Running And Driving: 1969 Mustang R Code Survivor

As interesting and fun as a 4 wheel drive Mustang would be, this ’69 R Code Mach 1 might actually be more fun to drive! It’s original 428-4V engine and transmission have already been rebuilt, so it runs and drives. The seller had plans to leave the exterior alone, which would be a cool idea if the rear of the car wasn’t riddled with rust. Someone skilled in matching paint and feathering might be able to blend it well enough that you could leave the top half alone, but I think it might be better to just paint the whole car. Take a look at it here on eBay and let me know what you think! It’s currently located in Loveland, Ohio with bidding already over $27k.

I’ve said it many times, this is my favorite Mustang body style. I like the simplicity of the earlier cars, but the ’69 and ’70s have a much more sporty look. The gray with yellow Mach 1 strip on this one looks fantastic. Whether you leave the paint as is or give a quality respray, this thing is going to grab people’s attention.

The interior looks to be in good shape all things considered, but could use some detailing and will likely need some repairs to be comfortable. The odometer is showing 2,837 miles, but the seller notes that it is likely 102,837 miles. Based on the condition, I’d definitely agree that it is 102k. If it didn’t have so much rust, you could jump right in and start driving it, but I would want to fix the floors before driving it more than just around the block.

R Code Mustangs are quite desirable these days and given that the 428 Cobra Jet is producing 335 horsepower in CJ trim and 360 in SCJ trim. Having the engine and transmission already done saves time and money, even the exhaust system has been replaced. Hopefully, the seller has all the receipts for what all was done and can offer more details about what might still need to be done. Repair all the rust, paint it up and this would be one fun machine to drive!

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  1. Jim

    Why not spray engine bay before new motor goes in?

    • Jay M

      Because then the rust holes will really show up.

    • Howard A Member

      I thought the same thing, Jim, backa$$wards. Or why stop at the motor and trans, when you have a car like this? Baddest car on the rock. Got to say, some odd stuff comes through here.

      • Bmac Bmac Member

        I got two words: Torque Boxes

  2. armando

    no only if this was right hand drive

  3. BOBv

    I love survivors,
    but it needs a COMPLETE RESTORATION

    • Rob

      Yeah, with a rebuilt engine and transmission, as much rot as this car has and all, I’d be hard pressed to call it a survivor. My real fear is that with the power of the 428, I’d worry about the rotted out torque boxes and frame rails. It would be a great way to turn this car into complete crap in a big hurry. Love the Black Jade, such an unusual color :)

  4. racer99

    Just as a warning — if you look at the bidding history of the top 2 bidders ALL the bids FROM BOTH BIDDERS on ebay within the last 30 days have been on 12 items from THIS ONE seller. The last “legitimate” looking bid on this car was $15K. Shill bidding at it’s finest.

  5. Todd Barrett

    Good call on the bidding! You’re right!! Love how he states that is basically an easy restoration.

  6. JW

    I agree 69/70 have the best look IMHO and 67/68 fastbacks are 2nd. Except for the 428 motor it defeats me he can get 27K already with it needing a total restoration and we tried selling the wife’s 70 with a 351C and a AOD which needs little if nothing depending on buyers desires and we couldn’t get 40K. Maybe there is some shill bidding going on here.

  7. RoselandPete

    The 69 Sportsroof is my favorite Mustang design of all time but $27k seems too high for one in this condition.

  8. Al D

    That’s a lot of money for what the ‘easy restoration’ is going to cost.

  9. Rob S

    There is no way your are going to “blend” patina and rust! This thing needs to come apart and finished right. Lots of work to be done. Good call on the shill bidding! Happens more than we know….

  10. John C Cargill

    Same colors and equipment as the one I had in early 70s. And it’s not grey but dark green.

  11. JRATT1956

    Not worth it. If it is such a ‘easy restoration. ’ Why not finish it and get the big bucks? Because it is not easy or cheap to do a quality restoration on a 50 year old car. You see it all the time, a guy spends thousands and then sells for a loss.

  12. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Why not leave the engine in as rebuilt color and let it season a little before selling….would look much better than that petty blue paint….since the body wasn’t going to be prettied up…yousa have receipts from the motor build – right ?

    • Rob

      You’re asking him to come up with the receipts for 4 cans of Ford Blue?

  13. Kenny

    Better than last nights aussie r code thats for sure.

  14. Ram Rod

    I had one just like it except mine was a 4sp. Gave 3200 bucks for it. I was to young and dumb for a car like that. Racing a 440 road runner. Went on a soft shoulder at 120 plus or so. Launched it into a pecan orchard. Pinballed off 30 or 40 trees before she stopped. Wasn’t nothing left without a dent on that thing.

  15. RJ

    Proof that not all green cars get stashed away with low miles.

    • Mark-A

      Or bought up by A$$ Monkey Garage!!

  16. Bob C.

    Ah yes, the 428. The 429 was supposedly better before it was choked with emission controls. This was probably the best of the FE family. Awesome!!!

  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Auction ended at $31,744.00. 26 bids. Did not meet the reserve.

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