Scooby-Doo Survivor! 8K Mile 1988 Dodge Van

How big of a Scooby-Doo fan do you have to be to convert a 1988 Dodge 2500 Van into The Mystery Machine? This vehicle shows only 8k miles and is located in Willimantic, Connecticut.  You can see it here on Craigslist. Painted in blue in yellow to commemorate the van seen in the 1969-1991 Scooby-Doo cartoons,  the seller is asking $24,995 for this time machine.

The van looks to be in excellent shape with tinted windows. Scooby and Shaggy adorn the rear doors. The van is powered by a 318 cubic inch V8 and shifts through an automatic transmission.  What you might not see is that the interior is completely fitted with surveillance equipment and sound deadening carpet.

In the Scooby-Doo cartoons, the make of the van is not identified but it appears to be a Corvair rear engine van or possibly a Volkswagen. In later shows, the van appears to be a Ford or Chevy. Regardless, I think this Dodge looks great and would be a fun toy.

The seller states that this vehicle is very rare. I have to agree with that. Desirable is a matter of taste but it is a unique van that looks to have lots of custom features for any Scooby-Doo fan to enjoy. And if the mileage is correct, it seems like it would be desirable simply because of you of that. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    That’s so dam ugly you’d have to wear a bag over your head to drive it. And if you buy it your going to need a much bigger bag to cover it up on your trailer until you can get it home and into a garage out of site and can strip that junk off. This a $5k van on a good day, and not to many people want that out dated junk inside either. Nothing a new paint job can’t fix. Or we could sand it down and push it outside for awhile until it’s all rusty than slap down some clear coat. JMHO.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      LOL, say how you feel, why doncha?

      Gee, you must have missed the video periscope setup. That’d have sold you, yes?


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    • JoeNYWF64

      Wouldn’t this be good for a dawg catcher to drive around in?
      Would you rather be drivin the partridge family bus?

      • Little_Cars

        Actually, YES. I would prefer the PF bus over this big yawn. If you read the Jalopnik article in the end this was never really styled after any one van but the Russian one would be an obvious choice because of the standard transmission in the actual cartoon series (see below).

  2. CanuckCarGuy

    Somewhere along the way it’s clear that some confusion arose amongst the surveillance team, over what the boss meant by “incognito”.

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    • Bear

      Yeah, nobody would notice this van parked “inconspicuously” out in front of their house! :-P

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  3. Bear

    Pretty Cool! :-)
    Would be fun to own/drive.
    …especially on Halloween IF you could talk a few friends into dressing up as the “Scooby gang”!

    BUT $25K seem “Mysteriously” optimistic! “Ruh Roh!”

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  4. Don H

    24995 I think he had to many Scooby snacks🍄

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    • Steve

      Of the smokey treat variety!

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  5. Mike H. Mike H.

    A nice article from a few years ago which discusses the “What was ‘The Mystery Machine’ ” from Jalopnik. I vote for the Chevy Sportvan.

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    • Miguel

      I always thought it was a Chevy as well.

  6. Little_Cars

    I had to do a doggy, Scooby RUH ROH double take when I saw that asking price! And with all that equipment taken out and the rough paint underneath the pastel cartoon paint this is just another 88 Dodge van. Would have been better to have left it untouched if the mileage is verifiable.

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  7. Little_Cars

    I just did a little calculating…if the mileage shown on the TRIP odometer of 145 was the average per year you’d be at 4495 miles. Double that and you have almost the current number on the clock. Doubtful a total of -9000 miles traveled is realistic.

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    • Jeff

      With it looking like that would YOU put many miles on it??!!!

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  8. Joe Machado

    Sure looks like the Dodge van I picked up near Ventura, Calif. Then took to a shop that did this in Palm Desert, Calif. Then it went to Auction in Scottsdale. Huuummmm
    Been on the road for 3 weeks doing a show in Colorado, 4 in North Carolina, 2 in Alabama and the race at Talladega Superspeedway Sunday.
    We had around 250 Aero cars from 1969, and 70.
    We were on TV with Rutledge Wood doing interviews before race start and when it rained. Be home Friday

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  9. Jim

    I saw this and said I wonder where this one is located since I saw one just like this broken down on the side of the highway a couple weeks ago in eastern CT. Whoops, this one is the one. lol

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  10. 433jeff

    No its all wrong everyone knows the mystery machine was a standard, remember the episode where Fred freaked out and said “YOUR KLILLING MY MYSTERY MACHINE “ cuz scooby was grinding the gears.

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  11. bigdoc

    I had a 77 Dodge Van that was a beautiful machine, this thing is fugly.

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  12. Djjerme

    Survivor- drink!

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  13. Mark

    I normally am against gov’t intrusion into our personal lives, but in this case when whoever buys this goes into the BMV to sign the title, he should be made to forfeit his man card on the spot and be required to have his license pic retaken…. but only after having “creeper” written across his forehead in indelible marker.

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  14. Howard Ford Jr.

    The original scooby van didn’t resemble a VW, it resembled an A100 Dodge.

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  15. Fastwhlz

    I have often wondered if the Mystery Machine itself was sort of an “inside” joke as pulled by the cartoonists. The van has been drawn with several subtle styling changes in different episodes, perhaps to perpetuate this ‘mystery’ within itself.

  16. Michael Streuly

    The cartoon was lame and so is this van. I say scrap it.

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  17. Mark M

    Ugly, wrong decade . Nasty hubcaps, price nastier! Sorry.

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