Save Me From Myself! 1977 Triumph TR7


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There are times when I post a find intentionally in the hopes that one of you intrepid readers buys it–and saves me from myself. This is one of those times! This beautiful Triumph TR7 has 106,000 miles on it, but it looks more like 6,000 in these pictures! The wedge is located in Punta Gorda, Florida and is listed for sale here on eBay. Amazingly, bidding is starting at $200 with no reserve!


We don’t have much to go on from the ad, apart from the seller telling us that there is little rust, the car was originally from California, and the mileage. There’s a lot of stories about how TR7’s are lemons and mechanical disasters. The truth is that mainly applies to the earliest cars, and by the time the 5-speed cars were being produced most (not all) of the problems had been ironed out.


Maybe I’m just not looking closely enough, but I don’t see any rust. TR7’s have particularly common rust spots, including the spare tire well, fender lips and seams in the front apron. We don’t get to see the trunk, so there’s no telling what’s going on there–but I don’t see any rust elsewhere.


While the upholstery is not factory, it’s not bad looking–I’d even say it’s better looking than the factory stuff. The seller also tells us that it runs, drives and stops, although the original air conditioning system “needs to be charged.” Right.


As you can see from these period advertisements, Triumph had progressed somewhat from highlighting the TR7’s unusual shape to making a fuss over it’s racing successes and “bargain” pricing. Although the TR7 is still looked down upon by some ill-informed folks, a nice TR7 is a true joy to drive, with comfort and handling in spades. So I’m hoping at least one of you has read this and will buy this car…and keep me from doing so!

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  1. Rocko

    Worst car ever made ! Killed Triumph Motors, get a TR8 instead.

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  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

    Rocko, I won’t argue that the early 7’s were bad…but later 7’s are nice cars. And I’ve owned both. There’s a place for both in my garage! Of course, you have to consider that I race and have won with the “worst car ever built” according to Top Gear, the Marina, so I guess I AM coming from a position of authority! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    • Adam T45Staff

      You raced a Marina? I’m now trying to work out whether you’re brave, crazy or whether I should have great respect for you! The Marina was the only car I ever drove that felt like it was going to roll over when parked at the curb.

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      • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

        Brave? Possibly, although crazy is probably a better moniker. AHere is a typical race report that also offers how we got into racing the Marina :-)

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  3. redwagon

    so what is the definition of ‘early’ and ‘late’ tr7s? inquiring minds want to know.

    you know how some friends always have your best interest at heart and some friends are pranksters? some friends will be walking with you and all of a sudden kick your foot behind your opposite leg while at the same time push your back and laugh like hell when you fall to the ground?

    well jamie – i dare you. if this tr7 is really this nice you will love it. and you know you could get it running like a top in no time. the interior is done, it already looks nice, you even said better than stock. and the seller said call with any questions. call and ask about the rust. if it as understated as it looks in the pictures then based on the description the seller is ocd and it will be in better shape than you expect when you see it!

    buy it. you can thank me later.

    happy duck day! (turkey is lousy).

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    Beautiful car but if I brought it home my Stag would be incredibly jealous! Really, they are nice cars and get a lot of attention but they really did Kill British Leyland …. .

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    • Mike Williams

      I heard the Stag was the worst, so how is it better than a TR8?

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    • Steve Jackson

      Definitely a great car but failing to capitalize on a great concept did help to kill BL

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  5. Rob Cornick

    Generally the cars to avoid are deemed the 75 and 76 cars built at the Speke factory, so the ACL vin numbers with 4 speed trans. By the time production had moved to Canley the cars were not bad at all and the last Solihull cars from 80-81 are thought to have been the best to leave the factory. That said even the latest cars are 35 years old now, so come with the usual problems of a car that age. The lucas wiring comes in for a lot of stick, but it is more usually bad ground connections and dirty connectors at fault, or the “fixes” made by earlier owners. There is a wealth of information on these cars on the web so do a bit of research. They are a fun affordable way into little British car ownership with good parts availability and strong owners club support. Buy one you’ll be pleasantly surprised. oh, I have six and a TR8 so won’t be buying this one as nice as it looks!

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  6. Paul

    I had a 75 TR7 bought 6 months old back in the day. It was a good handling dog. I updated to a TR 8 convertible that I still drive today, totally different car. My mainTR is a 3

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  7. Dale Leier

    I owned one once. Biggest mistake of my life.

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  8. DW

    Ack. It’s like a picture of the cute girl in your graduating class. The one you SHOULD’VE taken to prom but couldn’t get up the nerve to ask… there was a great looking TR7 in British racing green sitting in a back alley between my house and my high school. I must have driven down the alley 100 times and stared in love and wonder at that sultry shape. There was a For Sale sign sitting on the dash and SO many times I counted up my cash and tried to decide whether to buy it… and then one day it was gone. I still choke up a bit thinking about that girl ;)

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  9. Mike Williams

    My buddy just bought a TR8, I don’t think this thing will keep up. To bad, so sad, your Dad.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      Of course it won’t, Mike. But it is still an enjoyable drive and it would cost a lot less!

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  10. Car Guy

    To me these cars looked best in Black. The color hides the huge bumpers and C pillar vents, and made the car appear lower and longer. A black TR8 convertible would be the one I would search for……

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  11. bcavileer

    had a 75 in Java with 4 speed. Great ride. 40,000 miles without a single issue. Traded for a TR6 that broke in half going over railroad tracks. Guess I was lucky, but it did ride great and handled well too. At the time was working as a mechanic, guess that regular maint was a plus in it’s longevety.

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  12. Tom S.

    Sold, $2,127.00, 31 bids.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      And unfortunately it wasn’t me…

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