SECOND CHANCE: 1972 Plymouth Valiant Scamp

Asking: $9,600
Current Offer: $5,300

UPDATE 3/5/2020 – The high bidder planned on giving this sweet Mopar to a family member, but their situation has changed and unfortunately, he is not able to purchase it. It really is a great looking machine, so if you missed your chance to bid or got outbid, here’s your chance to make an offer! Be sure to give it a closer look and use the form below to make an offer.

FROM 2/22/2020 – We are helping Reader Ernie M liquidate a small collection of classic cars, if you missed the Mercedes 420SEL you can check it out here, and the next one up for auction is this 1972 Plymouth Valiant Scamp. It was found in a barn about 4 years ago and was freshened back up. It is now in nice shape inside and out. We see lots of this Scamp’s siblings, the Dodge Dart and the Duster Swinger, but you don’t see these Valiants quite as often. You can find this little Scamp in Milford, Connecticut and you can bid on it below. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a ready to drive V8 powered Mopar, be sure to give this one a closer look and cast your high bid!

The Sunfire Yellow paint looks great and isn’t a color you typically see. It’s a respray, but in the original color and Ernie states that there weren’t any rust or problem areas, it just needed a fresh coat of paint to look it’s best again. If you know your Mopars, you probably can easily recognize the difference between the various A-Body cars, but for the rest of us, the differences may seem subtle. The Scamp shared the Dart Swinger’s main structure and rear body panels but received the Valiant’s front end. While it doesn’t drastically change the car’s profile, it does change the look enough to make it stand out from the Dart. The lack of massive hood scoops definitely gives it a more subtle and grown-up appearance.

As with its Dart sibling, you had a few engine options in the Scamp, ranging from a thrifty slant six up to a V8. This car happens to be equipped with the 318 V8 and was rated at 150 horsepower. To give this one a little more oomph, a set of headers and a complete exhaust system has been installed. It was also dressed up a bit with some chrome valve covers and air cleaner. Returning those back to original would be a simple enough task, if you’d prefer a more original look that is. Things look fairly tidy under the hood, but some detailing would really make it pop!

The interior really looks to be amazing shape, with nice upholstery, a crack-free dash, and nice carpets. While the exterior needed freshening up, the inside really didn’t need much. Other than new carpets, it just needed to be cleaned to look this great again. Since the carpets are new, I’d recommend finding a set Scamp branded floor mats to keep the carpets nice, although the mats that are currently in it should do the job just fine. It just would look really great with a set of mats like these ones!

While Barracudas, Challengers, and Darts seem to get all the attention these days, I really like the looks of this Scamp. The 318 won’t be setting any records, but it has enough power to make this a fun machine to drive! Between the color, condition, and styling, this Plymouth is sure to garner lots of attention anywhere it goes and you aren’t likely to run into another Sunfire Yellow Scamp anytime soon. If you have any questions about it, please leave them in the comments below and we will make sure you get an answer. So, if you’ve been looking for a fun turn-key classic, be sure to bid!

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  • Location: Milford, Connecticut
  • Mileage: 38,400 Shown, True Mileage Unknown
  • Title Status: Clean


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  1. Doc

    Did this car have a vinyl roof previous to the repaint? Looking at the moldings still wrapped around the back lower roof line , seems it did. Nice presented old Mopar. Be fun

  2. Del

    Nice find and redo.

    The car should go up to 10 grand.

    I really like the color and tbe V8

    • CJinSD

      Does that mean that you’ve got ten grand for it if nobody who actually bids on it does? Asking for a friend.

  3. Bob S

    What a nice Scamp! This would look nice at cars and coffee sitting in the middle of a sea of Cuda’s! You don’t see these here in the Chicagoland area any more, as they were a popular cuisine for the tin worms.

    • SMDA

      I agree, saw a restored pristine Dodge Mirada at Iola last summer. The people who actually knew what it was, were stunned. Nothing against big block late 60s glory, but they seem to be a dime a dozen these days. really wish I owned that great Mirada. Heaven knows you won’t see yourself coming on the road behind the wheel of that!

  4. Bud

    When I was a kid we always had cars just sitting around my house that didn’t run ( one might say redneck ) . I’ve probably drove my hotwheels around a few of these before it was sold , given away , pushed in the holler , sent to the crusher , whatever . Who new they were so cool .

  5. CJinSD

    Does the air conditioning work? Might bid, so I’d like to know about its condition. My second car was a ’71 Scamp with the same A/C controls and vents.

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

      According to Ernie, the AC works!

  6. nlpnt

    Interior is mismatched – black seats and door panels, tan dash, carpets and headliner – but not in an unacceptable way, especially since some sort of period cloth seat covers would be in order to make what would be a summer car more comfortable than the black vinyl is.

