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Rubber Redemption: 1978 MGB

1978 Mgb Front

In an attempt to redeem ourselves for the posting of an overpriced derelict MGB, we have dug up another rubber bumper example that any car guy would actually be proud to own. Normally, we would recommend that you steer clear of any late model MG, but the owner of this car has rectified many of its inherent flaws. We also hoped that this BRG beauty found here on eBay would make you want to forgive us.

1978 Mgb Rear

Known for being slow, ugly, and utterly unexciting, post-1974 Bs are the bottom feeders of the British roadster world. Regulations brought heavy black bumpers, padded dashes, and horsepower robbing emissions control systems. The Government was able to take a fun little car and turn it into something that is loathed by many today. There are those among us who like the challenge of reversing these negative effects and obviously this seller is one of them.

1978 Mgb Hardtop

They have replaced the appalling bumpers with smooth look versions and even crammed a chrome grill back in place. They then stuck a factory hardtop on top and resprayed the whole thing in this nice hue of green. Most people would have stopped there, but this guy even went so far as to fit a set of minilite look rims and a Motolita style steering wheel inside. The only detail they overlooked was filling the little gap between the taillights and bumper, but we are just nitpicking now.

1978 Mgb Supercharger

Forget about slow throttle response here. The builder took a power deprived engine and strapped a big supercharger on the side, but not before fully rebuilding it. I have a friend who dropped a V6 in a late MGB because he did not want to cut up an earlier car, but I have never seen anything like this in such an unloved vintage. An aluminum head, finned valve cover, and custom radiator finished the engine bay off nicely. They even went so far as to install a five speed transmission to make high speed touring an enjoyable endeavor.

1978 Mgb Side

The MGB from the other day taught us what not to buy when in the market for an affordable sports car. This car, on the other hand, shows us what can be done with an unlikely candidate if your pockets are deep and your passion is high. This B will make someone a nice daily driver and the best part of it is that you do not have to feel guilty about getting it dirty. No one wants a rubber bumper MGB anyway…


  1. Avatar photo Bob

    Rubber Bumper…Rubber Bumper….I do I do…make mine the Mustard Yellow please..or that nice blue color…;-)

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  2. Avatar photo Bear

    He’s gonna want some $$$ for this one!!

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  3. Avatar photo Dan D

    It actually looks like Brooklands Green, which is the color of my ’76 B… Nice job, though…

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  4. Avatar photo cwmuse

    Not a great job on the RB to Chrome conversion, but the super charger is worth it!

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  5. Avatar photo cwmuse

    Well not actually chrome, but you know. Whats up with the dash?

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  6. Avatar photo Catfishphil

    Please know that MG-B’s are still desirable and fun, little sports cars… inexpensive, attractive (yes, even with the rubber bumpers) and parts-aplenty. I am a Triumph Spitfire owner and they are so easy to work on – truly a poor man’s sports car. We don’t pretend they’re a Maserati or a Corvette. I’ve owned mine for twenty years and will likely keep it forever.

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  7. Avatar photo David

    I actually like the front rubber bumper and it at least looks airodynamic….my understanding is that to raise the height for bumper laws, British Leyland simply put taller springs on the car, an easy fix. In 1976, the servicer manager where I had my ’74 tuned every damn 6000 miles, offered to install an earlier model factory manifold and duel carbs for $125!!! I drove the hell out of that car before it finally broke me of it…..I loved it and the other ones I had before and after….and my then skinny 170lb, 6ft. 1in. frame fit very well and comfortable on long trips including one from Pensicola to Key West and back……

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  8. Avatar photo Millmech

    The front was raised by welded-on spacers on the front subframe. The back had longer spring hangers.

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