Rusty 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

I’ve seen plenty of rusty Dodge Challengers, but they are usually forty+ years older than this one! This is a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that has been modified with an amazing rusty patina look. Found here on with an asking price just shy of $50,000, this car is ready to turn heads. Being sold by Gateway Chevrolet in Avondale, Arizona, the ad doesn’t say if the rusty look has been applied with a wrap or by airbrush. A solid guess would be a wrap. A hand-painted task like this would take dozens upon dozens of hours. Here is a modern pickup that has been wrapped with a similar look. Someone even wrapped a new Charger to look like a modern/vintage General Lee.

Unfortunately, there is no photo of the engine in this beast. There is no mistaking the mean front end though. The SRT (Street & Racing Technology) badge is the only performance call out but the halo headlights and spoiler help the intimidating look. Rated at 707 horsepower, the 6.2-liter engine is supercharged and backed by a 6-speed manual transmission. With just over 13,000 miles on the odometer, the car is barely starting to break in.

The interior is fairly simple. With so much horsepower, the driver had better pay close attention when the car is moving. You can see the large touch-screen control in the center of the dash along with the large shift knob in the center console.

This look certainly isn’t for everyone. What are your thoughts on a modern car with a faux patina? Let us know and drop us a comment.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Just beautiful,,,,what’s wrong with people today? This is sharp looking? I’m agin these retro mockup cars to begin with (can’t think of anything new, so let’s rehash an old car design) and goes to show the mindset of rusty ( looking) cars, mostly because they never had to deal with them. I suppose nice shiny ones are a dime a dozen, so let’s be different. Truth is, if they had to deal with rusty cars, like most of us north of the Mason-Dixon line, you’d NEVER want to imitate that look. This takes your hallowed “P” word a bit too far. I think by the time this fad wears itself out, we’ll be driving hovercars.

    • TriPowerVette

      @Howard A – So… you’re against rust-o mods?

    • Macfly

      I’ve dealt with rusty cars my whole life. This is spectacular. Take off the wrap in a few years and you have an instant repaint!

  2. Scott Tait

    Does it come with a tennus injection lol

  3. AZD

    Let’s hope the driver has the good sense to wear some of those $500 jeans with fake mud on them. It’s the only way to roll in a machine like this.

    • John Forsman

      for $450 you can get jeans with fake mud and oil stains!

      • AZD

        Well sure, but are they pre-ripped? I’m only interested in the finest faux-work apparel.

      • Mike

        How much will my new $10 pair of jeans be worth in a few months with genuine tears, mud and oil stains? Lol!

  4. Jack M.

    Try north of the 49th parallel if you want the real rust.

    • AZD

      I always heard you guys were more rustic.

      Thanks folks, I’ll be on the internet all week!

    • Rick Rothermel

      Go as far north as you want, you’ll never get all that plastic to rust like that.

      This is a wrap, cleverly done/ That can be pulled off and the original paint cleaned and probably saved, but not at $50k!

  5. Dan

    Why?…just why?…..smh…


      Some young athlete (probably baseball) signed his first pro contract.Took some of the bonus money and bought his dream muscle car. His less successful homie from high school just opened a wrap business. Baller boy was customer number 1.Rather than insult dude by having him pull the hideous wrap…he sells.
      That’s why.

  6. J Paul Member

    Always funny to see fake rust on plastic parts (like the bumpers)…kind of a cognitive dissonance there.

    Not really my taste, but it’s certainly a conversation starter. And if it’s a wrap, it can be removed.

    • carbuzzard Member

      But why would you buy something that costs extra and pay to remove it? This is a silly idea from the git go.

  7. lc

    artistry aside…. This is just plain stupid!

  8. RichS

    I didn’t absolutely hate it *until* I noticed the mirror image of the “rust” in two places on the front bumper.

    My OCDness simply cannot unsee that.

    Also, the plastic parts shouldn’t have rust. Fading, ok but cmon!

    • AZD

      Like when Fred Flintstone drove past the same buildings over and over and over. Always bugged me for some reason.

      • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

        Or that Green Beetle Bug in the Bullit car chase.

      • George

        Or the flying hubcaps, again and again on the Charger in Bullit.

