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Really Solid! 1970 AMX Garage Find Up North


Most AMC fans love the early AMX’s, and I’m no exception. Built as a shortened Javelin platform and with similar styling features, the AMX was exceptional in that you could get really large engines (390 V8 in this case) in a two-seat, short wheelbase car. This one is located in West Fargo, North Dakota and is being sold here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $9,000.


My definition of “rust-free” and the seller’s differ slightly, because there is some surface rust in spots, particularly in the trunk floor. But when you consider that many of these cars barely have quarter panels by this point it starts to look a lot better. The seller states that the sheet metal is original except for the passenger side door, which could certainly use some adjustment based on this picture. There’s also a mention of some body work above the driver’s side rear quarter panel.


I’m encouraged by the seller’s well-lit, organized shop with other AMC cars on lifts in the background. I hope my shop ends up looking like this when we finish it later this year! You can also see that this side of the AMX looks really straight.


There’s a good pile of parts going with the car as well, including some new components. The seller says the only thing that’s missing is the valve cover tag.


Originally equipped with a leather interior, naturally it’s completely toast by now. That does give you the chance to legitimately put one back in when you restore the car, though. The car was almost fully optioned when new, with the Go-Pack, power steering and brakes, air conditioning and an automatic transmission. Yes, I’d prefer a manual, but I’m okay with an automatic in this cool of a car.


The seller claims that the 390 V8 engine was rebuilt eight years ago but never started. They have verified that it will turn over, though, so it hasn’t seized in the meantime. I was wondering about what this car would be worth completed, and was surprised by how high the values have gone for AMX’s. With a high retail over $50,000, there is certainly room for this car to be worth restoring if you do much of the work yourself. I’d want to keep it when complete, though, so that doesn’t really matter to me! Would you like to add this AMX to your collection?


  1. Avatar photo Gary I

    I like it, at nine grand it should sell. Twenty five plus on the low end done this seems fair priced.

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  2. Avatar photo RayT

    Jamie. judging by the NADA guide you cite, I’d say the asking price is a wee bit high. You should be able to get a runner for just a grand or two more. That, and the automatic trans. are the only real flaws in my eyes. The not-running engine wouldn’t be a bother, as I’d be tempted to pull it apart anyway, just to make sure everything was done properly — and maybe to beef it up a bit.

    Pretty much everything else save the upholstery I could do myself, and I’d love to. I really dig the early AMX. I could maybe even live with the slushbox…who knows?

    I do hope the buyer pretties it up, spiffs up the running gear and then drives the daylights out of it. Cars like this don’t deserve to be treated as “collector car” hangar queens!

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  3. Avatar photo GJSZ51

    It is a 1969 and a bit pricey, in my opinion.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    I agree with Ray T … Fix the body and interior give it a decent paint job then fix all mechanicals then drive the wheels off it.

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  5. Avatar photo grenade

    For 9 grand, I would expect a bit more. But- that is a damn cool car and if it were priced around 5500, it would be gone in 60 seconds. (#notEleanore, but a good’n)

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  6. Avatar photo Mimo

    If these guys deal with AMC’s, wouldn’t it to stand to reason that if it was an easy fix they would have done it and sold it for a price profit.

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  7. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Yet another AMX with an automatic trans.! Fourth one in two weeks.

    For $50K an AMX would have to be exceptional or very special (California 500, Pikes Peak, Playmate AMX etc.) A guide is only a guide. 90% of the people who pay that kind of money know very little about an AMC thus the car although look great to the untrained eye may be a very incorrect restoration.
    Think of it like Ron Pratt may have had a little too much and got into a bidding war with someone. The selling price as reported isn’t reason to believe they are worth that much. The real AMC guys I know are tight asses and wouldn’t fathom paying that much even if they had hit the lottery. If we are talking about an SSAMX different story but alot more $$$

    I am inclined to agree with Mimo on this one. Not saying is the case but I pass on cars when the owner has one or others like it and in this condition. With prices of clean oem original parts costing through the roof it is easier to buy a car and remove or swap what you need. Build your car first and re sell the “other” car. Again not saying is the case here.
    This car although may seem like a deal to some is far from it. Paying $9K and assume $5K to paint it and nothing else. That extra $5K could get you a running driving car.

    The Key to buying an AMX for non AMC’ers Don’t buy someones project. Study and know what you are buying. Several great websites and one in particular you can talk directly to the webmaster Eddie Stakes. Plannet Houston AMX. There is always plenty of good but study the bad. Compare whats on the market. Go in person to look at cars and drive them. Go to specific AMC events and meet people. Ultimately pay the money for a car you can enjoy now and drive. You will be very happy with owning an AMC.

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  8. Avatar photo MH

    $5000 seems more realistic to me. But still a great car.

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  9. Avatar photo DENIS

    I kinda like it but would have to get real on price to move me forward…

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  10. Avatar photo Eric Cybulski

    These grilles go for around 700 for a nice one.The dash if cracked is 1500 for a good one.Parts are not easy to find in good shape

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