S-Code 390 / 4-speed 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

This car is a real-deal S-code 390 Ford Mustang Fastback from 1967. With the original drive train missing, the car is a blank slate and can be done however the new owner sees fit. A factory restoration could be an option or a wild drag racer. How about an Eleanor clone? It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of almost $11,000. Located in Ozark, Missouri, there isn’t a ton of information in the ad, however, the car does come with a Marti Report. Check out more of this car and let us know what you would do with it.

As you can see, there are some pretty significant rust issues, however, the seller says that the frame rails are solid. Other notes include the fact that the quarter panels, front floor pans, and driver’s front apron will all need to be addressed as well. The trim pieces are inside the car, which means the car was probably a stalled project. It’s not too hard to tear apart a car, but restoring it and re-assembling it comes the hard part.

Originally this car was red on red and probably looked pretty striking when new. According to the Marti Report, the car came with disc brakes, deluxe interior w/ tach and was one of only a few thousand with these combinations. Unfortunately, the photo of the report in the ad isn’t easy to read, but hopefully, the seller can provide a clearer copy if this is a big deal for the new owner. Overall, this is a pretty big project but a great opportunity for someone. So, after reading about this car, how would you finish it?


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  1. Classic Steel

    I know i know rare mustang 😉

    Next rare mustang missing-all drive train rxcept axle.

    So what were saying glue copies to window and say non original mustang needs all new fllors, rails, torque boxes is a rare bird 🦅 .
    Pass ..
    I have built a 67 convertible and welded it back and its much much work or just write large checks to farm out.

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  2. Classic Steel

    I know i know rare mustang 😉

    Next .. repeat and say rare mustang missing-all drive train rxcept axle.

    So what were saying glue marti copies to window and say non original mustang needs all new fllors, rails, torque boxes is a rare bird 🦅 .
    Pass ..
    I have built a 67 convertible and welded it back and its much much work or just write large checks to farm out.

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  3. Jack Hammer

    Not a car. Just a partial body. Passss.

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  4. Tom Member

    Must say I do love the “period look” with the big deep dish Crager SS wheels in the back with the jacked up oversize tires with the smaller skinnier ones up front. Cool. I love original restored cars BUT I don’t mind popular period mods….often make the car cooler in my opinion.

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  5. Chris in Pineville

    not economically viable.
    upside down from day one.

    parts car OR a project for a metal worker who wants to show off and/or enjoy the process, regardless of money lost.

    “easy car to build” – that’s questionable.
    $11K is kind of a pricey VIN tag…..

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  6. bobk

    Rode hard and put away wet…..on a regular basis. And then, stripped for what was useable. Pass.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Tom Shackles and way too fat tires on the back. Can you say wheel hop?? I dunno lots of work here. As Classic steel said, much much work and you really need to know what you are getting into. Between the metal work and scrounging up the parts that are missing?? Up to 12 large already?? SMH but someone seems to think its worth that much, if its a real bid. Good luck to the new owner. Not for the faint of heart.

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  8. Dave

    Halfway to being a Hot Wheels Custom Mustang tribute car.

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  9. Paul

    Please not another Eleanor clone…there is enough of them out there….. let’s clone into what it was originally!

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  10. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    About the best I would here is to trade the seller a pristine box of Pet Rocks for this..not the really good ones though.

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  11. Mike

    I’ve had lots of Mustangs, and each started better than this and was purchased for much less. In my mind this POS is a thousand dollar gem, nothing more. I’m really starting to loose interest in the old beauties. To bad non-car people screwed up a hobby that was built by people like me, and I’m sure many of you. Even though it pisses me off to see these ridiculous prices, and see any dream of owning one fly out the window, I can’t help but watch this circus and realize those old times of finding a nice project that a father and child can work on together is gone. I know, I know,,, GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

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    • DVSCapri

      Agreed! While I would love the prospect of a project like this for me & my boys, the entry fee is way to steep! I have a few close friends that have done these years before & pretty cheaply as well!!(1 of them has a 68 ‘vert that when he bought it you couldn’t open the doors it was so weakened by the tinworm! Afterwards, he claimed to only have about 6K into the car & it looks & drives perfect).
      Now, back to the boys – I already have the first project, which will take us a while… 1985 Mercury Capri RS (think Mustang GT only better looking imo). I snapped the crank about 12 yrs ago & it’s been sitting ever since – I’ve accumulated some parts & sold/trade some others & we’re going to get started in the spring!! Admission was cheap at the time (still can be if you know what to look for with these) & in the end, it’ll be less work than this Mustang – plus you won’t see yourself coming & going everywhere. The only downside is having to explain to people that it’s not a body kit on a Mustang!! ( my license plates were;
      (NT STANG)

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      • Gaspumpchas

        Hey DVS doesn’t that use the tried and true pinto 23oo cc ohc 4? Good luck with your project!

      • DVSCapri

        GPC, no it had the 302 (5.0) H.O. 4bbl (stick) – if you bought an auto it had the C.F.I. fuel injection.
        I do have a friend that has one of the 2.3 turbo cars, his motor is FAR from stock though! If I recall he was in the high nines in the 1/4 last summer, but lost the motor at the end of the summer (5 seasons on this one).

  12. Buckskin

    I have an engine for it, from a 64 Thunderbird. Obviously not numbers matching, but I’m willing to add to the craziness.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      The heads are specific for the engine bay of a Cougar or Mustang and pretty sure the motor mounts changed on the FE’s about this time 1966 ?

  13. b-rad jeepster

    too much money for a VIN plate

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  14. Troy s

    I don’t care what it looked like brand new really, more interested in what it looked and ran like before it was left to rot. I’m basically looking at the remains of a former street terror.

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