    • Bill

      good catch RichS

  9. Gaspumpchas

    I have been fighting rusty cars my whole life. SMH… Like Dan said—Why????

    I usually wish luck to the new owner. In this case you got what you paid for. Plenty of room in the trunk for more kool aid!!!

  10. Boss351

    How does plastic rust? I just don’t get it!

  11. Rock On

    Also, why aren’t the wheels and brake calipers rusty?

    • AZD

      Because it’s a resto-mod with original patina. Obviously.

    • glen

      Cause it’s not real rust! I just hope it’s a wrap,so it can be removed.If it’s painted, it is quality work.

      • Dairyman

        Quality work? You mean “quality rust” (I bet it’s the first time ever that those 2 words have ever been linked together).

      • glen

        Hi Dairyman
        If that look is created by paint, then it is quality work, just nothing I want.

  12. Skippy

    Looks like something that would come out of one of those fake car restoration TV shows. Makes a complete mockery of the original “patina” look that is popular on “honest” older cars, as well as the retro car design fad in general. Nothing cool at all about it. In fact, the only advantage I can see is that nobody will ever notice any parkng lot dings.

  13. JimmyJ

    Its just a wrap peel it off!

    • R S

      Decals have a residue left which is labor intense to remove.

      • Johnny

        I found oil–if its let to sit for a good while. Is the easiest way,but takes times and plenty of rags and rubbing.

  14. angryjonny

    This reminds me of when Fender made Stevie Ray Vaughn SRV model strats, complete with duplicated “distressed” markings a la Stevie’s beat up ’57. Barf. If you want a guitar to look like that, then play your ass off. If you want a car to look like this, move to Minnesota for a couple winters.

    • scottyz

      Texas would do that to a car as the sun would bake the paint off. In Minnesota, the lower third of the car would be missing, but the upper would look great. I personally like the patina look, but only if it is real and earned through time as it tells a story.

  15. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

    No faux mold/stains/moss on the interior? FAIL!

  16. Sam61

    What a waste of money…most modern MOPAR/FCA vehicles show rust in 3 to 5 years on their own.

    • Chad hill

      AH, no they don’t and I live in the heart of winter. In Iowa, and I’ve had my 2015 Ram Ecodiesel since Aug. 2015 and not a bit a rust yet. Not sure where your from but if you’ve never lived where you see snow for at least 4 months and salt too, you shouldn’t be running your mouth bout what you don’t know!

  17. John M

    This is the most stupid idea I think anyone could come up with.

  18. sir mike

    Just wrong on so many levels….

  19. Lance Nord

    Someone (incorrectly) believed that wrapping this in “rusty patina” would make this car a sleeper. You can’t fix stupid.

  20. Chuck J Barsuglia

    I actually find it quite humorous, and except for the wheels/tires, it makes a great looking sleeper (think Azn’s “Dung Beetle”)! And, since it’s just a wrap, it can easily be undone. Love it!

  21. Mr. TKD

    This car inspired quite a bit of conversation on Jalopnik the other day. This isn’t anything I’d want to do, but it is easily removed by the next owner. To each his/her own.

  22. Corey Wadley

    Growing up in my neighborhood in eastern San Diego County in the mid-70’s, most of the older cars and hot rods were rusty and/or rattle-canned in primer. It was because we were poor, and that’s all people could afford. I swore when I got out of there that I would never drive something that looks like that, and I never did. Purposely doing that to your vehicle just says to me that you have never experienced what it is to do without, and are insensitive to those that struggle.

    • Darrun

      This is the best reply of all. I too drove rusty cars, and sometimes still do, but only till I can work it into the shop.

      • carbuzzard Member

        Rusty doesn’t count unless it has real perforation. Man, been there and done that for real with a hand-me-down that I drove in high school. The only thing good it did was prove that girls weren’t going out with me because of my car. What am I saying? Girls weren’t going out with me. Maybe it was because of my car.

        Why would anyone want to replicate /that/?

