Salvage Yard Sightings In Massachusetts

From Scott M – I was at the junkyard today and thought I would pass along these photographs to others. I asked for one price and they said for instance the Maroon Chevy Chevelle was $800. Basically they are selling these as parts vehicles without a hey title. There’s a company in Vermont that you can get a title though. Whether you go that route or buy something just for parts, call the yard and ask them for what you see there in the photos. If somebody needs me to go over there and take a look at something I will be happy to do that it’s only 15 minutes away from where I live. 

Our thanks to Scott for sending over these photos and for the offer to go take a look for people. If you see something you’d like him to go check out and report back, just leave a comment below with what you’d to have him report back on. So do you see anything you’d like to have?

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  1. Craig Cabral

    Where is the junkyard ?

    • mars2878

      Goldie’s in Walpole, Ma

  2. Bill the Engineer

    How much is left of that ’67 Pontiac convertible?

    • Anthony R in RI

      look carefully in the first picture you can see the open hood of the 67 Pontiac beyond the Bronco looks like the Pontiac was hit hard in the rear, the whole back end seems bent down hard.. probably why its in the yard too bad 67’s are a nice looking convertible….

  3. Richard gurdo

    1963 Dodge Custom 880.

  4. healeydays

    So that’s where the Bldg 19 trailers went. I miss that place…

    • normadesmond

      That’s just what I thought when I saw those trailers!

  5. 79PontiacGuy

    Did you see any 78-80 Pontiac’s ?

  6. Todd Zuercher

    This must be the same yard that Jeff wrote up awhile back because I see that Bronco again…..

    • Spridget
      • John T

        Thank You for the reference to the January 2017 posting and to MikeB for identifying the specific location of this particular boneyard. Walpole is south of Boston heading towards Cape Cod but I will work my way over there at some point in the unknown future.

  7. Doug

    Maroon Chevy chevelle?
    Not seeing it!!!

  8. John T

    Hey, Beam me up Scotty! I am just North of Boston and know there are boneyards in Lynn along with a couple really good ones in Billerica, next town over from Lowell. If it is not too much trouble, Please share with us the particular location of this rather interesting emporium. Thank You and Happy USA Independence Day to Y’All.

  9. Arvind Raman

    Thats a sad a Wagoneer. :(

  10. Daniel

    Looking for some trim parts for 1966 Plymouth Valiant 220 4 door. Where in Vermont, I’m in Charlotte.

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Cool….thanks for posting this place…..

  12. JC

    I see a rusted yellow Chevelle but no maroon Chevelle. I’ll take the ’67/’68 conv Mustang.

  13. MikeB

    Goldie’s rt 1A Walpole, MA

  14. Alan Brase

    I wonder how much is left of the Volvo PV544? Missing fender hood windshiled and trunk lid. If not very rusty might be worth putting together. And What is the burgundy coupe in front of the Volvo? Sure has neat brake drums. Looks Italian.

    • stumptowngeo

      If your referring to the one butted up to the ‘vette remains, it looks like the back half of an early Z maybe? It’s curious how the lift gate got turned into an accordion? Wow, if cars could talk…

    • ChrisS.

      That thing in front of the Volvo should be a Datsun 240. The Alfa that it resembles has an odd shaped rear side window.


    do they have any 1969 mustangs, an
    “s” gt coupe would make me very happy. thank-you for looking.
    i used to own one.

  16. Howard A Member

    These are just parts cars. You’d have to be off your nut if you think any of these could, or would be put back on the road. At least they’re not “stacked” on one another. My 1st car was a Volvo 444, and I had a parts car 544 that same color. Too far gone, just parts here.

  17. Robert Gallagher

    Scott M thanks for the post. I need the phone number . I am interested in the green Lincoln Mark V (that’s the big green two door in your pics).

    • John T

      When I went on Google and entered Goldies Walpole, MA I was able to obtain the following information:

      Goldies Used Auto Parts
      1801 Main Street
      Walpole, MA 02081

      Hope that helps, and Perhaps Scott M could tell us the web site!

  18. Larry

    In first pic there a blue late 40 Plymouth 2 door, that worth checking out? Or too far gone?

  19. Greg Mason

    Anybody know where I can find a trunk lid for my wife,s 65 chevelle. Nobody makes an aftermarket one. Thanks.

  20. duaney

    Please tip us off as to the name of the Vermont company that can get titles. Thanks, Duane

    • Fcjoe

      Save your money; you don’t need to pay a company to obtain a title/registration.
      Go to Vermont’s DMV website ( and look at the FAQs section.
      Under “Registrations” the question is asked whether you have to be a resident of Vermont to register a vehicle there. The reply is, “no”. Nor do you have to have an address in Vermont for the registration. If the vehicle is 15 years old or older you do not need a title for registration, only a bill of sale. If it is 9 years or or older a VIN verification is not required.
      If all of this sounds too good to be true I understand. I thought the same thing when I learned of this. But, if you read the website’s info/ directions you will see
      everything I have stated is true. Anecdotal evidence is my successful registration of a 2005 Yamaha 250 motocross bike I had made street legal with lights, etc so I could ride trails in the Florida state parks. Unfortunately, FL DMV
      would not register it even though it had all the required street legal equipment down to the horn! So I completed the Vermont paperwork (printed from their website) and mailed it along with the required funds to their DMV and 2 weeks later I received the registration and Vermont tag. The registration clearly shows my address as being in Florida. I have several friends who have since successfully registered their vehicles since I apprised them of this.These registrations are transferable to your state should you desire to do so (check your state reg’s for the procedure). Everything is legal and aboveboard.
      My take on this is Vermont is only interested in obtaining the additional revenue this brings in to the state.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I’m glad I live in an easy title state. I live in NH and I bought my Corvette in ’85 on a bill of sale. When I got ready to sell it in ’14, I thought that I would make it easier for any out of state buyer if I got a title. I looked it up and there was a small fee, and I had to take the car down to the local police station and show my ID and the registration to the officer. He compared it to the VIN, and then signed the form. A few weeks later, I got the title in the mail.

      • The Walrus

        To register in Vermont, you must pay the sales and use tax. This is not on the purchase price, it is based on book value, even if the car is a ‘basket case’. Their rationale is you would have to restore the car to some mean value to be usable.

  21. Mike S

    How much for the yellow Chevelle? Any others from 68-72?
    Do they have any 55 chevies?

  22. chad

    Goldie’s has several of my cars, over several decades (60s, 70s, and 90s) however supplied a very short list of parts. When needed they were there.

    Is the place selling off/converting to other use? No changes?

  23. C Carl

    I like the wheels on the green t-bird. I need to find a place like this in So Cal.
    Great pics


    I need the whole front end for a 61 Thunderbird, but i live in the UK, can any body help ???

    • C Carl

      $1500 on Orange County craigslist (Southern California). Wildomar is almost in the low desert (nice and dry). I have no idea how to ship.

  25. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    R.I.P., Building 19.

    “Good Stuff Cheap”

  26. duaney

    I help to ship containers to Sweden. The cost of shipping those parts to you would be incredible. (from the USA), It would be similar money to simply buy another T-Bird and have it shipped there.

    • Ian Wright

      Thanks I have come to the same conclusion and am currently biding on a car in Sacramento so will then have parts to sell !!!!!!!

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