Saddle Sore Survivor: 1976 Pinto Wagon

Whether you love them or hate them, the Ford Pinto is a cost effective classic that can be a fun machine like this 56,000 mile example. Clean inside and out, this little wagon has a factory V6 with air conditioning for $6,976. Take a look here on craigslist out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Thanks to Pat L. for the small wagon submission!

The engine compartment isn’t all that exciting as the engine is dwarfed by a large air cleaner and an air conditioning pump. The factory a/c is a sweet feature as is the V6, offering a little more grunt that the standard iron 4 cylinder engine. Equipped with an automatic, this is an easy cruiser for someone who isn’t interested in shifting gears. Although this car is considered original down to the “numbers matching” drive-train, the front grill is certainly a custom piece that was likely fabricated due to the original being damaged at some point in time.

Nearly new in appearance, the interior shows very nicely in the images. The carpet is still plush with no fuzz balls or mating, and the seats are excellent. Aftermarket floor mats have been fitted, as well as a carpeted dash pad that could be hiding some sun damage or cracking on the dash. The back seat and rear cargo space is equally as nice as the front seat area, making this an excellent condition interior overall.

White isn’t the most exciting color, but in this case it is due to its shine and overall condition. There appears to be no rust on this Pinto, and there looks to be a few minor dings, and a couple of scratches down the driver side quarter panel. Detail work would go a long way on the paint scratches, and finding an original grill would also do wonders for this Pinto. Would you jump on this Pinto wagon survivor?


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  1. Classic Steel

    Not bad and in good shape! I like the full size Stang but find this one cute!

  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    Very nice. For a while, I thought I’d like to have one today as my DD, but even the lowly classic Pinto is out of my reach now. I suppose it’s worth it. Can’t be many like this left. At least it’s not $10g’s,,,yet.

  3. Joe

    I’m amazed at cars prices today. I bet that $6,976 was the purchase prize in 1976. For insurance companies, your car depreciates so you’ll never get what you paid for. But keep a car for XX years and you get your buy price again, if not even more. Amazing!

    • SAM61

      $3,865 msrp…4 banger wagon was $3,365 msrp. Might be some fun for $4,500 today.

    • grant

      Pretty sure they sold for under 4k at the time.

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  4. Danno

    One of these, with a modern aluminum V8 & 6spd auto, would really press a lot of the right buttons for me. The dog-dishes, and lack of faux wood on the outside, really works as well. This would make a fine Boler-puller.

    • glen

      I was just looking at the park we’ll be camping at, before I read your comment about the Boler. I think I’m going to have a cold one!

  5. ccrvtt

    I like these cars and this is a nice one. I prefer the full wheel covers & whitewalls to brighten up the wheelwells. Agree about the grill but this isn’t a horrible fix. All I’d need is a removable roof rack to accommodate the occasional 4×8 sheets of plywood & oversize lumber and I could drive this instead of my minivan.

    Seems pricey but where are you going to find one in better shape?

  6. JW

    I like it and I don’t mind the grill change as it’s a Pinto so who cares. Myself I wouldn’t give over $2500 for it because you can get a more modern cheap car on gas for his asking price.

  7. Ben T. Spanner

    As I recall these had 5 digit speedometers. We would buy them from Purolater Courier company with high miles but excellent mechanical condition. Some had rebuilt engines, transmissions or rearends. All had good tires and brakes.

    We would replace the drivers seat which was always worn out, and put fake wood down the flanks. If we could find a complete set of cloth seats we would update. All came with full wheel covers. The used car lots couldn’t get enough of them.

    The occasional cheap white Torino wagon was a harder to sell.

    There is a 1978 Bobcat Wagon on the Ft Myers FL Craigslist. 4 cyl, stick, AC. No pictures

  8. kuzspike

    That FORD script on the home made grille almost looks like it’s off a Raptor.

  9. Jack M.

    If I recall correctly, it was BarnFinds reader Joe Haska that wrote in an earlier post how cheap the average reader was. This is a running and driving, rust free 42 year old car, that you want to buy for $2,500.00. If it was your car that you maintained for 42 years, would you sell it for $2,500.00? It is irrelevant if the seller purchased it new for $4,000.00. If he put that $4,000.00 in his savings account 42 years ago he probably would have over $20,000.00 today.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Most of us ( me included) are just “tire kickers” anyway, Jack. While we are borderline cheap, personally, I wouldn’t spend this on a Pinto wagon. To most of us, it’s just not $7,000 dollars worth of car. It never was. I’d buy a TR-6 before this.

