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Sad Rag: 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible


The GTX was restyled for 1968, from a boxy style to a more rounded look. They are desirable cars and can bring $50,000 or more. This convertible is listed on eBay  in Chatsworth, California. The original 440 engine was replaced with a 383. The fender tag is gone, but the VIN number shows this to be a true GTX.  It’s been sitting for years and does not run. With 3 days left, it’s been bid up to $15,000. This car will need a lot of rust repair and restoration, likely costing more than the car is worth.


The seller says it has minimal rust and the bottom looks solid. So perhaps that’s not a hole rusted in the floor, but just where the carpet is worn through, all the way through and out the bottom.


The dash is complete and unmolested if dusty and in need of a new dash pad.


The seats look to be in decent shape. They might even be usable as they are with a lot of cleaning. It’s hard to tell the dust from the fading. It’s too bad about the hole cut in the rear panel and the cracked console.


Here’s the unoriginal 383 that doesn’t run. Hopefully, when it was installed they didn’t do too much damage. Would you reinstall a 440?


Here’s some of the rust it doesn’t have much of. With all the rust over the wheel arches it’s likely there is much more rust hidden in the quarter panels. One can only imagine how much damage rust has done to the frame and suspension. Do you think bidding will go over $15,000? Nice examples of these GTX convertibles go for about $50,000. Do you think there is any way possible this could be restored for $35,000? It seems to me one could purchase a restored convertible with an original 375 horsepower 400 for less than the cost of restoring this GTX. Perhaps a flipper will purchase it, do bondo filled repairs and flip it. Do you see any potential in this car?


  1. Brigham!

    Doesn’t VIN mean Vehicle Idenfication Number? Or is VIN number the correct way to say it?

    • Glen

      I’m thinking, no, it’s not the correct way to say it. It does seem to happen quite a bit though.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Yes, and PIN is “Personal Identification Number”, ATM is “Automated Teller Machine”, yet people often speak of entering their PIN number at the ATM machine.

      English is a difficult language to speak, I guess, even for the people who have spoken it for the entirety of their lives.

      • cudaman

        We won’t have to worry about English any more after November 11th….

  2. Rick

    What a neat car that must have been when it was brand new. And just think if it had come with a 4-speed. I mean it still totally hauled ass with an automatic, but it would have been a whole bunch more fun to row it through the gears

  3. erikj

    cool car lots of work for anyone interested. love hot mopars.

  4. Philip

    Your looking at 10K$ plus to do just the body work and paint. Mopar sheet metal is expensive as are most shops I’d trust to install it. If you can do all your own work the cost may be 1/3 of that. That car will have a lot of rust repair inside and out. The original 440 is missing and it is an automatic and missing the option plate. The drop top offsets the loss for being an automatic, but the missing original numbers matching mill and non-running 383 takes a big hit on the competed value.

    If you want a fun car with a shade of authenticity and can do your own work, it is a perfect project. I would not approach this car as investment quality, and it’s likely even if you do all your own work except paint, you’ll spend 15-20K$ or more before it is done. Add that to the purchase price and you’ll be over 35K$. If your a shade tree guy, you’d be far better off buying a non numbers matching driver, since going this rate will almost certainly cost less if someone else is taking the loss.

    If your buying for an investment look elsewhere, this inst the one.

  5. Danger Dan

    Hard to find a gtx rag! thanks barn finds
    They are still out there

  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yes DD….they didn’t build many….yes it has it’s issues – but commonness is not one of them…’s been somewhere besides Cali – most likely why the seller is moving it on….it was a service man’s car at some point – can any one make out the front left bumper sticker for the military base it was registered at last ?

    • Steve B

      Cant’ read the base sticker, although the year tag next to it appears to be 89. Interior looks in good shape for a droptop. I hate it when the panels are cut for speakers, all too common unfortunately.

      • Jim

        I installed my share of 6×9 speakers as a youngster but I don’t regret it, those panels can be had used, repro or repaired. At the time it was normal, factory radios sounded like crap and you needed a nice stereo when you were parking with your girl!

  7. Rocko

    Thiz orig. car will always b worth whatcha put into it !
    Specially if ya put in a megaHEMI with a Tremec + Dana60

  8. Angrymike

    If it was the 90’s I’d jump on this, a rag top GTX ? Everyday of the week ! But I’m sentimental about 68-69 GTX’S and Road Runner’s having grown up in the back seat of one…… 👍
    I have a low mileage 06 Mustang GT convertible now, and I love the top down feeling at the “legal” speed limit ! 😉

    • Angrymike

      Just to add, I’ll bet there’s another 68 “GTX” with a fender tag that belongs to this car, I hope whoever buys said car knows a bit about vin numbers…….

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