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Seats Twelve: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Limo

1966 Pontiac Bonneville Limo

If the Cadillac limo didn’t seat enough for you, then may we suggest this Pontiac instead? This one had four doors… on each side! And it seats an astonishing 12 people! We have featured a few of these in the past and they still always make me chuckle everytime. Apparently, they were a common sight at airports in the sixties and there must be quite a few that have survived because there’s always one or two on the market. Perhaps, it’s the same cars floating around though because it has to take a certain type of buyer – one with a lot of garage space or one with a really big family! If you have either, you can find this one here on eBay where bidding ends later today.

Load Up

This one is a little crusty around the edges, but has more classic flavor than the Cadillac. It even has a 400 cubic inch V8 under the hood! Muscle limo anyone? Actually, that might be a good challenge because it has to take a lot of power just to move this thing down the road. Stageway was the company behind these conversions and as far as I know they didn’t do anything to the engines so it could probably use a couple of extra ponies. The seller also has another one of these at auction right now, but it has a rear A/C system and a roof rack! My son is getting close to little league age so maybe I can convince the wife that I need one of these to haul his team around in…


  1. Avatar photo L.M.K.

    I remember seeing these as airport commuters. I wonder if any of the actual drivers of these cars , from back in the day, are here and can comment on the driving experience? You’d really have to plan your turns very carefully ….I suppose they’re very similar to driving today’s stretch limousines…..
    I also remember that in Fort Lee, New Jersey there were many very long Checker stretch coaches that these Pontiac’s remind me of….Looking at these two Pontiac’s have unearthed quite a few of these noted flashbacks to those long ago days….

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  2. Avatar photo Jay

    I drove a 1971 Chevy wagon version of this for National Car Rental in Rochester NY back in the day. It felt very spongy at the center when loaded, and I would never have taken it faster than 40mph. Strictly a shuttle bus. BTW, this one is a ’65, not a ’66.

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  3. Avatar photo Dairymen

    To each their own, but this thing has been beaten with the ugly stick! It’s different but ugly!

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  4. Avatar photo Jimmy V

    This is a 65 Model.. looks pretty neat

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    • Avatar photo Charles

      Definitely a 65.

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      • Avatar photo Puhnto


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  5. Avatar photo redwagon

    as far as pontiac airport limos go this one seems to be in pretty good shape. i have seen the gold one for sale before – dont recall where. with @ < 119K miles on it i am suspect about the sellers claim that all it needs is a paint job and you're good to go as a daily driver.

    glws. i like the styling and the silver on blue color combo.

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  6. Avatar photo van

    The coolest soccer mom in town

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  7. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    This car has an identity crisis. It has the front end of a ’65 ( like Jimmy sez), but the tail lights of a ’66. Years ago, people would walk out on the tarmac to the plane, and these were probably used to carry people who couldn’t walk that far, or to a motel not far away. I doubt these actually spent any time on the open road. Must have been a hefty frame to support all that weight. Not sure what you’d do with it now, as you’d probably have to “swing ‘er wide” for turns.

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    • Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

      Since the title says it’s a ’66, I suspect the car was in an accident sometime in it’s life, and the front end sheet metal was replaced with a ’65, as it’s a bolt on. I’ve had 4 different Stageway vehicles, and know the history of these cars well. While it is possible for the limo to pull up next to an airplane, 99.9% of the time these were used just like the airport vans & mini-busses of today, picking up passengers at hotels & homes.

      GM made a special heavy duty frame & suspension packages for companies like Stageway and hearse/ambulance manufacturers, but only on Pontiac, Olds & Cadillac vehicles. They also used large 9.00X15 tires & wheels, but not the Rallye 2 wheels shown. I suspect the wheels now on the car are the wider 6.5″ versions used on the GTO, a definite improvement. As for navigating streets, I never had a problem getting stuck in a location where I had to back out, and I drove all 4 of my Stageways all over the DC & Baltimore areas. But yes, a driver has to remember to swing wide at times. [They are no longer than a long box truck!]

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      • Avatar photo Metalted

        Imagine the driveshaft length??
        Mid ship bearing , or not???

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  8. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Where would you park that thing if you bought it? It wouldn’t fit in the garage or on my driveway. Not much use for it but it is really a cool slice of history.

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    • Avatar photo JW454


      I’m surprised they found a parking spot it fits in for these pictures.

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    • Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

      These cars will fit in most 2 car garages, as long as the garage is 2 cars deep!

      When was the last time you saw a Bonneville with rubber floor mats from new?
      When GM shipped these “kit cars”, they came without any floor coverings. I remember talking with someone at Stageway about 30+ years ago when I was trying to find a replacement rubber front floor mat for my ’64 Pontiac 12 passenger sedan. He told me to do exactly what Stageway did to buy floor mats; Order the universal rubber floor mat from J.C. Whitney! [I did — it fit — wrinkled over the trans hump, just like the original!]

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  9. Avatar photo Tomofarl

    First time I saw one of these eight door wagons it was the conveyance of a gospel choir. Perfect.

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  10. Avatar photo jim s

    this one sold for $12800. someone must have a parking space long enought for it. the one with the roof rack listing has ended. nice finds

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  11. Avatar photo Van

    How many cup holders?

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  12. Avatar photo Rodney

    The seller has two more of them.

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  13. Avatar photo Shimoni

    The issue of – ‘it’s a ’65; no, it’s a ’66’ – might be answered by the Year in which it was titled… Might be a ’65 that was built late in year & titled/sold as a ’66.

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  14. Avatar photo Roger

    There was a large fleet of these at the Milton Hershey School to drive all of the students around. Originally they were using Biscaynes but upgraded the fleet to Pontiac because they were supposed to be more heavy duty and would last longer.

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