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Rusty Type 2: 1967 VW Single Cab

Rusty Type 2

It must be exciting to pull a potentially collectible vehicle out of long-term barn storage. More exciting must be getting it out in one piece and not having the rusty bits cause the whole thing to collapse in on itself! Listed here on craigslist in Albany, this 1967 VW Single Cab truck is in need of rescuing. Is it too late though?

In The Woods

From the photos, it’s difficult to discern whether it was pulled from the barn or the woods. Either way, time and exposure have not been kind to the sheetmetal. Just how bad it is will require an in-person viewing, but the seller does admit it will need everything. These old T1 trucks with their split-screen windshields are desirable, so my guess is it will find a new owner as it’s not a pile of fragments – yet.

Rust Stained Dash

While the interior looks fairly complete, you can’t see if there’s any rust in the floors. There’s no daylight poking through, but the rust stains on the dash are never a good sign. In other photos, you can see the seats will need complete replacement as well. It’s encouraging to see the glass hasn’t been smashed out, so perhaps that’s one less thing to replace.

Ready To Rescue

No matter how much you love these T1/Type 2’s, this will be a labor of love to restore. The body is covered in rust, with the lower portions of all panels suffering from rot-through. The original air-cooled boxer engine is long gone and no mention is made of the transmission. The seller wants $3,500 bones for the privilege of bringing this one back to life. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Larry D. for the find!


  1. randy

    I don’t see any ponds nearby, or I’d think they pulled it out of the swamp.
    I think it’ll sell quite easily though, for more than we’d figure. I sure hate that I missed the “bug” bus many years ago.

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  2. Chris washburn

    Lot earlier that 67 this has small directional lights lthink 63 and newer have larger ones I have a 57 it has small ones

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    • John b

      Yes- my 1960 has the small ones as well. By 1967 the turn signals were the larger round ones. Also, i believe the tool box doors were standard on both sides of the vehicle by 1960 and tjis has those. My guess is anywhere from 60-63?….

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  3. Peter R. Member

    Shouldda left it in the barn…

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  4. Leon

    Moonshine jug ? On the floor. Lol

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  5. Jason Houston

    The previous owner was Robert Ballard, of Titanic fame. The first time he went down for the Titanic, he brought this up mistake.

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  6. Mark S

    That truck has been there the whole time look at the wheels in the first to pictures sunk in the dirt.

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  7. Adam Wright

    So tempting, it’s in my town, but I need another project like a need a 3rd leg, sounds like a lot of fun, until you need to walk.

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  8. Boo

    Pre 1963 for sure. The air intake grilles were in a totally different place after then. (as well as the different lights etc)

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