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Rough V12: 1948 Lincoln Continental


Thanks to Barn Finds reader Dave W. for spotting this rough project Lincoln Continental V12 here on eBay, which appears to need everything in order to return to the road. Fortunately, this seller has more than just this car for sale: he also has a matching coupe body with no glass or interior, and said to be ready for finishing. You can find the roller here on eBay as well.  


What a stunning profile this Lincoln has. The fat fenders, squared-off roof and spare tire mount all come together to create a big-body coupe that must have had tremendous road presence when new. The details that existed on cars from this era are timeless – like the slim tail lights and those two strips of chrome on the rear quarters. Details that don’t need to be there but sure look like they were meant to be.


Here’s the other car the seller has listed. It’s pretty obvious at this point he has decided to move on from his project Lincolns. It makes more sense, too, as to why he didn’t show too many pictures of the parts car since he clearly sees the good, straight body as the more desirable piece. Despite the Lincoln badge and the big V12, listings for restored hardtop Continentals of this era reveal that they aren’t worth much beyond $30K-$40K. Does that make this project a bit of a loser financially?

Image courtesy of Iron Block Imports

When I look at complete cars like this one, I can see why you might want to take this on. It’s a truly handsome car, and a reminder of how great Lincolns used to be. The seller is asking $2,500 for the parts car and $2,500 for the rolling shell, with the invitation to make a deal for both. If you’re OK hunting down parts and performing re-assembly, you may find everything you need between these two Lincolns to build a solid driver. I love almost anything with a V12 , so I hope one of these cars makes it back to the road soon.


  1. Avatar photo MountainMan

    These cars are truly works of art. I dont think I would want to take on either or both of these examples as a project but they sure are interesting to look at

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    • Avatar photo Davnkatz

      I had a 1947 Connie. Someone had replaced the 12 cylinder with a v8 Chrysler motor. My Connie was 2-tone – white bottom and maroon top. No AC! the spare on back had a full metal cover and the tires were all wide whitewalls. Loved those push button – no handles – door openers. It was a heavy vehicle but gave me such a soft ride – even on bad roads. I paid $650 for it and sold it – on my way to Vietnam – for $950. I’ve wished ever since I had kept it.

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  2. Avatar photo Lee

    Must be a hold over -I see it has 39 drums and wheels on the front /Lee

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  3. Avatar photo RON

    while these are beautiful cars other than just wanting to to own a piece of history the v/12’s were pretty under powered and not highly desirable as performers in the day, i would street rod these. as mentioned they can become quiet a money pit to bring back stock. i think you probably see more on the road as resto-mods and do make a comfortable beautiful nice cruiser. and if you start with a good body a pre-electronic controlled drive train from a throtle body or carb engine from a period lincoln/ford big block or caddy and a clipped fron suspension and all the comforts can make an interesting road car without breaking the bank. just startwith a good more modern donor and you can have a classic that will be less than a 3-5 year old or comporable new piece of iron made from one of these babies the first time around and a lot safer. all i what floats your boat but one looking stock and pushed down the road at todays speed and comfort and burning up in a severely under powered v/12, well i see no sin in that. lot of difference in that and a nice little 10 hp ford or merc flathead and this car. drop one in get some safe breaks and power steering and air and hit the road for summer and enjoy while we have the 1.50 gallon petrol!!! and you can leave the trailer home. same dream one way or another. lol!!!!

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  4. Avatar photo Jose

    Love the old boat(s) , and would love to see either Jay Leno or Wayne Cassini take these for restoration. Oh, how the rich play. (smile)

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    • Avatar photo The Walrus

      The reason the rich are rich is that they would NEVER take these on. There is simply no money in it. Wayne Carrini is, in effect, a high end flipper and these can’t be flipped (with nominal effort) for a profit. Leno, with his money, would be much better off financially to buy one already done and spend nominal money to improve it as required.

      To get these even to a #2 condition is at a minimum a $60K enterprise if you are paying people to do it. There are probably a handful of people nationwide who could bring these to #2 at home by themselves (and spend 10 years doing it) and still spend $20K+ on parts, chrome and materials. Then, assuming their intent would be to have something worth more than they invested, would look back and realize something around $2 per hour for their time. It’s just not a good proposition.

      1946-48 8th Series, V-12, 125″ wb
      2d Clb Cpe 6 – 2,600 5 – 7,800 4 – 13,000 3 – 29,250 2 – 45,500 1 – 65,000
      2d Cont Cpe 6 – 2,200 5 – 6,600 4 – 11,000 3 – 24,750 2 – 38,500 1 – 55,000

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  5. Avatar photo ydnar

    Not for me.

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  6. Avatar photo Chebby

    This car needs to be placed as-is in a diorama at one of those Bass Pro Shop type stores, or a country and western bar, or in a cactus garden. It’s yard art at this point but it sure looks cool.

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  7. Avatar photo Stang1968

    Matthew McConaughey should get this.

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  8. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Now, THAT is some spectacular barn find!

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  9. Avatar photo daveH

    A late-model big block – or perhaps a 500 inch Caddy, a 460 Lincoln/Ford engine, and automatic with overdrive, power everything, A/C, custom leather inside and you’d have a wonderful cruiser, a great show car and the best of all possible worlds. Keeping that boat-anchor V12 is just such a BAD idea that I cannot conceive of wanting to do that.

    On that basis – the price isn’t bad at all for the good-looking bodies

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  10. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    Would not be period, but it would be interesting to see one of these with a Ford V10 swap. Lots of torque and a different sound than a V8.

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