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S-Code 390 Roller! 1967 Ford Mustang

After “sitting for decades,” this 1967 Ford Mustang in Lebanon, Pennsylvania comes to market here on eBay. Hope springs eternal, and despite missing its original engine block, a rear suspension separated from the body by rust, and massive structural and cosmetic rot, the once-fabulous S-code 390 car has attracted at least 11 bidders to the tune of $10,300. That is truly impressive and somewhat frightening.

What looks like original Ivy Gold vinyl peeks out from beneath a black dye job. Finding a car in this shape with its factory console is certainly rare. A Marti report in the listing confirms the Lime Gold paint, Ivy Gold interior, console, electric clock, and AM radio. Before the days when AM stations were mostly talking and farm reports, you might save $7 or so by passing on that new-fangled FM technology.

Other than potential, there’s not much good here. The door askew of the body, the tubs of Bondo slathered into the left rear quarter, and the sunken rear suspension all suggest many heart-breaking discoveries for the buyer of this “as-is” SportsRoof Mustang. On the plus side, those torque-thrust wheels look great.

Patches of lichen may have been lured into the engine compartment by the similar hue of the Lime Gold paint. I’m no expert but I thought 390 cars normally have reinforced lower shock towers, not evident here. I have given an abandoned rusty Mustang life after a long hiatus in a field, and generally consider myself an optimist, but this one needs a ton of work. One good point, though:  this relic comes with a clean title!

This once-sweet ‘Stang would be broken in two if it weren’t for the roof! All the parts you need to repair this Ford are available, and this one even comes with what might be the original heads and intake, but you can also buy an entirely new 1967 Mustang fastback body for less than $19,000, saving countless hours of labor compared to fixing this one. Would you cast a five-digit bid on this forlorn Ford?


  1. Avatar photo David Mika Member

    Good Lord.

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    • Avatar photo Timothy Phaff

      Good Lord 2X, I will not get sucked into saying what should be said. Good luck to the new owner.

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  2. Avatar photo flmikey

    Two things I got from this story that I found very funny….one was Todd’s comment “That is truly impressive and somewhat frightening”…and the other is that it is now up to $10,800.00 and the reserve is NOT MET!!!! Steve Miller said it best and the seller should listen, “take the money and run….”

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  3. Avatar photo Derek

    Rusty shagger with no motor and full of puggy fetches 10k. Hmm…

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  4. Avatar photo Poncho

    36 bids, $10,300 and reserve not met?
    Nope. Not this guy.
    The new body might be the best way to go, but that avenue requires everything else…and I mean everything down to the last clip, bracket, nut and bolt. Ambitious, and yet, not a cheap project. Upside down before getting started.

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  5. Avatar photo Desert Rat

    One look at this and I want to take up a new hobby…

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  6. Avatar photo Rick

    thankfully there are projects in the west that don’t need this level of rust repair…good luck to the new owner…

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  7. Avatar photo Eric B

    I wonder if buyers just want the roof and some other bits to convert a coupe. But, if that’s all they’re after, the price is insane.

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  8. Avatar photo piston poney

    the other day my dad said 1st gen mustang fast backs are just as expensive as mopar and this defiantly proves him right,

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  9. Avatar photo Tony Tabacchi

    Reinforced shock towers didn’t start until the cobra jet in mid 68. They still
    weren’t found on the 68 S code cars.

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  10. Avatar photo gaspumpchas

    its up to 13 large for this POS. What are they thinking? Good luck and stay safe.

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  11. Avatar photo Troy s

    That’s a lot of money for a decent set of American mags, and maybe a few assorted farts.
    Hey, this is getting funny anymore to me, it’s not my money, it’s not my wrecked Mustang, so by all means….go ahead and buy the remains of a once decent ride.

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  12. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

    At the prices I’ve seen lately for rusty old hulks, I’m getting richer by the moment realizing my ‘53 Vicky is solid and almost 95% rust free. (California Car.)

    We got it up on the lift and discovered it had been fully under coated. Frame is solid.

    The phlathead was welded shut from non use☹️

    A “Crust Bucket” for five figures is unconscionable….IMHO.

    Hope whomever buys it has gold ingots buried in his or her backyard.

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  13. Avatar photo Steve RM

    I thought only Mopars in this condition brought this kind of money. In fact this is high even for a Mopar. I know you can buy everything for this car, and that would seem to be necessary. Are the title, a radiator tag, and a mismatched door tag really worth $13,600?

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  14. Avatar photo HC Member

    Nope and nope. I bought a 66 Fastback knowing it would need at least one rear quarter replaced wound up doing both of them along with both the outer wheel wells and both rear rails and portions of rocker panels. Had the help of an experienced welder and body guy and he did a great job so I was lucky. But it was major surgery and wont go thru it ever again.

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