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Round Two: 1970 Triumph TR6 Project

This 1970 Triumph TR6  is one of those subject cars that I believe, we have covered here on BF before. But that coverage was about four years ago and it doesn’t seem that much has changed. Is it the same seller as before or did someone take the plunge and come to the same conclusion as the first seller – “This thing’s gotta go”! Don’t know for sure but let’s do a quick review and see what’s what. Still resting its bones in Lubbock, Texas, this tired Triumph is available, here on craigslist for $3,500. Gunter K. gets a nod and a wink for this tip!

This time it’s stated that this is a project car with the “Body in overall good shape. Rear bumper and seats also available but are stored away“. I’ll admit it, the body’s not in terrible shape, it seems pretty straight with no indication of rust-through. Four years ago, it was showing a folding top frame and that’s not now the case (maybe it’s hiding out with the seats). I’m concerned about having an open car sitting outside with no protection but…too late, the passenger side floor has already fallen through. The seller claims that the “frame” is OK, however.

The 150 104 HP, 2.5 liter, in-line six-cylinder engine looks much as it did back in 2020 – in repose. The seller claims that it’s not stuck but the spark plug wires are still missing as are the air cleaner(s), breather line, etc., so it seems that nothing has been done to get this powerplant, which has experienced at least 113K miles of use, zooming again. There’s supposed to be a four-speed manual transmission backing up the in-line six, and I suppose there is, but the transmission cover (hump) is sitting all cattywampus so it’s a bit difficult to see what’s there.

Speaking of seeing what’s there, I’d say not much in the interior – it’s gutted. We’ve already discussed the seats, folding top frame, and the floor pan problem but there are issues with the dash/gauges, wiring, door cards, and on and on. Note the yellow undercolor that is smattered around, I’m assuming that’s the original hue and it’s one of the traits that clued me in on this car’s prior coverage.

So, buy it in 2020 and try to sell it again in 2024, or maybe try to sell it again after no sale the first time, whatever the case, this TR6 has just four more years of wear weighing on it than it did the last time around. A good project base? I can’t say, it needs a ton of work and there may be better examples available, that’s my thought, what’s yours?


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    There’s junk and then there is real junk. No one has been taking care of this one. Would move on to another one.

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  2. Avatar photo Marky Mark

    No sense in taking on this project when you can buy nicely finished examples in the $20’s.

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    • Avatar photo Gregg

      You guys….JEEEZE! You sound like a bunch of old cranks! Don’t want get your hands a little dirty? I could replace those floors for less than $200! If the engine isn’t stuck… It’ll run again! bolt the seats back in and be cruizen the back roads with a big smile on my face! If I had to pay 20K for the same experience I don’t think I would be smiling at all!

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  3. Avatar photo Joe Mec Member

    Not much here for $3500. Straight, yes! Floors…. not so good. Depending on what else is not there regarding steel, this is a starting bid project of $1k-1500 maybe? ( for me that is ). Skrimping and saving, buying what whatever is needed (mostly used), an engine that may run decently and putting it back together as a decent looking driver; doing everything myself, I could get this back to roadable around $6-7K (with no major issues). Do I want to do it? Not really…. It’s too common a Brit roadster to get excited about. ( again, for me)

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  4. Avatar photo tompdx

    I don’t see any fuel injection system, so this had about 104hp, not 150.

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    • Avatar photo Jim ODonnell Staff

      You are correct, it’s a carbureted, U.S. spec engine.


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      • Avatar photo Mike

        Should be dual Stromberg carburetors.
        Does it have Overdrive? Thats a big option.

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  5. Avatar photo Azzura Member

    This car has been up for sale for a long time. It has not moved yet and here in Lubbock,TX it has rained many times. Not to mention the snow we regularly get each winter. And the terrible sand storms we experience every Spring. This particular car has been sitting in them all. It’s best hope for revival is to be transformed into an outdoor planter.

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    • Avatar photo luckless pedestrian

      Well, here in the northeast rust belt we’d call this one a “driver”…

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  6. Avatar photo Tim

    Sorry but I wouldn’t touch this rust bucket either. Too far gone for me and I don’t think you would ever be other than upside down with it, financially.

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