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Secret Garden Find: Porsche 912, Lancia Integrale and More!

It’s hard to believe there are still classic cars out there waiting to be discovered, but as we find out time and again, there’s still plenty of vintage tin hiding in barns and fields waiting to be discovered. In what is quickly becoming one of my favorite YouTube accounts, the host of The Late Brake Show visited with an older gentleman in the U.K. who had amassed a sizable collection of vintage European makes that were largely hidden on his property under years’ of overgrowth. The time has come to clear them out, and while they’re all in a somewhat sorry state, most of the cars look complete enough to be saved – and this Porsche 912 is the centerpiece of the lot. Find the whole adventure here on YouTube.

The owner of these cars appears to have a small (but deep) lot set in an urban location, which is never good for your long-term hopes of keeping your vacant lot full of old cars. The yuppies move in and complain about the ugly vehicles strewn about, and somehow, they immediately get the attention of the city council, and the next you know there’s a flatbed coming to haul away what the public at large views as derelict cars. We’ve seen it play out this way time and again whereby the vehicles in question may not present exceptionally well and could even be considered blight, but as enthusiasts we know there’s a good chance the vehicles in question will present decently once dragged out and washed off. This MX-5 Miata is a perfect example of this, and there’s more than one of these on the property.

The host walks us past two cars that were unfortunately caught in a garage fire, and the structure itself has largely disappeared behind him. The BMW 3-Series on the left is an E30-chassis car with the M42 four-cylinder engine; not the most sporting of the drivetrains offered but fairly durable. Under the cover is a Porsche 924 Turbo, which was apparently also singed by fire but not entirely destroyed. It is unlikely the E30 will return to the road, as from the cabin back is pretty much scorched. Surprisingly, the engine bay remains largely unaffected by the chaos that unfolded back by the rear of the car. The 924 may be restorable; the 3-Series definitely is not.

The 912 was quite soggy in the video footage, clearly surrounded by trapped moisture at every angle. I’m sure the floors are rotten, and there’s evidence of rust blossoming elsewhere inside and outside of the car. Still, we have seen far worse air-cooled Porsches restored, and this one will no doubt find a new home with an owner more willing than the host of the show to empty out their bank accounts in pursuit of a ground-up restoration. The good news? The owner does have his head on straight to some extent, as he owns a very pretty long-hood Porsche 911 that appears largely unaffected by the overgrowth nearby that’s swallowing cars whole. Which vehicle would you rescue from this property?


  1. alphasud Member

    I watched his video of the reveal and no doubt many of those cars will find new homes. UK has some of the best craftsman who are no strangers to the tin worm. Just another day breaking out the body hammers and English wheels cutting out the old and welding in the new. Turns out the chap who amassed the fleet of fun cars was a true enthusiast but life happens and you find yourself having to move them on. Jonny has a great YouTube series that any car guy would appreciate.

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  2. SubGothius

    Not an Integrale, no fender flares, just a regular Delta.

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    • Derek

      It’s probably rarer than an Integrale!

      If the Porsche is fousty, then the Delta’s likely rotten.


    “…Lancia Integrale …” THAT’s the 1 i’d take if Evo II !

    Nevera good sign when U C a fella selling cars w/a chain saw on 1 (seen the tree growin outa chassy too many times).

    2nd look: oh, guess it’s only a hedge trimmer, that’s ok then 8^ 0

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    • Martin Horrocks

      Like Gothius says, at best it is an HF Turbo 4×4. Which is way better value than the run out marketing hype which is the EVO II.

      Unless you have too much money, better to keep away from the ” Special Edition” Integrales which are nothing special really. Just paint jobs and cheap accessories.

      • SubGothius

        It’s not even an HF Turbo or HF 4WD, just a step-above-base 1.3L according to the caption in the video.

  4. Jack Quantrill

    Tis pity they were left outdoors.

  5. CJinSD

    1000s OF RARE CLASSIC CARS LEFT TO ROT (scrappage scheme graveyard) 2018

    Search on the above, if there is no link here:

    The UK is a bit ahead of the US when it comes to making car ownership a privilege of the elites. I doubt too many of these cars will end up escaping the crusher.

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