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Safari Wagon: 1969 Citroen DS

If you value the utility of a wagon, but feel that Volvos are too mainstream, then this may the perfect vehicle for you. This 1969 Citroen DS wagon exudes eccentric French charm while still being functional. It has been in storage for many years so it is going to need work. The seller is asking $3,500 and mentions a very interesting parts car for $500. They are both located in Pipestone, Minnesota and are listed for sale here on Craigslist.

These cars may not be for everyone, but there is no denying that they were innovative and very unique. While other cars used hydraulics for the brakes, Citroen decided to use fluid in just about every system. The suspension benefited the most though. It was able to self level and provided a very smooth ride. The only downside was that it takes more work to get an old car like this back on the road.

The condition of the hydraulic system may be the deal breaker here, along with the rust… The seller does mention that there is a little, but does not elaborate. The photos do show a solid looking body, but inspect it well because the asking price is not far from the cost of a running example.

Things look fairly clean inside. We can make out a hole in the passenger seat and we are sure there are other issues that need addressed, but that one spoke steering wheel should make it all worthwhile to the right person. Get a load of the brake pedal. We weren’t kidding when we said Citroen was innovative with the hydraulics.

The seller mentions a 1972 Citroen DS Sedan parts car, but we didn’t take much notice because it suffered an engine fire. Then we looked at the photos and spotted some stickers on the doors and trunk.

Looks like this cruiser may have participated in some sort of Pan American rally? We couldn’t dig up anything online, but maybe someone here will recognize the event. Either way, this looks like a great duo for someone wanting something out of the ordinary.


  1. J. Pickett

    Cool cars but if you have the knowledge or a great mechanic and some money. Very different, among the best riding cars in the world.

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  2. cliff

    Shame its not in New Zealand, i have had 4 safaris in the sixties and seventies and i dont believe there is another car that can match safaris over very long journeys only stopping for fuel. They may not be as quick of the mark but will cruise indefinately at over85 miles per hour in absolute comfort Best wishes to the purchaser. Do some research and see what a gem they were. Hydraulics are easy to sort but beware of rust particularly around the rear suspension and floors and the longditudinal box sections.long journeys

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  3. scot c

    ~ with jack-stands w/ two-bys holding it up for photos what is the guess for hydraulic suspension repair?

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  4. paul

    Fantastic, now all I need is Fort Knox, then I will be set. All kidding aside, these were very nice particularly the DS, but you better know what your doing here.

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  5. Greg

    Possibly the Carerra Panamerica in Mexico? I forget which years that the race was run, though.

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  6. Greg K.

    I’m guessing that underdash FM/tape unit (Pioneer?) is a good indicator of how long it’s been since the wagon was roadworthy. Intriguing parts car.

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  7. ian

    Would love both these cars, the safari’s are very rare now but dont yet command a premium like the soft tops do. I would say the Carerra Panamerica, a mexican Mille Miglia road race in the 60’s. The body panels bolt onto a central tub so looks can be decieving!

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    • Barn Finds

      We thought the Carrera at first too, but the mention of Cuba on the back threw me off.

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    • Tim VS

      It can’t be a race in the 60’s, the sedan model is from the 70’s , you can see this because of the doorhandels.

      They are just great I drive a ’74 sedan daily (in belgium).

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  8. Grant

    You would be surprised at how tough these old CITROENS are. We found one in storage that had been standing for about 15 years, and got it running in a day, and the hydraulics functioned as intended even after such a long time. The car belonged to the French ambassador in the then ZAIRE, and was driven down to South Africa where it was used for a while before being put into storage. This car even featured the semi- automatic transmission system together with the usual other hydraulics. We drove the car extensively all over South Africa for some years before regretfully parting with it. The hydraulics can and are a nightmare to rectify should anything go wrong, but with patience and care, everything can be repaired.

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  9. FRED


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  10. Gavin

    I lived in Pipestone a year or so ago and I was always interested in the green one, didn’t know the white one was hidden in the garage. I knocked a few times to ask about it but no one ever came to the door. I wish they had! I had money to burn. If you have been to this town it’s a very odd place to find these cars… wish

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