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Saved From The Shed: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

in the barn

Except for the price,$15,900, what’s not to like about this old Ford listed on eBay? It’s red, a 2 door hardtop and is all original. Here’s where it lived for many years waiting for the shed to finally collapse. The dash is cracked and there’s surface rust and minimal rust mostly along the bottom of the quarter panels behind the wheels. The seller did provide a lot of detailed pictures including pictures of the underside of the car. After the usual mechanical work and new tires, it is said to run and drive “like new”.

front left

It’s being sold on a car lot in Spokane, Washington who purchased it from the original owner.


The interior is complete and only needs a good cleaning. It could be “crunchy” of course from sitting but it looks OK.


The bit of the trunk floor they show looks like new.


Things look complete and mostly original under the hood.


The underside has the usual surface rust.

right front

This appears to be a really nice car one could purchase and just drive. It is very dry in eastern Washington so you don’t see much rust on cars. I would leave it as original as possible and enjoy it as an occasional driver. There are no doubt lots of rubber bits that will need replacing, like door seals and suspension bushings. What would you do with it?


  1. flmikey

    For that kind of dough, he could have put on the right hub caps….them’s 66 XL caps…looks like a 6K car to me….

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  2. nessy

    What would I do with it you ask? Nothing as I would not pay 16g for this car and I would guess that most others would say the same thing.

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  3. 68 custom

    I think he resprayed the trunk and I doubt he will get anywhere near 15k. looks ok I suppose.

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  4. Chebby

    Bet he paid $1,600 for it.

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  5. MH

    The trunk is re done for sure. I’m thinking 7K tops.

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  6. BH

    Trucks from cars of that era did not come from the factory like that — they would have been painted the same color as the car.

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  7. 79 Trans Am

    Way too much for that car. I wouldn’t pay 1/2 the asking price.

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  8. Bruce


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  9. guggie

    I had one of these , what a great car it was ,390 great engine , these cars had a tendency to have frame rot over the rear axle ,sold mine for 1500.00 and it looked better than this one , oh wait that was about 40 yrs ago , mine had a trunk mat in it , under that was body color paint . what a great road car !!

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  10. Luke Fitzgerald

    Come on guys – that finish in the trunk is absolutely correct – love the first shot

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  11. Tony

    No more than 7k for this driver.

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  12. AMCFAN

    Having owned a 1968 XL Fastback in Red with painted White top mine had the 428 (non CJ) Buckets and console with tach. I prefer the look of the 68 with it’s hideaway headlights over the stacked. A very big issue as some have mentioned is frame rust. I mention it only in comparison and had to make the decision on what to do after finding out what to do about finding it on mine .

    My car was from Arizona and was dry. No need to worry about rust. It is solid. Wrong! It had rust through in the rear loop of the frame above the axle and when it flattened out under the rear seat area. It was a heart breaker I must say.

    This XL is pretty standard fare typical of FLM’s of the era. Bench column shift FE powered. Hub caps are correct..Can not imagine what the seller is thinking though on the price. He should quit fishing and get his head out of the clouds. Lots of desirable iron to be had right now in that price range.

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  13. JW454

    The seller is a flipper/dealer. Of course he’s asking more than double a reasonable price. 6~7K would be closer to a fair price.

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  14. JD

    Another shark looking to win the lottery on something he got for $1500. Cool car, but $6K tops.

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  15. angliagt

    I wonder what story he gave the owner?And how much
    he gave for this?
    That said,’67 is my favorite year of these in this body style-
    (2 door).They’re great deals for a REASONABLE price.

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  16. Kevin

    I don’t understand why the seller would put so much effort into making the exterior look great but then not put nearly as much effort into the interior? For 16k I would expect the interior at least be thoroughly cleaned/conditioned, which is clearly hasn’t been. I’d agree with the other comments. Great car, but only worth about half the asking price.

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  17. Tom Member

    Kevin, because he is a used car salesman, on a lot with mostly newer cars. $85 wholesale detail at most, probably just a wash, vacuum and quick spray wax.

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