Rusty Hot Rod: 1935 International Truck

International Hot Rod

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I really appreciate all the work that goes into building a proper hot rod. It’s an art form really and a chance to experience one’s style. Personally, I like the old period built hot rods best, there is just something about the look of an aged hot rod that you can’t replicate. I don’t know when this 1935 International truck was built into a hot rod, but it looks like an older creation to me. It looks like someone has done some recent work an updates, but I think it really works well! The fact that it’s based on a truck that you don’t normally seen in hot rod form makes it that much more interesting. Find this International here on eBay in Hobbs, New Mexico.

1935 International Interior

Whether this hot rod was built back in the day or just recently, it definitely has a sweet look to it. There are a few things I would change, but we all have our own taste. The beauty of a hot rod is that you can build it however you like, so the options are endless. What is important is the body has the right look and is solid. I see a couple rust spots that worry me, but you might be able to fix them without loosing too much of the look. I’d change the shifter to something shorter, get rid of the ammunition box and put some wood down in the truck bed. What things would you do to this truck? Would you leave it as is or change the whole look?

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  1. MountainMan

    Nice build, not to “ratty” and must be lots of fun.

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  2. grant

    Same cheap pedestal seats we’ve got in the boat.

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  3. Rob

    They call them ‘Rat-Rods’, being built by the Rock-a-Billy crowd these days, so I’m guessing it’s probably a newer build. I’ll stay with the older original style HotRod, thank-you very much..

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  4. Joe

    Interesting. Would pick another style wheel/hubcap. Something a bit more rat. Is that a bottle opener on the upper passenger side firewall?

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  5. JW454

    Joe that is a bottle opener. I’ve seen that on this type of car before. I’m thinking this look is starting become cookie cutter. Rusty body, small block chevy, auto transmission, ugly as sin, same, same, same.

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  6. grenade

    Not all rat rods are created equal- Sure, mine will be ugly but I’m building a Hemi Durango chassis 4×4 with a 1953 international rat rod truck on top of it. Nothing the same about that! I had stuff laying around, so I’m doing it. The small block Chevy, straight axle lowered rusty thing? Yeah..snoozeville. I’m no Rock-a-billy guy either, I’m a Detroit Metal head. 2004 Generation AWD 4×4 running gear on a 1953 angry rat truck? YEP.

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  7. Jim

    Not a fan of rat rods but I see all the wasted space between the firewall and radiator and my first thought is maybe a Hudson Hornet straight 6 with twin carbs or a big straight 8 detailed nicely. The truck isn’t for performance it’s to look cool, why not go all the way. I have no problem with Chevy engines but I get turned off seeing them in EVERYTHING, what happened to real hot rods? Id have to raise the cab back up, my spine and 6’6″ height wouldn’t let me get in and ride comfortably.

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  8. George

    Although there are some old school looks to it, I would bet that it is a modern rat rod. The stance, height, “patina,” and roughness, of the chop point to that.

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  9. Kevin

    The Rat Rod genre is all about personality and the individual builders own choices. i find these way more interesting than your average run of the mill “deuce coupes” that have homogenized every Good Guys car show into a sea of PPG paint and Flaming River chrome. All the Boomers that want to own “Milners Coupe”. Rats are the anti Hot-Rod, hot-rod. i just try and take a step back and appreciate these for what they are.

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    • Metalted

      Rite on Kevin! I have one similar to this. With 500 caddy in it. And it is more fun than any of my restored classics, by far.
      I hand made every mechanical part on mine. And have driven it for years, and never a problem.
      What is so cool about rat rods. Is its not about who has the most money in there car.
      These are hand built from what ever parts you can find. NOT just ordering!!!

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  10. Jim

    That’s what hot rodding is, using what’s available and making it work. Not cookie cutter cars from the Summit or Speedway catalog, I have no issues with those companies and they make things easier at times but it makes things boring. I love those big caddy engines.

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  11. Jim

    Metaled, any chance of a picture?

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    • Metalted

      I will try, Jim .
      Need to load one on my tablet.

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