Rust-Free 454 Project! 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

“Rust-free” ranks right up there with “all original” and “the check’s in the mail” when it comes to phrases that nearly always guarantee disappointment. If this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle in Linden, New Jersey has rust beyond the driver’s door, it’s well-hidden. Reportedly imported to the Garden State from “Out West,” the calico Chevy packs a later big-block 454 and a heavy-duty TH400 automatic. The listing here on eBay comes with one option, Buy It Now, for $10,500.

Aside from one the “low-mile” 454, the buyer gets a clean slate under the hood. This Chevelle must have been given up for dead and stripped bare before swallowing the 7.4L big block. The AC box might be a plus if you want to invest the time to fit every other component needed to blast cold air into your face. No description of the 454 means you pony up cash like it’s a non-running, low-compression, mid-’70s specimen making 230 HP. You might get lucky and find it makes real power, but even a “weak” big block will put a smile on your face when you drop the Go pedal.

Let’s hope this ’69 has indoor storage as long as that rectangular hole fixes to ruin the solid-looking floors of this wild west classic every time it rains. Cosmetically the big tires and rough appearance match the big block’s personality. Nothing says “I’ma bury you, fool” like primer, a ripped-off vinyl top, and the standard-issue high school wheels and tires. Put your first $5000 into engine and safety parts and go for a drive!

The combination of a bench seat and column shifter in a coupe has pretty much gone the way of the Dodo bird. For drivers of a certain size or mainly interested in straight-line thrust this seat works fine, and makes the Chevy a six-seater in a pinch. The cracked vinyl upholstery may testify to the car’s purportedly dry western origins. Hopefully, that parts car you raid for the engine compartment parts has some gauges too. You could go all new for everything on this ever-popular muscle car, but I like the idea of a budget brawler. For me, that starts with a $5000 purchase, but hope springs eternal among Internet sellers. What’s your top offer for this big block bruiser?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    My favorite year for Chevelles, but this looks like a long-term super crusty find, with an engine that could need a lot of attention.

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  2. XMA0891

    My second-favorite year for Chevelles, but if I had a 105 crisp 100’s in my fist, I’d stop counting about a quarter of the way through the stack. Cool car, and I hope she’s returned to glory, but…

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    • Kenneth Hodges

      Ha is about all I can say about this highly ‘overpriced’ dead lizard.

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  3. Tom

    Ridiculous asking price for a car that literally needs almost everything. Do yourself a huge favor and buy one that’s done, or close to it. You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars.
    The only person who stands to come out on top with this one is the guy who owns the shop that restores it for someone else. And the guy selling it if he gets anywhere close to the ridiculous asking price…

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  4. CraigR

    yes, but nice patina.

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  5. Kenneth Hodges

    Ha is about all I can say about this highly ‘overpriced’ dead lizard.

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  6. Gregwilliams

    Well I have a hard time criticizing any 69 Chevelle as my first car back in 1979 was the L-78 396 ( 375 H.P) 4 speed 4:10 posi S.S. Model Yellow with a black gut……..But…. this looks like if the brakes don’t work it shouldn’t be a problem if u follow me. My Dad would say if you hear any unusual noises under the hood, just “Turn up the radio”. Has anyone ever seen Will Farrell as “ Ricky Bobby”?? It’s about as rough as a Super Sport can get but I still love it and nowadays it’s still gotta be worth $5k ?? Alright well atleast $3,500- for its Mad-Max style.

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  7. Bill W.

    It’s amazing to me what people are asking for rough stuff nowadays. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have offered more than a 1000.00 for that car, and still won’t today. It needs everything. What little is there needs lots of work. That big block is nothing more than a core.

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  8. greg

    Is that “rust free” or “rust is free”? 454 with a 10 bolt diff?

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    • jeffrey grimord

      I blew up a 10 bolt back in the day with my 350, Think a 454 needs a 12 bolt

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  9. jeffrey grimord

    seems worth little more than scrap. buy Pig ear, make silk purse spend Million $$$, no papers!

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  10. Jeff

    If the points equipped distributor is original to the motor its pre 1975.

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  11. Bill Swinehart

    $2000 is my offer, knowing I’ll have to drop another $30,000 in it.

