Rusty But Worthy: 1963 BMW 3200

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Among BMW’s most collectible models, the classic E9 coupe gets more than its fair share of enthusiast attention. The earlier BMW 3200 seen here was produced in far lower numbers (less than 600) and shares more than a few features with the iconic (and outrageously valuable) BMW 507, so give this piece of BMW history a look here on craigslist where this rare but rusty example is listed for $35,200. 

While this edition really did mark the launch of the famed CS line of coupes, it was quite different in a number of ways from the classic E9. First there was the V8 engine, which was a remnant of BMW’s time spent building high-end saloons for executive transport. The company would move into four- and six-cylinder cars for the next several decades, really up until just recently when the turbocharged four-cylinders began appearing.

The seller says only 50 of these coupe bodies exist today, a number that wouldn’t shock me (but still needs to be verified.) The interior looks shockingly presentable, with a gorgeous red leather cabin that deserves to be completely reupholstered. The instrument binnacle on these 3200s is downright ornate, with a manual gear selector that falls readily to hand.

There’s plenty of ugliness here, with the rear panel nearing the point of requiring total replacement. Fortunately, under the hood looks near completely intact, with no signs of half-started projects involving an engine tear-down. Sourcing NLA parts will likely be something the next owner must address, and the price here (believe it or not) reflects those missing components and the amount of bodywork that will likely be needed.

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  1. Mountainwoodie

    I’m trying to work out my own Hofmeister kink !

    Tis a rare car indeed and the fact that this seller isn’t spending the money to restore it speaks volumes. Speaking of the super lovely 507…back in 1985 in Phoenix-ish I attended the only B-J auction I ever went to….just out of curiosity. A beautiful 507 came up for sale. it went for 50K and I was just astounded. :) Of course they’re probably north of 400K today so it shows just how bad at I am at predicting values in the future. Too late.

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  2. Eric Z

    If you want one, pay 70000$ and buy this running example and fix what needs to be adressed

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  3. Edwin MacVaugh

    I am along the lines of Eric Z’s thoughts. This is an expensive parts car. For the asking price, you can get this running, complete example. Unless the one in the Las Vegas Arts District has a ton of new old stock chrome bits hidden in boxes, it isn’t worth the ask.

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  4. Blyndgesser

    This reminds me a lot of the Alfa Romeo 2600. Compare the lines and proportions.

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  5. Mark

    Looks like a corvair from first shot

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  6. Pat Gill

    body by Bertone, Italy, same engine as a 507 similar running gear, quite ugly in the flesh, I have a copy of the BMW parts book if anyone buys this, also may still have the center chrome for the bonnet, very few parts available, I did think about making a replica 507 using the frame and running gear from my 3200cs but I have a history of starting but not finishing those sort of projects so I sold it back to Germany, got £1200.00 for it, and I delivered it from London UK to Koln,

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  7. Wrong Way

    What? No one wants to put a LS in it? I am amazed! LOL

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    • moosie Craig M Bryda

      A motor is the least of this puppies problems

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  8. Phil l.

    I had the,same thought mark and eonder how much tbis cars design may have i fluenced the GM design team working on the 65 Corvair redesign.

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  9. Dale P

    Check your math, Eric Z….
    that runner @39,900 Euros = about $45k at today’s exchange rate

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  10. scottymac

    “The company would move into {ONE AND TWO AND} four- and six-cylinder cars for the next several decades, really up until just recently when the turbocharged four-cylinders began appearing.” Don’t forget the Isetta, 600, and 700 that kept the company afloat until the neue klasse could launch.

    Really though, Chevy van wheels?

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