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RS SS Combo Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

The first-generation Chevy Camaro gave the Ford Mustang a run for its money with 700,000 copies sold in three years. Which was quite an accomplishment since AMC, Mercury, and Pontiac all joined the circus between 1967 and 1969. This ’69 Camaro is said to have once been a Rally Sport and Super Sport combined with a big-block V8 engine. The latter is long gone, and the rest of the car needs a serious amount of work. Located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, this pony project is available here on eBay where $7,700 is the number to beat.

Production of the 1969 Camaro was tied to some strong sales numbers, thanks to a mild restyle and a run of 15 months. The latter was because there were delays in getting the all-new 1970 Camaro ready for market. 243,000 copies of the Camaro were built which included the following options: 37,700 with the Z22 Rally Sport package, 35,000 with the Z27 Super Sport package, and 14,000 copies with up to four versions of the 396 cubic inch V8 that output from 325 to 375 hp. The seller’s car is said to have been all of these things, though we don’t know which engine was in the deal.

No documentation is presented with the car. It does have SS badging here and there and some indications of the RS have survived. We assume it has the RS hidden headlights, but they’re exposed here. And the fake rear fenders louvers are in place. But there are no RS emblems to be found, but when the RS and SS were combined, I think the latter identification took precedence.

No bones about it, this is a rough car, so restoring the Camaro will not be for the faint of heart (or budget). The seller has the original 4-speed manual transmission which will have to be rebuilt. But parts of the interior are missing as is the back glass. Rust is also a major issue, including the major hole in the front floorboard right where the driver’s feet would rest. Is this a project that you’d like to sink your teeth into?


  1. Allen L

    That is definitely not a RS grill.

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    • Jeff

      Agree. Putting an RS hood on the car doesn’t make it an RS.

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      • Barry

        There is no RS hood. The hood on this car is an SS.

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      • Jake

        What exactly is a RS hood?

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      • Frank Leavitt

        There is no such thing as an RS hood. The hood on this car is an SS hood.

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  2. Davey Boy

    Definitely have to agree. That is not an RS Grill and headlight setup at least. And boy that car needs a lot of work. It’s unfortunate but this one may be a parts car unless you really want one or if it goes low enough that you can afford to put it together. Good luck with this one.

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  3. Barry

    I don’t see any signs that this car has the RS option. The grill is wrong, no special tail lights or backup lights below rear bumper. As far as SS and or big block, would need to investigate the codes and examine the car. Everyone loved to add SS emblems.

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      It appears that the rear lower valance had back up lamps at one time, and either they are missing or maybe welded up? It is difficult to see exactly what is going on. It would be rather odd to have two areas of the valance exactly where the back up lamps resided messed with… The car does have the RS tail light lenses, but they are missing the stainless trim.

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  4. Moit Member

    That’s not an RS grill.
    RS has hidden headlights

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  5. Michael

    Good luck with that!!!

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  6. Mark

    I agree with 19sixty5. RS tail lights and appears back up lights were below the rear bumper. I suspect that it was wrecked in the front and a standard SS front clip was installed from another wreck. With the shape this car is in who ever buys it needs to have deep pockets, already overpriced.

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  7. john hugh

    lol…this is how bad its gotten 7K for junk

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