    • Paul

      I completely agree Corey. If I had a nickel for every rusted out old bomb I drove growing up in Wisconsin with floorboards that looked like the Fred Flinstone special, and trunks that you couldn’t put anything in as it would fly out on the pavement going around a corner, I’d be wealthy now! I am glad I have a sense of humor about it all. But I do agree it seems like a rude statement to make a fake look like this. I have an idea for those spoiled rich brats who want to “experience our poverty”. Take a hacksaw and cut holes in the floor and the bottoms of the doors, and the bottoms of the rear fenders. Then take it and drive it up north through slush, snow and ice. Feel how cold and wet they get while that crap sprays on their legs while hoping the heater doesn’t give out. Maybe a puncture through the heater core so they can smell that sweet burned smell as it drips on and discolors the faux tattered carpet. Maybe then they will understand why it’s not cool to fake it and pretend to “get” the less fortunate.

      • carbuzzard Member

        I’m not so much worried about insulting the poor, although I’m sure they look on this as someone having more money than they know what to do with. And I’m not really “hating on” the people who decided to do this. I just think it’s being silly.

        But yeah, the rusted-through floorboards are a nice touch. And go with strategically perforated exhaust, too, not enough for a rumble but more the ffffffft sound. Maybe pour some oil into the gas tank for that exotic blue haze. Be sure to keep the heater fan running so that it pushes out the CO that would otherwise come into the cabin.

        Is there a wrap that makes the upholstery look worn?

    • Macfly

      Aw, so this car is a micro-aggression? Haha!!!!

  23. Michael

    Ok. Let’s take a $60,000 + car and do everything we can to make it look like crap.

    Who’s in?

    • RichS

      I wouldn’t mind taking a Hellcat and detrimming it to make it look as much as possible like a V6 rental car version. That I could endorse.

  24. DENNIS

    Looks horrible, looks like it was in a fire.

    • TriPowerVette

      @DENNIS – That’s exactly what I thought at first!

  25. Farhvergnugen

    (i kinda like this. it’s the Apocalyptic Apotheosis of the SUV waiting for the zombies to rise. THIS is what the zombies will bring to the gun fight…)

    • Capt Jim

      I’m in the minority as well. Reminds of a Cape Horn I saw at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show. It had a wrap that made it look like it was an old rusted garbage scow. Kind of neat looking, different. And fiberglass doesn’t rust anymore than rubber/plastic bumpers. In this day and age of every car looking the same, it’s different and I kind of like it.

  26. Mike B

    Hey man, it all started w/ the woodgrain decals.

  27. Scott

    Maybe this is someone’s idea of a sleeper?? Like the cops will think it’s just a POS and ignore it??? Just trying to help the seller.

  28. Mark Soderberg

    With patience, a new mopar will look like this in no time, that is their ability to rust at as fast as the car performs! Could have saved time and money. To each their own……

  29. Jake

    Id be curious if all the panels are the same color under the wrap. A lot of guys around here wrap their vehicles after a wreck when they have pieced a couple colors together and couldn’t afford the proper paint work

  30. Jeepster

    If it’s a real Hellcat, it’s the ultimate Sleeper version of it…
    Love it!!!!

  31. J Miller

    Barn Find??! really? You guys are seriously slipping. The only thing impressive or interesting about this is…… nothing.

  32. Ikey Heyman

    I was wondering how long it would take to get the “why is this in Barns Finds?” comment.

    • Mr. TKD

      Because the internet lives for people to have a place to complain.

  33. Don H

    The reason the guy had it painted that way is for attention, And he’s getting it here 🤔

  34. JC

    I predict NO ONE will buy this car… 50k for something that looks like its been sitting in a field for 30yrs. What the freak!

  35. curt k.

    MOPAR…Mostly Old Paint And Rust. What a waste.


    If someone pays 50k or close, that’s the day 2 fools met…One for ruining the look of a beautiful car and the other dumb enough to think this is sharp.

  37. Dairyman

    At least you can’t tell when your car is really rusting.

  38. Charles Gould

    I like the look, and I think that it was done incredibly well!
    It is not supposed to fool anybody that this thing actually rusted this bad this quickly, or that the plastic parts also rusted.
    Rather, it is simply the owner’s choice for an interesting non-original paint scheme, not unlike the flip flop paint, pearlescent colors, or other non original colors.
    You guys are all just too uptight. This is a work of art, and was done with incredible artistic ability.
    It is just one of so many ways to distnguish this owner’s car from all of the other identical ones, and most of you would apprecaite a more conventional (yet custom) paint job. You just don’t like this owner’s choice of “custom”.
    As I said in the beginning. I like and admire what he has done here.

