Second Story: 1941 Studebaker President

in the barn

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This Studebaker was found in the second story of a barn where it had set for over 45 years. I wonder what other cars are hiding in that barn. After 10 years of asking, the current owner was finally able to purchase the car. He tells an interesting story of the purchase here. The car is complete and original. After rebuilding the carburetor and fuel pump, replacing lots of other tuneup parts, rebuilding the brakes and such, it runs and drives nicely. It’s very solid with just one small rust hole in a door jam. Thanks to Dan H for the tip on this amazing barn find. Read on to see how this old car emerged from it’s long neglect and was returned to its former glory.

covered in poop

Somewhere under there is a great old car waiting to be discovered, like a time capsule from the day it was parked.

dash copy

Inside, with the windows still covered in bird droppings, it looks much like the day it was parked. There are no signs of the usual decades of rodent parties. Time has been gentle with it.

left front

It’s always amazing what (a lot of) cleaning can do to reveal the beauty of an old car. This Studebaker is so original it looks like it just drove out of a time machine. While not perfect the chrome and trim are complete and look pretty nice.


With new hoses, ignition parts carburetor and fuel pump rebuild and an alternator the engine runs again, smooth as ever.

left rear

This old Studebaker is listed on Craigslist in central Pennsylvania. It’s been sorted and is ready to drive. The $10,950 asking may seem high to some, but for those looking for a completely original driver. The owner has done a lot of work to get this running and driving again. Can you imagine what a grand old car this would be for weekend drives? Would you do anything more to this, or would you keep it as it is? Perhaps the engine compartment could use a little cleaning. Thanks again to Dan H for this incredible find. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Nessy

    Ah, it’s just right. Another few years and it would have been covered to the top with all that hay. I like the before photos best. My vote for “Barn Find” of the “Hay”

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    • David Frank DavidAuthor

      (Selected the wrong button scolling down, sorry) Great thought; “Barn Find” of the “Hay”. Imagine the cars being burried in hay every year! I wonder how the hay was removed without damaging them.

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  2. DENIS

    An old college buddy of mine had the twin to this with a SBC(301 I think) w/dual quads that he drove on the street and drag-raced…it was a barge but very cool…..

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  3. John K

    Lovely old girl. Price seems fair, if it’s solid.

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  4. EmmyJ

    Anyone know why the front and rear seats have different upholstery?

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    • 57Wayne

      Fairly sure the red and black on the back seat is a cover. Maybe it was for the kids. Too bad the front didn’t have one. The original upholstery would probably be like new!

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  5. RON

    What a find. this makes my heart pump. This is the big boy. King of kings. I have a similar 41 Land Cruiser in my Garage waiting its turn like it has for years but this car is the crem de la crem of Presidents. I do envy. Worth and will bring every penny

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  6. Mark S

    What a great find it clearly looks like this car was legitimately parked there for many years. I’d love to here that big straight eight flatty run, what a trip back in time this would be to drive this car. I’d love to have the funds to buy this car, I would expect it will sell for the asking price. Nice find.

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  7. Vince Habel

    It is near State College. The owner just bought a Coupe Express making this available. These 8 cylinder engines are really smooth.

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  8. PackardMike

    Great car!! Really great story! I enjoy hearing the car’s “speak” & see them come back to life here on BF’ s.

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  9. Woodie Man

    The greenhouse and rear window to the trunk reminds me of a Mercedes Adenauer. really pretty lines.

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  10. Charles

    Beautiful lines on this car.

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  11. Paul Bellefeuille

    BUT! what is the car sitting next to it in the barn? The pics are from 2008 and I’m sure someone rescued that one too.

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