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S-22 V8 Garage Find! 1963 Mercury Comet

The seller of this 1963 Mercury Comet S-22 asks, “How long since you’ve seen one?”. Well, I still haven’t seen one, his included, because it is so shrouded in garage “junque” that I can’t really make it out. Not exactly an unknown, Barn Finds has featured an S-22 or two before – about 17K were produced in ’63 with 5,800 being hardtops. This modest-sized Mercury is located in Walhalla, South Carolina and is available, here on craigslist for $6,200. Thanks to T.J. for this tip!

The S-22 was a “sporty” optional Comet package offered from ’60 through ’64. It seems that most were six-cylinder powered but starting in 1963, a 164 gross HP 260 CI V8 was made available and that’s how this example is equipped. We are told that it, “has not run in years” – no word if the engine spins free – is suppose you would have to be able to get close enough to the car to it to figure that out. Gear shifting is handled automatically and actuated by a column-mounted shift lever.

Originally, the S-22 package was only available on a two-door sedan, but by ’63 two-door hardtops and convertibles were added to the mix. So, what exactly did the S-22 get a prospective buyer? Bucket seats, a center console, S-22 trim and badging, full-wheel covers, and triple taillights surrounded by a rear aluminum grille valance. Unfortunately, other than the seats and console, the rest of the unique S-22 components are not visible. The seller advises, “has some rust in lower rear quarters. Have not been able to check floors and trunk well yet; body straight, all chrome and trim there“. This Comet is also riding on Magnum 500 wheels but you’ll have to take the owner’s word on that item.

As for the interior, the seats look as if they were originally well upholstered, this is a Mercury after all, but the driver’s side backrest is decomposing and what’s visible, which isn’t a lot, is filthy. I’ll never understand why people store cars with the windows in the down position. The same thing happens often with convertibles and the result is an even bigger mess. One thing noted is the center console, I bet one of those could bring a pretty penny today.

If this were a more traditional S-22 (i.e. a six-cylinder version) I’d say fuggedaboutit. But being a first-year V8-powered example, and a two-door hardtop to boot, makes this Comet a bit more enticing. Regardless, how about that price? $6,200? I don’t know, I’m not feelin’ it, how about you?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Have to agree with Jim, still really can’t see the car. Put lights up, didn’t move any of the junk out of the way. Doesn’t look as where it’s stored is too weather tight. The interior is in deplorable condition, the dirt, oh my.

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  2. nlpnt

    Not a fan of the 2-door hardtop in this case. It looks like the roof was made for a much smaller car. The post sedans are much better proportioned.

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    • OldsMan

      I completely agree- the 64 Merc Comet 2 dr HT had the same problem- top looked too small… C pillar too close to “midship”… and like you said, the 2 dr post looked much better …kind of sad …Because other than that, I think the 64 (and maybe the 63) were a couple of the better looking compacts of the day

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  3. Mike

    Does the junk come with? First time I’ve seen that kind of lighting set-up where it’s in the picture. Look, I know you want to sell and it’s a pain in the a$$ to move it, but getting top dollar requires effort. I sold a car on CL two months ago and we went out of our way to present it properly. It sold at the higher end value-wise for its condition and in 3 days.

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  4. Gary Bloss

    GEE, why don’t Used Car Dealers prep and present their cars like this ? THEY WOULDN’T SELL ANY !

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  5. Don H

    Could have at least rolled up the windows years ago 🙄

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  6. Bob

    1st car I ever bought but it was a convertible And the 3 speed on the floor with pockets I wouldn’t pay this much for it unless it was a convertible

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  7. JEV

    $6,200.00? It will 10k to clean up his hoarders garage and rat nest of a jalopy just to get it on a hauler. Where do these folks get their estimates from? I bid $50

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    • Rico

      Kevin, you’re still around $550 too high. He would have to pay $500 just to clear a path to get it out.

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  8. Bob C.

    All I have to say is YUK!

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  9. Al camino

    The car matches the owner

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  10. Karen Bryan

    Bet you’d have to dig this heap out of the nest of trash yourself if you were so foolish as to fork over any amount of money. And for a Comet? Please.

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    • Rico

      I’m wondering if you have to bring your own shovel for all the 💩 surrounding this heap

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  11. Dr Ron

    The 1963 Falcon was a good looking car.
    That said, the exterior design of its Comet corporate brother of the same year is probably why the owner buried this car, not wanting to ever see it from the windows down again.
    And yes… it’s in a pretty disgusting environment and I have to wonder what kind of individual keeps their belongings in this way.
    BTW… the seller needs to remove a zero from $6200

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  12. Rico

    I’ve been told that I want too much money for my stuff. I was selling a 91 Mercedes 500SL with a documented 77084 miles, both tops new brakes, just serviced, new wheels and tires, perfect interior and I was asking $12,500. I had a number of low ballers offer me in and around $4000.
    Insults went back and forth and I finally decided to keep the car, never to offer it for sale again and of anybody asks if it’s for sale I say no!
    All that being said, somebody offered $6200 for this?
    It’s surrounded by garbage because that’s right where it belongs; with the garbage.

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  13. Bunky

    One more time. S series Mercurys (S22 Comet, S33 Meteor, and full size Mercury S55) we’re introduced for ‘62 model year. Same year Comet was first badged as a Mercury. V8 two door hardtop Comets were mid year offerings. This is actually a “63 1/2”. They mimic the style of the fastback, or “fast top” full size Mercurys. Beautifully styled cars. Those who judge cars by the dust or junk stacked on them are doomed to pay the inflated prices of flippers and vintage/classic car dealers. Great find.

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  14. Bunky

    I apologize. Comet S22 models were first available for the 1961 model year- not ‘62, as I previously stated. 😔

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  15. Carbob Member

    My first car but mine was a four speed black with a red interior. I had a lot of good cruising in that car. Don’t rag on it because it’s been trashed. Another unrealistic seller. Too bad. I’d be interested otherwise.

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  16. Tom

    There is no way I could offer any of my cars with this kind of presentation and expect to sell it at any price. Might be a $5000 car if properly presented!

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  17. gaspumpchas

    cant see the body and or underbelly, SMH. I’d love to own a 63 comet and install 289 and a 4 speed. Good luck. I dont understand why the guy even bothered to list it, even CL.

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    • Robert West

      I’ve lost count of how many situations like this I have seen in my life. The owner parks the “project” in the garage, then proceeds to place any and all activities in front of restoring the car. Then they want to sell it after its sat there in the same spot for 10-20 years and rust has taken a good hold on it.

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  18. John Traylor

    Looks like his local trash dump. Who knows what is living under all the garbage.

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  19. Big C

    My take on this car, is the owner is old and can’t remove the junk. Or deceased. Therefore, a daughter, granddaughter, or a very lazy son, is trying to move the car, and won’t take the time to remove the junk.

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  20. chrlsful

    nother one saying “Come take this off my hands (or dont), No, U can’t see it. Just give me the money’n get outta here. .”

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