Salad With Your Caddy?


Like salads? Like 1959 Cadillacs? Then there’s a deal for you here on eBay where this 1959 Cadillac DeVille has been converted into a salad bar! It’s located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where the buy-it-now is $12,500 but offers are welcomed. The pink paint on the car actually looks pretty nice, although it looks like the bumpers were painted rather than paying for rechroming, and the “Shake It Up!” neon is working. I’m pretty sure most Barn Finds readers would prefer to see cars put back on the road rather than converted like this, but I’ve seen some neat furniture, trailers, and even wall hangings made from relatively intact vehicles. I have a matched set of four useless (broken) Triumph Spitfire engine blocks that will become table supports in our next house myself. What are your thoughts on automobiles or parts being repurposed? And I’d like ranch dressing with that salad, please!


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  1. Mark E

    Pretty sparse ad – does not tell what, if anything, is left of the original car AND doesn’t give any details about the salad bar, like if it’s refrigerated, for instance. Since this WAS a two door hardtop, I doubt if it will ever see the road again. RIP old leviathan…

    • JW

      A truck stop near where I used to live had a VW Thing as a salad bar & buffet. One side was heated for the buffet and the other side was refrigerated for the salad bar. With health Dept. regulations it would almost have to be refrigerated to comply.

      • Mr. Ed Member

        My truck. Local barbeque place turned a VW into a smoker. Want a side of ribs with that?

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  2. Charles

    Maybe the car was well worn out, and the owner felt that it was not practical to restore it.
    Hopefully it will find a new home in a 50’s style restaurant. I always liked 59 Caddy’s and hate to think that one was cut up to make a prop, but to each their own.

  3. Dolphin Member

    “Very nice condition”
    Yes, nice condition.

    I can sure believe that.

    “Over $18,000 invested”
    How much !!???

    “Owner retiring and relocating”
    I would too—as far away from this thing as possible.

  4. kenzo

    I will assume the bumpers at powder coated white or off white to match the other decorations and interior and way cheaper and in actuality better looking than all that chrome. 12,500 I don’t think so. It is a casino or restaurant decoration as it stands as it probably has nothing else than what you see. Make a nice lawn planter for the Caddie collector.

  5. George

    Forget about a salad bar. Make it an adult car bed!

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    • TRP

      I love the idea, but I’m not sure many people have a room large enough to house a ’59 caddy. How would you get it IN the house!!

  6. Thomas K

    Funny, I’ve lived in Eau Claire for more than 10 years and have never seen (in a restaurant or elsewhere) or heard of this beast.

  7. cory

    Mixed feelings here. Obviously it wasn’t crushed, so that is good. Hopefully it gets people excited about older cars and into the hobby. Or perhaps sparks good memories for someone. On the flipside, it is one less that can be restored. But is spending eternity having ranch dressing smeared on it any worse than being locked up in a museum or private collection? Technically, this one is being used. Which is something we all push for, and it is in the public eye. Also good. So, tough call. Not sure how to feel

    • TRP

      As I was looking at it, all i could think about was how good the sheet metal looked. How much value is there in the resale of those parts to get others back on the road?

  8. Chebby

    If you spent $18,000 creating that, I can see how you went out of business….

  9. gunningbar

    Converted to run on vegetable oil.

  10. Ed will be taking your order today

    I couldn’t resist after your Spitfire engine block table support remarks.

    • MSG Bob

      Ordinarily, I like puns, but this — OWWWW!

  11. Charles

    I like the bed idea

    • MSG Bob

      You are invited to read Jean Shepard’s “The Ferrari in the Bedroom”. Funny man, and a fellow Hoosier. The Caddie would definitely enclose a king-size bed!

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