”

    But who am I to say— I’ve never been anywhere close to a project to sell 72 old cars, I’m not sure how I would proceed…. other than employing one of the professionals.

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  2. healeydays

    I loved Rx7s buying my 1st in 1978. That later FC generation model with the sexy BBS wheels is a ragtop which is my favorite of all. My problem is those cars have sat and the rotary engine needs to be exercised as the seals dry out and you need to rebuild the engine and guys that do that aren’t around every corner around the US anymore. Even in the day, most shops didn’t want to deal with rotaries as they seemed like black magic to them.

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    • Mr.BZ

      So true, healeydays. My friend finally dumped his ’06 RX8 after searching unsuccessfully in the SF bay area for a mechanic to do his 3rd engine rebuild (after a warranty replacement engine!). The guys that did the first 2 were gone. Soon to be a lost art.

      • JMB#7

        Did he try going onto the internet, and typing “rotary rebuilders”. The list is endless, and if you are on the West Coast you have many more choices than we have in the Midwest, although we have plenty. I am not trying to be snarky, but it just seems that people give up before doing enough research. Don’t believe everything that a local shop tells you. Reach out to the forums, and do a little research.

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  3. Dusty Stalz

    Yeah I’m sure the seller is beating people off alright.

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  4. Tracy

    I would love to own one of the REPU’s or the RX3! Great find!

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  5. Skorzeny

    That red unit on the left in that picture of four might be a GLC wagon? I like the red IMSA bodied RX-7. I think there are special flights being booked out of Tokyo and Osaka RIGHT NOW full of guys wanted to look at these old Mazdas… Cargo planes with seats right up against the fuselage…

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  6. Billy1

    The GLC is probably in the mix because a bunch of them have been converted to rotary power over the years-the GLC being rwd.

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  7. Chris Cersley

    This may be from Jose’s Rotary’s stash. He passed away in 2020 and was in Haughton LA (Close to Shreveport)

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I wondered if someone might be able to put their finger on who/where this is.


    I would be in for an FD

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  9. Racer-X

    Grew up as a child in a Mazda family. Dad paid a premium for 1st shipment of RX7 in 1978.
    This followed years with several rotary wagons. I got stuck with a GLC but for the best as an idiotic teen driver. 323 was sisters.
    Watch the old Magnum PI series. Fun entertainment compared with today’s garbage. GLCs and FB RX7s in nearly every episode. Good memories.

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  10. DON

    I’d be more interested in the white Mini….

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    • Ian C

      I would be more interested in the white Beetle.

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    • Trina

      Yes, the Mini is mighty enticing!!!

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  11. truck spotted

    if you go to the page the first photo has what looks like a gmc typhoon in yellow in the back

  12. JMB#7

    I would really like to have the Rotary Pickup. If I were further along with the work I would like to do on my ’82 RX7, I would seriously consider it. I just hope that someday when I do get around to it that I can find a good one.

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  13. Steve Clinton

    Now THAT’S a barn I wouldn’t mind owning!

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  14. Kevin

    Had opportunity to buy a ’73 RX2 ( a rare car in Canada by this age ) in the early ’80’s. It mostly needed paint as it was a California car.
    My brother bought it and he and a friend did quarter mile racing.
    Wow. What a rocket with that rotary.
    They blew it up and scrapped it.

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    • Steve Clinton

      The normal end for rotary engines.

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  15. Bryan Cohn

    How do people actually expect anyone to show interest when the seller cannot be bothered to make a simple list of the cars, take a few photos of the cars and so on?
    We all know how so many complain about people who can’t read, call and ask really stupid questions, don’t know anything about what they are looking at and so on? Well sellers are just as ignorant and this ad is proof.
    You expect me to call and inquire about Toyota’s, Datsun’s and more but can’t bother to tell me what they are?
    Sorry, HARD PASS. I love cars as much as the next person. I hate hoarders more than you can imagine. And I don’t care if everything gets crushed cause someone is too dense to grasp even the most basic thing about selling something on the internet, especially when a million “How To Do X” articles and video are but a few key strokes away.
    Rant Over. Grrrrr now you know how much I really hate hoarders. :)

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    • Steve Clinton

      Calm down, Bryan. Remember your blood pressure! ;-)

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    • JMB#7

      Not a very good listing, but it is a lot to list, and my guess is that this is a family member helping out, not a flipper. They make the offer “Message me for more details and prices. You can call me at [hidden information] for more information or to come see the cars. There are 72 total we are selling”. I hope that all of these cars find new loving homes. I hate car crushers!!! Even if they are flood cars, there is a lot of good stuff on them.

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      • Racer-x

        Agree, appears to be a young lady helping another family member. Might be over her head with 72 cars. I’d have problems with 72 cars, and I consider myself experienced.
        Facebook sucks. I suggested she reach out to barnfinds and create a list of all the cars with at least one picture of each.

        I’m intrigued by the red RX7 with widebody. Screams 80’s and I love it. Does picture show red overspray on the windshield wipers?

        What other mazdas are there? I’m intrigued.

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    • Andrew

      You’re obviously not in the rotary community lol, there are some very rare cars there and I can imagine people are lined up to go out there and start buying. Listing has already been taken down, I’d imagine one enthusiast went out and bought everything. Especially considering how huge the rotary community is in CA. I just wish more of this stuff existed in the Midwest…I know enough about, and have fixed enough rotary engines that I could do fairly well for myself, problem is, they just don’t exist in the Midwest to the same level that they do on the west coast.

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  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I wonder if he has any RX-4 wagons? I could relive the days of just getting my driver’s license. But, Louisiana may as well be on a different planet, not paying to have any of these transported up this way.

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  17. Jason

    The old rotary… I remember getting absolutely thrashed in a drag race by one of them. My car was a fairly well worked V8 and it wasnt a slow car by any means. Was a rotary Capella from memory, and it left me for dead. Very fast cars and they have a huge following

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  18. Chris Londish Member

    Our Neighbour bought an R100 when they first came out and he took my Dad for a ride in it very quick but later prone to early rotor seal wear due to lack of warm up technique on part of owners and warping of engine casings, although now highly collectible, so get in there and save these babies

  19. John C.

    From my experience, this was a Spanish guy’s collection, and yes it sounds like a family member is trying their best to sell them without much experience, let the right person see them advertised and they will buy most of them in one shot! Trust me.

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  20. Lev H

    Jose was definitely a good man. I never knew that that was what the shop was until I was back in my hometown on leave, trying to find anyone who knew rotaries. Spoke to him and his son and he helped me with his knowledge on RXs as I was working on my GSL-SE. He would allow me to go through the warehouse and other floors and would amaze me with his knowledge on the subject. Bought quite a fee parts from him. He’d give me a wrench and say, “Get it if you can!” Was hoping one day to buy a 7 they had built up that I had my eye ob, but glad to see that it seems most will go to good hands.

    Old school, tough, but a funny and kind guy. From the few times I did meet him, it was always an honor. RIP Jose.

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