Rust Free and Runs: 1970 Opel GT

This classic Opel GT is said to be a solid runner that is in barn find condition. Perhaps more interesting is the fleet of cars under cover in the background of the photos, but for now, we have the baby ‘Vette to work with. The seller says the Opel is an original California car and the blue plates on the back indicate it’s been there a while. Bidding opens at $5K and you’ll find here on eBay with no action – yet. 

It appears this GT was a project for someone at a point in its life, given the primer on the rear corners by the taillights. Perhaps there was accident damage, but more likely is the rear quarters behind the back wheels needed rust repair. This is a common spot for rust to bubble up, along with the battery tray and the floor pans near the rockers. You’ll also need to find a new trunk badge, weatherstripping for the back glass, and possibly taillights if not included.

The Opel does run, but check out that overspray! Tons of it, wherever you look. The paint work here is quite sloppy and the light yellow paint in the door jambs in the photo below indicate it’s not the original shade. While the engine may turn over, one of the common failure points underhood is not necessarily the drivetrain but the headlights. The factory wiring tends to get brittle with age and may cause the flip-up headlights not to function properly.

There’s the trace elements of previous paint I spoke about. The seller says the seats will be included with the sale but there looks to be some other replacements needed in the interior – you can see the weatherstripping was removed, revealing the original paint, and it looks pretty tired. The dash is also cracked and who knows how the switchgear still functions. The opening bid is way too strong at the moment – drop it down to $2K and you might see a few bites, or take the covers off of some of the cars in the background!


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  1. Pat A

    My first car was a ’68 Kadett. Man that car was a bugger to start when it was cold. It cost me 3 different jobs because it was so hard to start. I don’t have much nostalgia for it. It got rear ended, totaled and sold to the local Pick-A-Part. Didn’t miss it for a second.

  2. Pa Tina

    Why do I find “Rust-free” very hard to believe?

    • Chasgould

      Actually, these typically rust very high up, on the top seam of the front fenders and high on the rear quarter panels, where road grime and salt get thrown up by the wheels.

  3. dan

    love them,but $5k.lololololol

  4. Chasgould

    Ah yes, the baby Corvette!
    Sadly, these cars get no respect or value.
    $5K should buy a very nice example that does not need paint or mechaicsl work.
    I have seen these offered from $1000 projects to $5000 for very nice and presentable cars that you would be proud to bring to a car show. I have also seen near perfect examples at $8K.
    In my opinion, this is far too much money for one that needs this much work.

  5. Steve R

    Thank you for not suggesting someone turn this into a race car. At this price, the seller will own this car until the end of time, assuming it’s in his name.

    Steve R

    • Bobsmyuncle

      What would be the problem turning this into a race car? Aside from the lack of performance I mean. They aren’t rare or valuable and this one is hardly of survivor quality.

  6. Pat A

    I seem to recall seeing a few of these turned into a dragster, maybe some kind of crazy fuely. Might be the best possible fate for this.

    • Pa Tina

      Done. Jim Oddy. Tonawanda (Buffalo) New York.

  7. David Miraglia

    Needs work.

  8. steve kane

    I have owned 2 and the price for this car is absurd. $1,000 tops. Parts maybe a serious problem. I loved mine, quick for the day and handled extremely well. Chicks loved it :D

  9. Matt

    The flip up headlights are not electric on this car so wiring for the movement is not an issue.They are cable operated.

  10. Robert

    I’ve looked at two over the years. Love the pop up headlight lever. Deal breaker is my 6′ height with my head hitting the roof. Much more headroom in my MGBGT.

  11. JOe

    $5000.00 LOL, Maybe a miss print, more like $500.00, or someone is living in an alter world.

  12. Ian

    …quite a following in Europe-getting hard to find too…..only everseen them in orange or yellow !

  13. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking Opel GT. I had a neighbour who had one when I was a boy. It was a chocolate brown colour (I don’t know what the colour’s real name was, I just called it chocolate brown because that’s what the brown looked like, like chocolate). While I didn’t find the colour very attractive, the car overall looked attractive. I can see this car being restored by patient, and skillful mechanic and body worker, into a daily driver.

  14. Peter

    A true German made sports car marketed by Buick, fun at a budget.

  15. RicK

    Makes me wanna go watch Get Smart on hulu

    • Peter

      You have a good memory . Hard to pick the Opel GT in that clip, at the start of the former TV series ‘Get Smart’.

  16. Jen N.

    This was the first car i ever owned. My father held a special place in his heart for the “baby vette”, even though he hated to hear those words. At one point he owned 6 or 7 along with a few storage sheds of parts. I’ve been searching for one myself but they really must be kidding with that price in the condition pictured.

    • Peter

      Price depends if it is a driver or not. The condition too. They can go for 10K on ebay. This car has no gas tank or tube/cap.

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