    • MSG Bob

      I agree. This reminds me of a Camaro (new generation) I saw in a PX parking lot. It was kind of the inverse of this thing in that it was painted CHROME! Don’t know how he did it or how long it would last, but it was indeed eye-catching.

      • Neal

        I have seen chromed cars too and wondered about the paint. Got close to a parked gold chromed Corvette recently to discover that is was a WRAP. Looked like a giant Hot Wheels car. Cool, but not my style.
        Kinda like this.

    • LAB3

      It took some talent to pull off this look, even if it was done sitting behind a computer screen. There’s been no shortage of custom paint fads that have come and gone over the years and this one is probably no different. Kudos to the owner for doing someone different!

  39. DW

    This is the worst idea I have ever seen here on BF. The price that these jokers are asking for this is also ridiculous.

  40. Danny Martin

    Don’t these wraps cost like $3-6k or something like that? Hard to imagine how that adds any value whatsoever for the next buyer… if I were interested in the car, I’d have to insist on the dealer ripping it off and throwing it in the nearest dumpster, otherwise I’d be too damn embarrassed to drive the car off the lot!

    I agree with some of the other posters; plenty of us have been there/done that when it comes to daily-driving rustbuckets out of necessity, and when I see a rusty car I feel empathy for the owner. It’s obviously meant in good fun, but the idea of (probably) some trust-fund fratboy making an exotic car resemble something a poor person would drive isn’t exactly in the best taste. It would be mildly amusing if someone had actually gone through the trouble to make it realistic, but this doesn’t even look like rust, it looks like they wrapped the car in a mildewy, moldy old swimming pool liner. Yuck.

    • Miguel

      Now seriously, how can anybody buy a car like this without ripping of whatever wrap it has?

      A buyer has to see the body panels and the paintwork to know he is not getting a damaged bondo filled piece of crap.

      It is hard to understand what is in a sellers head when they offer something like this.

  41. irocrobb

    I was at a car dealer the other day and they had a 2016 Challenger that was black and many places on the body the clearcoat was off. I am talking 5 and 6 inch sections. The top of the fenders were the worst area but even back by the rear window.

  42. Peter S.R. Member

    I love it.

    ‘just needs a yellow caution-tape SuperBee style stripe around the hind quarters.

    Dodge “HazardousWasp”

    • Peter S.R. Member

      “Sometimes you have to do things the average person doesn’t understand. Those are the only good things”.
      If you know who to attribute this quote to, you understand…

  43. Jim22

    Just because it’s never been done, doesn’t mean it’s cool.

  44. Michael Groves

    What an ugly POS.

  45. Davis

    My wife wouldn’t let me have the Furious Fuchsia, or the Plum Crazy, so maybe…………………

  46. S. Ryan

    Just Plain Great. Have some funny in Life. Who ever said Laughter doesn’t hurt never saw this. Bravo to who ever came up with This!

  47. CanuckCarGuy

    Although I don’t support the look on a newer car, I do support the effort to be different. We’ve reached the point with car design that owners go to this length to stand out, and that’s a sorry state of affairs.

    • dweezilaz

      It’s because this doesn’t reflect organic individuality. Trying to be different really says “you aren’t” different. It comes from nowhere.

      A true individual is different because he doesn’t do things to bring a reaction from other people. A true individual doesn’t give a rip and follows his own instincts.

      Big difference between “Look at me” and making yourself happy and hang what everyone else thinks.

      And obviously that was the point for the original owner as it’s already been traded in for something new.

      A poseur. Like the wealthy: real wealth isn’t advertised. Neither is individuality. It’s not something someone can buy.

  48. Superdessucke

    A lot of bashing but look on the bright side – this is probably what a 1976 Dodge Aspen driven in the Midwest would have looked like by 1979, so I guess it’s true to at least one part of Mopar history.

  49. JMB#7

    I don’t get that link of the “modern pick-up” with the rust wrap on it? Just about every brand of modern pick-up starts to look like that in about 15 years. I’m serious… here in the greater Cincinnati area, it is hard to find any brand of pick-up from 1995 to 2007 without holes in the rockers and fender arches.