    • Del

      Yes, whoever redid the seats should have gone with a tan color

  7. schooner

    Interesting contrast with the previous 420SEL. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  8. Rob

    Hubcaps do not appear to be year-correct. Those look like late 60’s caps. The ’72s that I have seen all have the “cop car” dog dish with the black-painted fluted sections along the edge.

    • Pete Phillips

      …and those are ’60s Dodge hubcaps, not Plymouth–not that it makes a whole lot of difference.

  9. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Those Dodge hubcaps first appeared in 1969 and continued into the 70’s. Much like the Plymouth 1969 cap that continued into the 70’s. Nice car…

  10. chrlsful Member

    5 color interior? Weird.
    Drove a fleet of these (next gen K car wagons) livery in the 80s. Got 300K in a ’66 slant 6 waggy. All good 2 me…
    None w/a peppy 318 tho…

  11. Anthony Richard

    A 318? I will pass. Truck motor for a car doesn’t do it for me.

    • moosie moosie

      Truck Motor, are you serious ? This version of the 318″ (LA) has been around in passenger cars for ages, the 273″ version was this ones little brother and that came on the scene in 1964. Before all this there was the Polispherical 318″ yeah they used them in trucks also.

  12. joe

    Too many strange features for me to bid

  13. SEAN

    Or there’s this one for about half the price:

    • Calipag

      Not an apple to apple’s comparison. The prices of these car drop off dramatically after 73. No judgement just a fact of the market place.

    • Bob S

      I just looked at Facebook offering, and for $2500, I’d spend the $9500 for this one first, that green one is pretty clapped out. I’m surprised the greenhouse is still intact. That car’s led a pretty rough life for only 75k miles.

  14. Ken Member

    The Scamp only existed because Plymouth received the Dart Swinger body in exchange for allowing Dodge to use the Duster body for the Demon.

  15. George Louis

    That interior is questionable. I do not remember seeing a black vinyl seat and matching black door panels in a gold interior. Trunk mat is not correct either. I would be interesting to see the complete VIN number to see if it was Built at Hamtramck, Mi Plant Plant Code 4030 or the Windsor Assembly Plant Plant code 9103. Who ever did the rust proofing on the car did a great job as it shows in the quality of the metal.

  16. bone

    You’re right, in the pre 1973 A bodied cars the metal parts of the inside door was painted to match the interior, seeing that the seat is a lot easier to swap out than the dash, the car should have tan seats and door panels . The lower quarters look like cheater panels ; they have really angular lines like they were made on a brake . Maybe its the camera, but the car looks too yellow , the under hood pics show what the color should look like . I know I’m being picky on the other parts ,like the wrong gas cap, dodge hubcaps (and a high line car like this would almost cetainly have full caps ) and a lack of a vinyl roof which Scamps had ,all of which would bring the price down a bit for me -I like the car,but I would have to change them !

  17. Pete W.

    My dad bought one of these things in ’74 after years of Pontiacs. Exactly the same as this, including color and 318. Compared to the Ponchos, this thing was a joke.

    A total rattle trap that was impossible to keep out of the service dept. The build quality of a Trabant built at quitting time on Friday. Loosy, goosy steering, sloppy brakes and suspension at no extra cost!

    When he traded it in for a Buick, 3 years later, it was already showing rust in the usual places and even in the driver’s door! Really!

    What draws people to these things is a mystery to me.

    Detroit at it’s worst.


  18. George Louis

    My first car was a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger in Gun Metal Gray with 318 V 8 Disc Brakes Cloth interior in Blue The car was set on the trim line at the Hamtramck Assembly plant on the second shift( afternoons) and rolled off the final line on friday afternoon at 1:25 PM Vehicle was shipped to Garrity Motors on Saturday and I picked the car up on Monday March 5,1982. I drove that car for 150,000 miles before the timing chain broke and smacked a valve and bent it. The point is Everbody bilds a GOOD car and every one bulds one not so good. How mant times did you see a Ford Product rusty after two tears on the road?

  19. PatrickM

    Great looking car. Just more cash than I can afford. I’d like too take a look at the ’64 Chevy in the background. 4Dr or not…. I used to have a ’64 4DR BelAir. Was a nice car. This,too, is nice. I just do not like yellow cars. They are good for racing, taxi cabs and school buses. I have to pass.

  20. r s

    Drop a good ’70 spec 340 into it; 3:55 posi, and as much tire as can fit under the car on these rims… ultimate street sleeper.

  21. Chris

    Love the color & a 318 perfect motor leave it stock or beef it up the universal motor . I had a 74 fury painted that color ….Chris

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