Save Them! Pair of 1966 Ford Mustangs

West of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are a pair of 1966 Ford Mustangs that are waiting to be rescued. They consist of a red coupe and blue convertible and can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,250. The coupe seems to be in decent shape (for a project car) and the blue one is probably a parts car. Take a look and see if you would save this pair and thanks to Russell G. for the tip on this find!

Unfortunately, the convertible is probably only a parts car now. The top is compromised, and it’s let years of debris and weather into the cockpit. There is a close-up photo in the ad and you can see just how much “stuff” is on the inside. There is a grille in there (likely from the same car), so that’s good. Some of the trim looks salvageable and probably some other bits and pieces. The seller says “titles in hand” so I’m guessing that means they have titles for both. I suppose if the new buyer doesn’t want the blue car, it could be cleaned up a bit and sold as a project to recoup some of the purchase price.

The engine in the coupe is a straight-six. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding anything about the condition of the cars, but based on how long it appears they have been sitting, I wouldn’t count on the engine firing up without some work. Hopefully, there’s a buyer out there who needs a good classic Mustang project. It would be nice to get at least one of these back on the road. What do you think? Are they both too far gone or would you try a restoration?


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m pretty sure there are many, many first generation barn-find-condition Mustangs ‘out there.’ And, I suspect many are in better shape than these. Early Mustangs already restored to driver condition are common, and not very expensive. If you want an early Mustang, that would be a better way to go.

    These look like parts cars—- and even at that, with the availability of repro parts, there may not even be much value in them. But if someone wants to tackle these as a project, more power to them.

    Owners of cars like this have to be disappointed. An extremely popular car in its day, one might think squirreling one away was a good move. But as it turns out, not really. Now if it was a hi-po fastback…..

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Considering location and appearance the word flood comes to mind.

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    • Andrew

      What would cause flooding. I live about 25 minutes from the town this car is listed in. Except for once in Broomall and once in a while at 69th street there really isn’t any flooding.

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  3. rpol35

    Based on the side spear, the red one looks more like a ‘64.5 or a ’65.

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  4. Djs

    The Red one is a 65 and a 6 cyl one running can be bought for 6,000.00 plus it cost more to get this one running then finding one already to go . Sorry just parts maybe but you can buy all the parts new so parts car maybe not

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Crispy critters, as Bob in tenn states, parts cars and if they have titles better yet. A lot of restorers don’t like some of the repro parts and prefer original. Anyhoo, good luck to the owners of these I’d grab the trailer and head for Philly with a grand and see what happens.

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  6. sir mike

    West of the rust belt.Try moving these w/o them falling apart.

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    • Andrew

      If you mean west like Ohio, then yes. Media is about 15 minutes from the city line and is definitely not in the rust belt.

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  7. bobhess bobhess Member

    Andrew.. If no underwater stuff how do you get all that grass and mud in the engine compartment and interior? These guys are rough. Sad but true that people let this happen to this kind of car.

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    • Bill McCoskey

      In the mid-Atlantic area [I live here as well], it’s real easy to let mother nature have her way with cars that are allowed to sit on soft ground, especially under pine trees [note the pine needles around the hood opening]. Around here, left unchecked, weeds often grow higher than people, and within a few years non-native trees begin to grow in and around everything.

      As for mud on the floors, once the floor pans are sitting directly on the ground, as the panels rust out, mud gets pressed upwards into the inside floor areas as well. If it stays wet enough, the mud will percolate thru the carpets, making it look like a flood car.

      These are parts cars, nothing more. Those 18 gauge frames and 16 gauge torque boxes under the body, once sitting directly on the ground, will be gone within 5 years, especially with trees around the cars, because the ground never dries out.

      A friend of mine who collected Chryslers once found a rare 1934 Imperial Airflow 3-passenger coupe sitting on the frame, the hubs buried. It had been there for decades. He dug out the hubs, and pulled with a tow cable, and the entire car broke in half, severely bending the roof. Now the Chrysler Airflow frame is made of 1/8″ thick rails, and is very strong, but mother nature, given time, will destroy that as well.

      This listing only needs 2 words to describe the cars: Parts Cars!

      People who try to sell cars like these often don’t realize that 95% of the vintage car crowd doesn’t have anywhere to store a parts car, nor the parts once they’ve been stripped off the carcass. And while the cars may have specific parts that have value, you still need to find a buyer who needs those parts.

      If he’s unable to find a buyer who has a place for the cars, the best thing the owner could do is offer the cars as they sit, and sell the rights to strip off any parts they want, and then scrap the remains.

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  8. Stilbo

    Nope, nope and nope.
    Barely parts cars.
    Been inside out and underneath with more than a few rotten Mustangs and these two unfortunately are probably worth more as scrap metal than parts.
    If they were fast back V8 cars maybe…
    But even then.
    For a lot less money after “restoring” you could buy a nearly rust free Southwestern Mustang and proceed from there.

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  9. Jimmy

    Sorry but I wouldn’t drag these home even if he gave them to me.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    Debris, left behind by redneck mountain folk!

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  11. jimmy the orphan

    What always amazes me and I think we all see this time and time again. People who must say Hey { in this case mustangs] I have two cars that I know to have value. I also know there’s a swamp behind my old shed. I’ll just park them there. In 20 or 30 years I’ll sell them. I hate to cause I love them so much but Its time to let go. Grab your trailer and shovel and head out ! good luck………………JIMMY.

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  12. Brian Scheel

    What’s the hardtop off of?
    That’s best part I see worth any real value!
    European sports car?

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    • Clay Bryant

      Accessory hardtop. They could have at least rolled down the rear left side window and slide the top forward to protect the dash, etc. but they did a great job of protecting the trunk. Probably a Parrish Plastics top or something like that.

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    • Little_Cars

      Looks like a Triumph Stag hardtop. Might be worth $500 to someone in that condition. Maybe Fiat 850 Spider if narrow enough. Can’t tell. Best part of both cars is a hardtop for another car…and I bet the seller ain’t letting that thing go!

  13. skibum2

    Hahahahahahahaha… $, Hahahahaha

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  14. TimM

    I’ve rebuilt mustangs!! I have 3-65’s and my fastback I replaced the whole ass end of the car!! The panels are inexpensive but it’s a whole bunch of work!! Dynacorn and CJ pony parts have just about every part!! If your a beginning restorer I would recommend one of these or an early carmaro to restore!!! You will never get your money back on your restoration if you plan on selling them!! There are cars in way better condition than either one of these to start with!!! I honestly wouldn’t pay over $1000 for both of them!!! The real point I’m trying to convey is that if your good with your hands and want to take a shot at rebuilding a classic car this would be the type of car to try it on!!!

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  15. Big Al

    And one more…NOPE!…Not even free…no way..been there,done that.!!!

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  16. Tricky

    Short answer: no!. Long answer: No!

  17. Poncho

    “I suppose if the new buyer doesn’t want the blue car, it could be cleaned up a bit and sold as a project to recoup some of the purchase price.”
    Wow! Try to sell this junk to someone as a project? Now I understand why junk is advertised for too much $ and decent cars are overpriced. To try to pawn either of these cars off as a project should be criminal. Considering the relative ease of locating aftermarket replacement parts, there is not much here worth saving.
    Call the wrecker and crush what is left. ‘Nuff said!

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