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Rust Free Garage Find: 1971 Jaguar E-Type

This 1971 Jaguar E-Type features the desirable combination of a V12 with a manual gearbox, along with supposedly being rust-free. The seller was staying in a rented vacation home next door when he happened to speak with the prior owner who noted he had a Jaguar and a Corvette in the garage. The E-Type was previously British Racing Green and is said to roll easily with a V12 that isn’t locked up. The seller had big plans to bring this one back to life but after getting it home, has realized he’s not going to have the time to take it on. Find the Jaguar here on eBay where bidding has reached $17,000 with the reserve unmet.

The E-Type was supposedly tucked away in an Arizona garage for 32 years before being discovered. Supposedly, it left California for Scottsdale in 1978 and has been there ever since; as far as zip codes go, starting in California and ending up in Arizona is basically a jackpot for finding a vintage sports car in rust-free condition. The Jaguar does appear to be as straight as the seller promises, with a cheesy set of aftermarket mufflers (or possibly just tips) the only obvious deviation from stock. The chrome bumpers still look good and the Jaguar will come with all but one of its hubcaps.

The interior presents well, and better than I was expecting for a car from a sunshine-intense region. While they may be free of rust, many classics from the west coast can have their interiors become totally roasted without trying too hard, with cracked dashes and split leather a common occurrence. In the case of the E-Type, it’s clear the years of indoor storage have been kind to it with no apparent signs of extreme wear and tear. The original steering wheel and shift knob are encouraging signs, and while the later E-Types lost the cool, aircraft-style switches, the dashboard looks very clean with no ugly cut-outs or hack jobs from a previous radio install present.

The seller has poured oil in the cylinders to confirm the engine still rotates by hand, but he stopped sort of trying to start it. The engine and transmission are said to be numbers matching which is another feather in the cap of this forgotten E-type, which remains just as undisturbed under the hood as elsewhere on the car. This E-Type looks like an ideal candidate to bring back to original condition as a highly-original British Racing Green E-Type will always be in demand, especially with a manual transmission.


  1. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This looks familiar. Have we seen this before?

  2. Mikefromthehammer

    I love the looks of the E-Type convertible, but really dislike the rear end look of the coupe. I prefer the manual and the in-line six as well, and BRG is my preferred colour.

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    • Tompdx Member

      I think you have to distinguish between the coupe (FHC, “Most beautiful car ever made” (Enzo)), and the 2+2 (this car). Coupes are absolutely gorgeous, but many dislike the somewhat bulbous look of the 2+2 roofline.

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  3. Brian Goss

    The Jaguars exhaust tips are a factory issue for a v12 car fyi

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    • Tompdx Member

      True, these are the stock exhaust tips for the early V12s. Later examples have 2 tips, not four. I like them both.

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  4. CCFisher

    How do you take a stunningly beautiful car like an E-type and make it homely? Add 2 seats.

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    • Acton Tommy

      I agree, the roofline on the 2+2 version is wonky. I noticed that the eBay does not specify that this car is a 2+2……

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  5. Kurt Member

    Love these cars but the wiring gives me pause. I’m sure someone is making the harnesses anew and can install them, for a price (ahem).

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  6. sg

    I’d love to drive a V12 etype with a manual trans. Drove an auto version and it was very underwhelming.
    The 2+2 body shape isn’t great, but it’s definitely more roomy for us big guys. I held out for an affordable coupe or OTS and finally opted for a 2+2 a few years ago because everything else was out of my price range. If you can find a 4.2 series 1-1/2, they have most of the classic charm and 80% of the aesthetics.

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  7. RichardinMaine

    The Series III 2+2 design just falls short of the mark. But the plus here is the first year V12 was a higher compression at 10.5:1, and this is rarely seen with a manual in the coupes. Parts support for these is deep and there’s a world of enthusiasts willing to supply experience.
    There’s so many E Types repainted in Resale Red I think now it’s a higher percentage of examples than when they were in production.

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  8. Howie

    If it easily rolls now, why not roll it out for better photos? And that is Ferrari red?

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  9. Phil Warner

    “a cheesy set of aftermarket mufflers (or possibly just tips) the only obvious deviation from stock.” ???

    The exhaust is the same as the original exhaust my 74 E convertible. Cheesy is up to the beholder.

    To the fellow who was underwhelmed with an automatic Series III E-type, the intent was not to build a muscle car, but one that got you there in comfort with Grace and adequate Pace, if not the usual Jaguar Space, and looking good in the most beautiful car on the planet (or maybe the second most beautiful next to the D-type). Art for your driveway and “wings” (fenders to us yanks) like hips under silk.

  10. Fiatz79

    It COULD be Signal Red. A Jaguar color. Hard to tell.

  11. fees Member

    Is it possible to make this a convertible, Can’t help myself, love the convertibles for this type of Jaguar

  12. Laurence

    The leather will need to be re-done. If you focus on the interior picture by itself (the bigger version NOT within the written text), you see that the driver’s seat is badly torn. While the warm climates are kind to the bodywork, they dry out the leather if the windows are kept closed. Should the windows therefore be kept open to avoid a greenhouse effect? Then usually the rats will come in and eat the leather! It’s hard to win!

    The earlier cars had SIX piston fighter plane-style toggle switches. The safety rocker switches of the ’68-74 cars were also aircraft-style, but of the jet-fighter variety, and there were TEN. Given that the rocker switch dash also had FIVE gauges as opposed to the FOUR of the Series I and 1.25 cars, I have never quite understood why some people always take the opportunity to knock the latter centre dash. In my opinion they both have their pros and cons…and on balance they tend to come out about equal.

  13. JBD

    Good solid AZ car! It should be checked out in person as CA coast cars can have hidden rust issues. First year V12 with 4 Strombergs carbs is not for the weak mechanically inclined. That is all I’ll say!

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