Runs and Drives: 1928 Ford Model A

The first Ford Model A was sold on 2nd December 1927, and the Model A went on to achieve sales of 4.8 million cars in a staggering 36 different body styles and sub-models between its introduction and its eventual replacement in 1932. This particular Model A is one of those 4.8 million, and you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Wyoming, Minnesota, it is listed with a clear title. Bidding has reached $4,300, but if you just have to own this Ford then the seller has set a BIN price of $8,000.

There are a few dents and dings in this Ford, and also a fair dusting of surface corrosion. However, the rust issues appear to be limited to a small amount in the bottom of the driver’s door, and some in the rear edge of the trunk lid. Otherwise, the body appears to be quite solid. The top will definitely require replacement if you were going to use it in anything but fine weather, and items such as the radiator cowl will require restoration. For me the thing that I find distracting is the wheels. If I were to buy this Ford, then they would have to go as they just look completely out of character with the rest of the car.

The interior is not perfect, but it certainly serviceable and could be used exactly as it is. The seat upholstery looks to be free of major flaws, and I think that it may respond well to a deep clean. Whether the new owner chooses to undertake a full restoration of the interior would be entirely their decision, and would probably also depend on whether they were envisioning a restoration of the vehicle or whether they intended to drive it and enjoy it the way it is.

There are no shots of this car’s engine, but we do know that it runs, drives and stops exactly as it should. I would like to know whether the original 201ci flat-head engine is under the hood, but it does appear that the standard 3-speed manual transmission is in place. If the car does perform as the seller claims, then it further reinforces the belief that the car may be able to be driven and enjoyed as it stands.

Designing, building and selling a replacement for the much-loved Model T was always going to be a challenge for Ford, but it was a challenge that the company met head-on. This particular Model A hails from that initial year of production and appears to be in solid, driveable condition. It could be used and enjoyed exactly as it is presented by the seller, or the new owner could choose to undertake a full restoration and return it to the state that it was in when it rolled off the Ford production line some 90 years ago. Which way would you go?

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  1. jw454

    Some pictures it looks dry and natural; in others it looks like its been sprayed with semi-gloss clear or possibly WD-40. I hope it’s just WD-40. That semi-gloss ruins them in my opinion.

    Neat little car though.

  2. Dave

    Not worth restoring. These are not high dollar cars. It makes no financial sense to undertake such a foolhardy project. You can pick these up all day long in driver quality with an older restoration on them for well under $20K. If you want to do it as a hobby, go for it out of the thrill, but not for profit or return on investment. Don’t hot rod this either. There’s enough if those. Keep it running and enjoy its ratty appearance. That’s what I’d do. Maybe some period speed parts

  3. ken TILLY

    Before trailering it home I would lose the wheels. Fugly.

  4. LAB3

    This one has rat rod written all over it at about 1/3 of the asking price.

  5. Chris

    Perfection just as it sits. Drive and enjoy. Simple.

  6. Motorhead

    Perfection for a period type hot rod in my opinion. At age 70 I think its a fine example. Actually the steel wheels make the car look MUCH better.
    Just toss in a v8 flatty and few cars could be any better example of vintage rod!
    I love it!!!

  7. gto4ever

    leave it alone and drive it!! enough pristine ones around already.

  8. Wrong Way

    To me this is deja vu! I remember so vividly running around on pretty much dirt roads all the time in Indiana as a child! Seriously, when we had a reason to go to Indianapolis it was always a 2 or 3 day trip! I know that this is a A, but my grandpa and my dad had a T coup and a T truck! They were farms back then except my grandpa worked another job in town and my dad had a fairly good size logging business! I never could figure out which of their jobs were full time and which ones were part time! The only time I ever got any time with either of them was to jump in the truck! LOL, people worked hard back then to take care of their business! If it wasn’t for my spiritual beliefs, I would understand what is happened to this society! LOL? I have gotten way off track here, but memories are a wonderful thing to have when you get old like me! Have a great evening guys!

    • Wrong Way

      I meant to say wouldn’t not would! There is another thing to look forward to guy’s, BRAIN FARTS,

  9. Royal

    The wheels are fine. Some teenager probably upgraded to them so it would hold the road better. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did some other tinkering to make it go faster. Looks like a late 40’s early 50 hot rod. Nice as it is, but I’d replace the top to make it more practical.

  10. Mike W.

    The Drum style taillamp identifies this car as a Model AR. There were numerous design changes incorporated during the 1928 model year. Unfortunately, the frames were not as beefy as the 1930 and later models. A better engine swap would be a Model B block with a Model C crankshaft, with either a Miller Schofield or an Offenhauser overhead valve cylinder head…an appropriate modification.

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