Second Chance Short Bed: 1967 Ford F100


We featured this truck about a month ago and the seller was asking $7,500. That may have seemed steep, but this is a short bed and has a big block so it’s worth a decent chunk of change. It’s a little rough though and may not be for everyone. Well, the seller has now listed it here on eBay with bidding starting at $1,900 and no reserve! It will be interesting to see if we missed out on a good deal the first time around or not.


We discussed the engine previously, but the seller still claims that this is a 360. It may very well be, but the biggest engine you could get in ’67 was the 352 V8. That may just be nitpicking though because it was the same block. Anyway, this one is said to run well and looks ready to go.


The interior could use a little work though. The dash pad is toast and floor looks grungy. Nothing out of the ordinary for an old work truck though. The little deep dish steering wheel and custom column shifter are not my thing so they would have to go. I’d want to fix the radio hole too and make everything look like new inside.


Strangely enough, I’d want to leave the outside alone. Wimbledon white looks good with a little rust and I bet you could do a lot with a buffer and some touchup paint. As I mentioned before, you can get this color in a spray can at many auto part stores. The wood in the bed looks good, so that will save you a few bucks. It will be interesting to see what this one ultimately sells for. If it were yours, would you restore it or just use it as-is?


  1. Howard A Member

    Mmmhmm, no takers @ $7,500 hey? Not a big surprise, may as well start high. Nice truck, but certainly not rare. While $1,900 may be an insult, I’d have to think anything like this has to be at least $4-$5g’s. Maybe with a nice interior, which isn’t that hard, lots of repro stuff out there for these. I had several of these, great trucks.

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  2. JW

    I like it but 3K is tops for a non 4×4 IMHO. Didn’t these come with a metal bed ? Seems those boards are just laying on top as I see no metal strips with bolts to secure them.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi JW, they sure were metal. Makes you wonder what’s under those boards.

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  3. Kuzspike

    I think in 1967 the style side trucks all had a metal bed in them, the flare sides only had wood.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Sometimes a person should take what’s offered and move on to something new. I seldom see a vehicle do better the second time around; usually it’s the opposite.

    As far as the motor is concerned the only difference between a 352 and a 360 is .050″ in the bore. Otherwise all FE motors look the same for this vintage. You can set a 352, a 360, 390, 410 Mercury, and a 428 side by side and from a short distance you could never tell the difference. In fact you’ll see 352 cast onto the front of the block (till near the end of the ’74 run). That Holley 500 2bbl is a very good choice for an FE. The carb, a set of dual exhausts, and a re-curved ignition makes for some good performance from those (otherwise) boat anchor truck motors…

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  5. Bruce

    That 352 is a gas hog. I have one in my 62 Galaxie. I had a 67 F100 longbed with the 352 and a manual 3spd. Great truck. This one being a shortbox should bring between $3-4K tops. IMO

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  6. mtshootist1

    I have a 71 Ford F250 that is that same white, I think it has the 352 engine, original to my knowledge. When my wife and I bought our house it was sitting in the driveway, as we wandered around, I looked in it and the keys were in it, so I decided to see if it would fire up, it started right up, I couldn’t believe it. The owner who also worked for the same agency as I do was going thru a divorce so the house had not been lived in for a while. I asked the realtor what he was going to do with it, and if he would throw it in on the deal. The other realtor wanted to know that if he didn’t would it be a “deal Buster” the house owner threw the truck in on the deal, which had two flat tires on those dangerous split rims. I got the truck for free, but it cost me 80 bucks to have the tires fixed. It’s nickname is Buster as in deal buster.. Beat up, but still runs down the road, usually to the trash transfer station.

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    • randy

      I have a 71 Ford F250 also. Mine has the 360 engine. It is a camper special. I bought it from a guy in California. No rust. These old trucks are bullet proof !

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  7. roger

    My Dad had a 67 work truck
    .It is still sitting beside shop.Was wrecked in 1990.
    No way I would give 7K for this white truck.
    Needs way too much body work before it could be painted.
    1900.00 is about right.
    Dads had a 390 which he wore out and replaced with 427.
    He was not a hotrodder,the 427 was first engine he could find

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      Is your dad’s truck repairable? Or is it only good for parts? If it is a parts truck the 427 could bring you good money, especially if it has an engine ID tag or a stamped VIN on it.

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  8. Mr. TKD

    Big fan of the F100 — and a little wear and tear isn’t a bad thing.

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  9. Chris

    I think the seller has been watching a few too many episodes of Fast and Loud. $7500 for this pile??? No wonder it didn’t sell the first time around.

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  10. Jason

    Its up to $2,750 now

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  11. Darren

    The eBay ad (up to $3100 at the moment, btw) has a Magnify option for the photos; under that wood, the edge of the bed appears awfully orange-looking…

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  12. randy

    I didn’t see power steering on that truck. I had a 69 F100 short bed and I think it would be hard to maneuver with that little steering wheel. Right?

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