Rugged Rusted Ragtop: 1967 Cadillac DeVille

Halloween is long past, but this 1967 Cadillac DeVille Convertible sitting in the weeds in Dixfield, Maine is about as scary as it gets, car-wise. This weekend fixer-upper is on Craigslist with an asking price of $750. Here is the archived ad for when someone gets up enough courage to pick this car up. Shipping won’t be cheap so it’ll most likely be a Mainer who grabs this car for any parts that may be usable, and even from this one photo it looks like there are a few of them. Thanks to AMX Brian for sending in this tip!

In case you were wondering how hard it might be to drag this former beauty queen out of the Maine woods, here ya go. It almost looks like they were going 120 mph and ran off the road, but I’m guessing that the seller cleared out a path so the car could be pulled out.. somehow.. without damaging too much of it.. if there’s anything left that isn’t damaged.. They say that they’re “Parting out in place right now. Will sell whole car in the spring.” This third-generation DeVille is just one year away from my favorite year, the 1968 with hidden wipers. I know, sometimes it’s the small things in life. According to the seller, this car has “No motor or trans, been sitting for ages. Good parts for someone (convertible top frame, misc. chrome trim, dash accessories, wiper arm, parking lights, grill, bumpers, etc.)” So yeah, unless you have a ’67 DeV restoration project going on right now, there really isn’t much of value left on this car for most of us. Hagerty lists a #4 fair car as being valued at $11,500. That’s a long way from $750.

But, then the seller teases us by including this photo! I hope that some parts make it back onto a restoration project, the world definitely needs more cars like this red DeVille convertible driving around, offsetting the white/gray/black/silver SUVs that are clogging the roads these days. Have any of you bought a car in the woods like this for parts? What’s left on this one that’s even remotely usable?


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  1. jw454

    “Good parts for someone (convertible top frame, misc. chrome trim, dash accessories, wiper arm, parking lights, grill, bumpers, etc.).”
    So, what do you get for the $750.00? The car is not for sale until the spring according to the advertisement.
    Stupid way of writing and ad.

  2. TriPowerVette

    +Scotty Gilbertson – I wish I could give you a thumbs up. Your writeup was flawless. Would it have killed them to park the car on a piece of corrugated steel, then placed same over the top? The cost would have been minimal, and the difference, dramatic.

    BTW – My personal favorite was the 1970.

    • Ronald G Bajorek jr

      I’m a corvette and big block guy, but BY FAR my favorite car is my 1970 Deville Convertible , the best car I’ve ever bought ( and believe me, my car is closer in condition to the one in the mud than the restored one) Best value for the dollar that I’ve ever owned and I drive the snot out of it

      • TriPowerVette

        +Ronald G Bajorek jr – MY MAN

  3. Jeffro

    I’m still trying to understand why i would give them $750 for the car. They should give me $100 for removing it for them.

  4. JW

    The seller would have to pay me $750 to dig it out and haul it away.


    Why is this on Barn Finds again?

    • Dick Johnson

      “Because it’s there.” — Famous misquote by Sir Edmond Hillary why he climbed Mt. Everest

      • Tony T

        Mallory “quote” … not Ed Hillary

  6. Madmatt

    Good parts car for a convertible,but not worth
    restoring.We sold a 67 Electra convert in better shape,
    but very rough for $450 about 10 yrs ago,
    and buyer was very happy to get it.
    price may be fair?

  7. AMX Brian

    There’s probably at least $750 worth of parts there. I don’t know Caddy’s, but little trim pieces as well as the most random parts can add up. Parts cars can be invaluable to a restoration. Especially if you take over someone else’s project.

  8. Alan Stroh

    Honestly, it’s not that difficult to find parts for this model of Caddy, so my question is why on Earth would anyone drag this junker home. Anything needed could just be removed in place, or better yet just bought from somewhere else where it’s already detached….

  9. AF

    Should have just let it rot. I see no future for this total piece of junk. Would someone actually put that indoors somewhere?

    • AMX Brian

      That’s a great mentality to have in the classic car hobby. Any car can serve as a salvage effort for at least one other project. Not everything gets re-popped or has a how-to restoration book for it. Even then there are people who can’t afford those luxuries.

  10. Gary Fogg

    As the old saying goes here in Maine, if you don’t like the price you are free to offer less or not buy it at all Bub….Our junkyards are getting picked pretty clean up here these days, so parts cars are demanding a little more. All depends if your in the market for one or not.

  11. Keith

    Jesus! Gives me the chills just looking at the first photo. It would give me the creeps just to get 10 feet near that thing. I’m a Caddy guy, had several of them but this 67 is one helluva project for anyone to take on who has the cash. Also, very poor way to advertise a car. The seller needs to be reprimanded. RIP

  12. Gaspumpchas

    Parts cars are getting hard to get, as most junkyards sent them to the crusher when the scrap prices were high (redneck bonanza). If it has the goodies you need for your project,its worth 750,IMHO. Good luck with this crusty crab!!

  13. Superdessucke

    Okay. 2 weeks from now expect a story about a guy who parked his 1967 Cadillac convertible back in 1969 but forgot where he left it, only to finally find it in 2017 on a car website called Barn Finds!

  14. Jim Z Member

    I acquired a 74 LeSabre convertible a long while back, that had been abandoned in a field.
    Original owner, gave him a case of beer for it. Woo-Hoo!

    Needed everything. After investing a ton of $$ in it, looked and ran good but still wasn’t the condition I’d hoped for. Or paid for.

    Lesson learned, better to save your money and buy one in the condition you want.

    • russell spreeman

      Don’t pay the hobbyist for his hobby, just pay him for the car.

  15. Paul

    If this car was a Z28 Camaro or a Shelby Mustang people would be fighting to get it at ten times the cost and in worse condition then this car is in….and I would be one of those people……the funny part is that this car new cost a lot more then either of them in 67.

  16. Pete

    So 5 years ago I bought this exact model and color in far better condition. It was a basic driver quality car. It ran more or less. It needed a new battery terminal for it to do that when I got it. It also needed a few trim parts such as the bezels around one headlight and the interior door handles. The door handles I found pretty easy. The headlight trim yeah not so much. What ya’ll might not know is that this model year had a one year only body design. Meaning very few parts could be used from a 66 or a 68 to restore a 67. Drive train parts a plenty. exterior parts? Yeah the headlight bulbs and door handles. Maybe the locks. Hence why this car is stripped to the bone. Oh wait I do see a left hand grill piece I was desperately looking for. Not worth 750 bucks though. I paid 3750 for mine and sold it for 3950 all I had to do was buy a battery terminal set for 2 bucks. I made a killing. LMAO

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