  50. John

    Dealers site has the engine compartment pics…

    Looks like this car was white. I’m assuming that this is a wrap on the car.

    • Macfly

      That’s not the same car or dealership.

  51. Larry McGaw

    The automotive equivalent of breast implants.

  52. Tempo Ray

    Felt the need to comment. I love the fact that this rubs people the wrong way. It speaks loudly to how limited minds work. Instead of appreciating the technique used and involved to create this result, high-order criticism abounds to ease ones own insecurities. Awesome sinister look! “Keep on innovating not duplicating”…

  53. 433jeff

    I like driving a car with dual quads and a supercharger, no radio necessary. I like the attention the car gets, sometimes you dont want all thr attention. Sometimes i like driving the wagon and being invisible to john law, not that im illegal in any way, i just prefer to go past go and collect 200$. With that much hp and a six speed, this is something special, but i think any cop would pull this over quickly cuz there is nothing that looks like it. In 68 a charger was distinctly different than a 68 GTO, i dont have the money or really look as much at the new cars, sure some stick out, but a lot of cars arent distinctly different, a lot of belly buttons out there, thats whats hot poop about old cars. Sure i would love a new car , as long as someone else pays

  54. Brian Scott

    Sometimes it can be challenging to identify, objectively, when a trend has reached its zenith. The operative word there is “sometimes.” But subjectively speaking, you just know. For example, when Fonzie jumped the shark, it was over. Is this cool? Back in the day a lot of cars looked like this, and it screamed to the world that our jobs at the restaurant did not pay sufficiently. Was it me, I’d rip this wrap. Pronto.

  55. John

    So sad to see what lengths some people will go to attract attention to themselves… even if it’s negative…

  56. Maynard Reed Jr

    To bad someone to a sweet hellcat and made it look like that.

  57. Boneyard Member

    Absolutely love it!
    And love the reactions it is getting.
    Rock on with your wrap!

  58. ctmphrs

    Well I’m sure the owner accomplished what he wanted. He made a bunch of stuck in the mud old farts scream fowl. If that many people hate this look, it must be cool.

    • TriPowerVette

      @ctmphrs – Perfect!

  59. Little Cars

    I hate to be a hater. But what a lame-o listing when you read what’s on the Car Gurus site. Just a reprint of the reviews and factory info from when the car was new plus option list from the window sticker. Lazy. Only a dealer with too much inventory on hand would not mention the wrap, wheel upgrades or (gulp) wrap on the engine itself. Prior comments about the difficulty of removing wraps without further detailing to bring it back to stock…spot on. Ask me how I know!

  60. Neal

    How about a Bird Crap wrap?
    Like crazy-bombed super-splattered all over? That would be cool. And more believable than rusted plastic bumpers.
    But hey, to each his own.
    Not where I’d put $50k, but someone might like it.

    • TriPowerVette

      @Neal – Strange request, but I’ll try:

      “You got dat be-atch uvva whip, yo
      Costs a lotta dough so,
      Shines too much, though
      Gonna wrap it up, bro
      Check dose birds, mo
      Make it look like bird stool, fool!
      Yeah, dats it…
      Bird S**T!”

      Sung to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concherto #5 in E Minor… on a theme from Paganini.

      How’s that?

      • HARDBALL

        I didn’t NO U had Gangsta in U Bro….

      • Neal


        How’s dat?!?

        All I can say is WOW.
        Where’d you summon that from.

        I’ve never seen rapping on Barn Finds before. Thought it was kinda a different crowd.

        But I totally get what you’re layin’ down.

        And pullin’ out the Rachmaninov stop, you’re bustin’ rhymes don’t never flop.

        This is getting surreal…

        Btw- you should check out a movie called PattyCake$. Highly recommend for this vibe.

      • TriPowerVette

        @Kneel – thanks for the movie review. Ebert gives it 3 stars. That, and your recommendation mean that it is on my list.

  61. Nick G

    Maybe he was trying to hide it from the IRS, or the divorce lawyer, or just maybe it’s the return of Wonder Warthog?

    • TriPowerVette

      @Nick G – Delbert? Delbert Desanex? Is that you?

