RS Clone: 1970 Porsche 911 T

The seller of this 1970 Porsche 911T is looking for an opening bid of $33,000, as he believes the overall condition is better than it may look at first glance. He has owned the car since 1991, where an attempt at restoration began and included a full respray in Guards Red. The car has been modified slightly to resemble a 911 RS, including fiberglass replacement panels. The 911 also comes with original, dealer-installed A/C system.  Find it here on eBay with no bids as of this writing.

It’s difficult to assign a clear value on this 911, as it’s no longer original but also free from major rust or poorly-executed modifications. The good news is that the original body panels are all included with the sale if the next owner wishes to replace the fiberglass front bumper, ducktail lid, rear bumper filler panel, and OEM filler strip. The 911 also sports an aftermarket roll bar and five “period correct” Fuchs alloys.

The seller notes that the original seats, carpet, and dash all remain in good condition and will clean up nicely. The headliner suffers from a poor dye job and should be replaced. Glass is all original, and despite the attempts to make this 911T resemble an RS from the outside, no other modifications were apparently made to the cosmetics or drivetrain. Note the old-school Arkansas plates on the back seat!

Speaking of Arkansas, the seller makes a point to explain this 911 is not from Illinois – despite no other reference to the land of snow and cold. I’m guessing the Carfax data shows an Illinois registration, but if the show Ozark taught me anything, it’s that people from Illinois vacation in Arkansas. This 911 may be every bit worthy of restoration, but the suggested opening bid is going to scare a lot of folks away.

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  1. Jwinters

    please share whatever it is you are smoking with the rest of us

  2. Doc

    Someone added one to many zeros in the listing

  3. bobhess Member

    When I see the headlight mounts rusted I would want to see underside shots before I’d even consider this one. Bought and sold a bunch of cars over the years but never sold one that wasn’t clean, regardless of condition. Bottom car pictured was a rust bucket but it was a clean rust bucket. Price on this thing is nuts.

  4. Jack Quantrill

    Madness! Ducktail, is nice tho.

  5. Stephen Murray

    That is NOT a 1970 rear Porsche marquee. Those didn’t show up until the 80’s.

  6. bobhess Member

    That center section is modeled after the ’74 big bumper cars.

  7. callsign

    This car is almost junk. It would cost more to restore than it would be worth. Still, if ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it ……….

  8. Kurt

    Too many zeros. Too few photos.

  9. KevinR

    For those of you saying “one too many zeros,” you are wrong. It is one too many threes. :)

    I wonder, is the buyer going to be responsible for getting it out of the rat’s nest where it is currently sitting?


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