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    • ErnieSC

      That Chevelle CANNOT be Restored for $30K Plus Your $2K Offer UNLESS You do all the work Yourself! A Quality Paint Job – Not Body Off and Not a Show Car Paint Job – would cost $10K. And that’s in SC – not Cali!!!

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  12. TJJR

    GOOD LUCK finding the missing A/C parts! IF you want correct stuff, it is at a premium. Been searching for the center ac DUCT, NOT the outlets, which are repro’d, and are trash, for quite a while. Want the right one, and not a broken piece. Also the compressor bracketry. I put the 73 up ones on our 69 SS 396/325 TRUE factory air car. Another scarcity is the kickdown switch bracket for the T H 400. the 71 72 are EASY to find….They also need to understand what RUST is. It is that orange stuff growing, and consuming the metal!

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  13. JCA Member

    So someone rebuilt the engine and then put all the dirt and grease back on it?

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  14. ACZ

    A pile of junk parts thrown into a basket that resembles a car. Oval port motor, 10 bolt. This stuff is just leftovers. I love a 69 Chevelle. I had a 69 El Camino years ago. It was a 350/300hp and even it had a 12 bolt. Another one I wish I hadn’t sold.

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  15. Jack


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  16. ErnieSC

    Bought a New 67 Chevelle 12/66. Don’t have to regret ever selling it as it’s in my Garage.
    (Now, We won’t discuss the TWO 55’s I had “Back in the Day”!!) LOL!

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    • ACZ

      You’re a lucky guy, Ernie.

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      • ErnieSC

        Thank You, ACZ. I’m not only Lucky but very Blessed. My Wife and I went on our Honeymoon in that car 7 months after I bought it. Had the car 54 Years this Month. She and I been married 53 1/2 Years. I decided to have it Painted a couple Years ago. Everyone said: You have 183,000 Miles on that Engine. “Freshen the Engine Up before Painting”. Well, I kept the original 327/275 but had it Bored and Stroked to 355/400. Then it was suggested I change the PG to a Turbo-350 – But retain the PG and all other Parts I replaced. Sooo, Now I have spent over $35 LARGE on a Nice Driving Car I already had! LOL! It’s All Good! It’s Not For Sale – and if my Sons want to spend about the same amount to put it back “Stock” – They can Spend it. I’m 73 and decided I wanted to do it like I wanted to do it! (And “No”, it doesn’t look like an SS or have SS Badges. But it Runs much Faster than I’m willing to Drive it!! Don’t have the Sight, Reflexes, or Nerve to do that anymore!) But with 3″ Full Length Hedman Headers, 3″ STS Exhausts; 3″ STS Borla Dual Mufflers; etc., It looks and sounds Great! Hoping for a few more years to enjoy! Oh Yeah. Trim shop doing the Interior starting Next Week. I decided to add Heated Sets as Wife and I both have Significant Arthritis and We use Heated Seats in our Daily Drivers even in the Summertime with the A/C going!!!! Happy New Year to You and Everyone on Here! Sincerely Hope 2021 is better than 2020 was for most everyone! ErnieSC

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  17. ACZ

    Ernie, Congrats on a number of things you mention. My 73rd doesn’t come for six more weeks and my wife and I are only at 46. Here’s hoping for a better 2021.

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    • gaspumpchas

      Ernie, welcome and thanks for sharing your story. And you were smart to keep your car, many wish they hadnt sold. Happy new year and stay safe.

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      • ErnieSC

        Thanks to Gaspumpchas! Back at You! Hoping for you and yours a Greater 2021! ErnieSC

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  18. ErnieSC

    Congratulations, ACZ! Still, not a lot of People stay together this long! (Guess our Wives are Just Lucky!!) LOL!!!

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  19. John

    Not sure my wife would say that but we’re only at 33 years. Congrats you guys and here’s to a better 2021!

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    • ErnieSC

      LOL, John!
      Actually My Wife says – “We’ve been married FIVE Wonderful Years – 53 Altogether”!

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    • Alan Zak

      Thanks, John. It takes a special kind of lady to not kick us out when you say “Hi Honey. Look what I brought home!”.

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  20. 454RAT Member

    $10,000.00 for a Malibu hull missing just about everything? I hope the guy gets his price, BUT I feel sorry for the person who buys it. Does that make sense?

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