  62. T C

    I like it and I’m gonna tell you why. I can park this next to my 17 year old Ford truck with the clear coat peeling due to So Fla sun and looks like I did it on purpose. If you wanna look skinny, stand next to a heavy person.

  63. John C Cargill

    First. I hate “patina” but faking an aged rusted look? And on such a nice car.

  64. bartorama

    This car reminds me of the guy who regularly shaves his head but is upset when he starts to lose his hair…

  65. Gaspumpchas

    LMAO Bart- I really don’t get this shaving the head deal. I know some bald guys to would give anything to have had a full head of Hair. Sorry off topic. I feel better now….

  66. Mike

    My personal opinion, it Looks like crap but if it’s your cup of tea. Just a shame they did it to this car,

  67. Edward Skakie


    I call dibs on all the greater Cincinnati area undercoating franchises!

  68. FRL2

    The owner was just trying to replicate the look of a real 1970 Challenger 3 years down the road.

  69. Flip

    I’m too old to drive something that looks like that! And I’m a Challanger fan. Need to maintain some dignity.

  70. rmward194 Member

    You would think for $50k and the way it looks the dealer could write a personalized description for the car. I have no problem with the car. Some may like it, but it’s just not my taste.

    The only issue I have is the dealer seems really lazy to not write a fitting description of the car.

  71. Marty Wilke Marty Member

    I probably wouldn’t do it if it were mine, but I love it. Edgy and different.

    I’m more than a little heartbroken that so many people seem to have such cynical opinions about this car being an insult to poor, or however they worded it. I see the polar opposite. It’s a celebration of how far we’ve come. A tribute to not being poor anymore.

    Also don’t forget the original purpose of vinyl wrap in the first place. If the fauxtina look ever goes out of style, this guy can unwrap his car to reveal paint that still looks like new because it’s been protected from the sun and weather all this time.

    I wouldn’t do it to mine, but it’s a good idea.

  72. Moose_feather

    I’m glad the thumbs down was taken away from the comments sections, but every once in a while….

    You mean the creativity and balls to go this route can’t be appreciated!

  73. Kevin Clarke

    There is nothing like a beautiful paint job on any car. No matter what car it is. I just don’t understand why someone would pay for something that appears out of a monster movie.

  74. Rob

    Just love it the way it is! Who cares! Nuthin’ is real!!

  75. JimmyinTEXAS

    I won’t say I hate it. Maybe a different canvas. Maybe a resto-mod to complete the sleeper vibe.

  76. Twisted Nipple

    It’s a Hellcat right ? It looks like it’s been to hell and back. Isn’t that the whole idea … it’s meant to get people who’s brains are stuck in neutral to cringe. Job well done. HEY ! GET OFF MY LAWN more

    • carbuzzard Member

      I’ll betcha up close, certainly by five feet, it’s going to look as phony as McDonald’s fare is to real food.

  77. Pete

    So a Walking Dead tribute Hellcat huh? not enough blood and guts on the wrap to suit me.

  78. Rick Cypher

    I love it…Hellcat Sleeper? Yes!…Different Looking? Absolutely!.. Under the hood? Nice!…Interior? Impressive!…The rusted and hard driven look? Yeah!…I’m definitely a fan of this look! Getr’ Done…Got it Done!!! Nice, impressive and interesting looking set of wheels!!!

  79. Kinmont Willie

    Why did he do it? Because he could. If that car were in a Mad Max movie, everyone on this site would be lovin’ it. The owner is obviously a person who gets a kick out of any response he can get from the public good or bad. He could give a rats ass about what about what most people think. Personally, I would rather be seen driving this than a Plymouth Superbird. This beast is an amusing bad ass. It would be fun to drive, is reasonably priced. It would blow the feathers of any Superbird costing 4 times as much, which is also an amusing looking car and one which I would expect to see Cousin Eddie Griswold driving if he traded in his mobile home.

  80. jimmy the orphan

    This is so stupid. Pay to make it look worthless? Then it is worthless. 50K ? a joke. Later ……JIMMY

  81. Terry Bowman

    My son just did the same to his 2019 392 challenger. I guess some people like to be different. It is a conversation piece.

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