      • ccrvtt

        I would too, Rube.

        And spend $5,500 more for a TR in similar condition.

  10. Rock On

    Yeah, I would like to know where this city is that you can find all of these $2,500.00 turn key cars.

    • Bowen

      They’re out there. Three years ago I bought a $2500 20k original mile four door rust free ’69 dart in Connecticut. I thought it was a bargain (it was) but the seller said they originally had it up for $4500 and slowly lowered the price over a year until I showed up.

  11. Tom Justice

    At the end of their run, these got to be pretty good cars. The wagons were never part of the napalm problem as their gas tanks were not in the same location as the hatchbacks. Might be a pretty nice little car to drive to the home store; I wonder if Hagerty will insure it as a classic, if so it would cost almost nothing.

  12. Jubjub

    Illinois Nazi Spec?

  13. PatrickM

    I had a ’75, V6, FoMoCo 2 bbl. It looked huge on that 2.8L, (171 cu. in.) But it ran well. Wish I still had it.

  14. victor sanchez

    Not sure if Rock On really wanted to know where Rio Rancho is but, it is a suburb of Albuquerque. I’ve lived in Rio Rancho for about 15 years quite a bunch of old timers like myself and a lot of old cars. I have a 1969 Z/28 my neighbor up the street has are you ready a 55,56.57,58,59 and, 1960 chevrolets ANNNYYWAY not a bad looking car

  15. Joe Howell

    I love it. I got a white 72 wagon just like this for free in 1980. It had a little rust showing so the Chevy dealer gave my dad the same price on a new truck with or without trading the Pinto. Dad gave it to me and I gave my gas guzzler truck a rest. I ran it for another 10-12 years before I parked it with 163,000 miles and still running but structurally gone. On this one get some early bumpers, correct grill and nice set of wheels and tires and enjoy. Now to price, if it was a Country Squire “Woodie” maybe 7 grand as this Plain Jane lacks eye appeal which translates to $$$$. I still love it though and would be all over it at a show right after checking out the Corvairs :)

  16. Rock On

    @Victor Sanchez- were you planning to let that 1969 Z28 go for $2,500.00. Post some pictures. I will fly out from Toronto and come take a look!

  17. Henry Drake

    Dat grille

    Like we don’t know this is a Ford…..

  18. Paul

    I always chime in on these pinto’s…because I believe that they all should go to the crusher with the Mustang ll’s under them!
    Okay go ahead now all you Pinto and Mustang ll fans let me have it…..Tell me how great and dependable they were. The people at Ford knew that these were 50000 mile desposable cars when they were built. So at 56000 miles times up!!

    Although I will say this one looks good because most of them were rusty by the time that they got to the end of the Ford assembly line. The ones that weren’t rusty just wouldn’t start or the steering wheels would come off.

    Just having fun with the diehard Pinto crowd (both of you)….don’t take me too seriously

    • Clint

      Pretty rich coming from (what I believe is) a GM guy. You must have Pinto mixed up with Vega. Vega created the term “Dealer Lot Rot”. :)

      That 2.0L & then 2.3L Lima 4 bangers are iconic for their toughness. Even today, most tracks that run mini stocks are dominated by Pintos and Mustang II. That C-3 tranny wasn’t as tough, but most made it past the 100K marker.

      Paul, don’t get riled up at me…just having a little Ford vs GM fun.

  19. Paul

    I will say that Ford was ahead of the curve with the Pinto……first car ever to be totally biodegradable within 4 years time driving in the rust belt states. And they only ran for 3 of the 4 years (that’s if you put a lot of extra money in them to keep them running)!

  20. W9BAG

    No carpet mating. I’m glad to hear that. If the carpet was mating, next thing you know, there would be carpeting on the windshield. Let’s try matting, shall we ?
    A solid $4K car. Very nice. I’ve had 2 wagons, and they were both very dependable, and curiously fun to drive.

    Like 1
    • glen

      A baby carpet, isn’t that a rug? I received a hand-me-down pinto with the 6cyl engine, that was a fun little thing.

  21. Melvin Burwell

    Way too over priced. Pinto custom cruiser wagons go for a lot less. My first car was a 74 pinto coupe.

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