Rusty With Spares: 1960 MGA


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Barn Finds reader JW writes: This listing has a lot of pictures. Same seller has a 60 Rambler and a 49 Chevy. I called about the Rambler and he told me they were his dad’s and now they need to go. They are in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Thanks for your work on the site. The MGA is also a 1960, and while there’s no price on the ad here on craigslist, the seller does suggest making an offer.


Don’t worry about the gaping hole; the grille, bumpers and trim components are also included in the auction, as is a second body. Based on the rust on this one, I hope the other one is in better shape; the only parts shown of it are the fenders. The hood, trunk lid and doors on MGA’s are aluminum, so they haven’t rusted, but a lot of the rest of the car is covered in it.


The seller is also including what they think is a Corvette hardtop that has been modified to fit the MGA. I’m not sure of that one, but I don’t remember even an aftermarket top for an MGA that had so small of a rear window. Readers, can you help with this one?


The rockers are pretty rough. One good thing about MGA’s is that the majority of the floor is marine plywood, so it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to replace as long as the underlying metal structure is good.


This is as close as we get to a picture of the inside. I don’t think the prospects are that good for the floor. On the other hand, although we don’t get to see them, there are three non-working engines included, more than one grille, a clear title and two soft tops.


Here are some of the spare parts. I am left wondering if this isn’t worth more as parts than as a build attempt, but you may feel differently. Let us know!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Joe Nose

    Fold along the dotted line and discard in an appropriate container.

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  2. JW454

    I like the steering wheel. As for the rest of it… Fold along the dotted line and discard in an appropriate container.

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  3. Roger Owen

    It never ceases to amaze me how lovely classic cars can be left to become so derelict. There’s an old restorers saying – there’s no such thing as too rusty, but this MGA’s going to be a challenge for sure. No separate chassis on these cars (as far as I can recall), So, if the ‘Tin Worm’ has got to the underside………..OUCH!

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  4. ahdriver

    It does a separate frame, probably in worse shape than the top side…These cars are appreciating in value to the point that if it is a “Give me” or close to it, it may be worth it. It would have to be a labor of love! It will take years, 99% of the parts are available. Or, do what I did…Road Course Car! It would cost less that a restore!

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  5. Roger Owen

    Ahdriver, I see (Googled it), Interesting bulkhead section. Not as beefy a chassis as a TR, but looks easy enough to repair – as long as it’s not too far gone. Good idea about getting it up and running as a racer rather than trying to replicate it’s showroom look. There was a TR4 in a similar state that recently sold for not much more than $200!

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  6. Van

    Race car yes, mother nature has already done the weight reduction part.
    Can you pass tech inspection with a body full of smallish holes?

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  7. Roger Owen

    Haha Van, take all the remaining paint off too. I raced TR2’s back in the late 60’s and the bodies were pretty shot even then. However – scrutineering was probably a lot less severe in those days! I remember there being an outcry when oil catch tanks were stipulated!

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