Seeking Caregiver: 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88


The other day reader Bob J. found a note taped to the windshield of his own ’70 Olds. Apparently, someone else in the area had a ’70 Delta 88 that they wanted to sell to someone who would appreciate it. Bob thought he might be able to find that someone here so we will give it a shot. It is located in Brunswick, Georgia and has been in the same family since new. It is equipped with the 350 2-barrel and has A/C. It does run and has about 80k on the clock. Joe (the owner) wants it to go to someone who will put it back into service, not part it out. He is asking $600 If interested, you can email Joe directly. Thanks for sending this in Bob!


  1. Edward Mannuzza

    my father had a car just like that one. it was an awesome car. and I learned how to drive to get my license. I would love to take care of it.

    • joe tinsman

      gosh….I would really love to see someone restore this to the same level Bob did with his 70 olds….this was dads car…Im unable to handle a job such as this…retired now and quite active in the cruising community. Was a daily driver 10 years ago until I became involved in self employment time constraints and at this point the car went backwards.. I did manage to keep it protected from elements and kept it covered up..

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  2. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    $600 bucks? Clean it up and drive it as a work in progress!

    • joe tinsman

      you would probably enjoy driving it so much….it wouldn’t ever be completed..:-)

  3. Dan D

    We had a maroon convertible ’70 88, with a white top and white interior, 350 and rear-seat speaker. That car was a blast.

  4. Steve W

    Oh man, i’d love that if I could get it shipped to UK…….love the shape, can see it now restored with a set of Cragar SSt’s!

    • joe tinsman

      not real sure how its done….but there are considerable number of old vehicles shipped out of our port here in Brunswick..

      • Steve W

        Hi Jo, would it be possible to send some more pictures of frame/ underneath to my email? Seriously considering shipping to uk, i have a colleague who imports from the states.

  5. Joe H.

    I remember getting car sick in the back of one of these. I loved the car then and after 40+years, still do. I wish I had the money. That honey would have a forever home in CA.

  6. Bob J

    According to the literature, the 350 2 barrel in 1970 had 250 horsepower @ 4800 RPM and max toque of 355 @ 2,600; Compression ratio 9.00 to1. Unfortunately, most of the “B” body GM cars of this era have been “used up” and crushed. This is a rare care in a very nice color. The big “B” body Oldsmobile’s are great driving cars. The shape and lines are very unique. A/C is top notch — a must in hot humid climates. Joe wants this car to go to a person who will put it back on the road.

  7. Bill Decker Member

    I’m in Ohio, if I had a way to transport it….. I had a Great Uncle that bought a new Oldsmobile every 2-3 years. He had an 88 just like this only it was Gold. A lot of fond memories of that car.

  8. Jeff

    A blast from the past, gee only $600 for a one family owned rock-solid Olds. Low mileage with plenty of spare parts to be found at any car meet (350-2bbl). A heavy safe family truckster with character or you can spend for a full tune-up & 02 sensor on a newer Honda/Toyota plastic cage that will crumple up upon impact with a over-weight squirrel, lol.

  9. Mark E

    Looks like it’s in very good shape for the money, at least if you could get it running easily. One warning though, this vintage of GMs loves their gasoline! I learned to drive in my parent’s ’71 LeSabre, which had the 350, and I remember how, cruising at 70 on the interstate, you could actually watch the gas gauge slowly move like the minute hand on a clock! (yes minute hand, not SECOND hand!)

  10. Kman

    What a beautiful paint job! Looks like new but I’m guessing there are some unpleasant leakage and rust issues hidden under that vinyl top – esp. at the corners of the rear window. My 75 Formula 400 Firebird did the same thing but a few hours in Vegas dried out the trunk and must have sealed the leak cuz I never had it again. If this car had a modern automatic with more gears, O/D and free wheeling, it might do better on the highway and in town. Also some upgrades to exhaust, ignition and exhaust could help. Could be a great cruiser.

  11. carl

    i love old cars 1st car i bought was a 69 firebird factory 3spd manual 350,73, impala bubble rear window ,69 ford torino GT351, 70ford XL convertible 351 winsor, i live in Arizona now i have the money but not the transportation gotta be bout 2200 miles any car haulers heading west from goergia trusting ones make couple hundred.

  12. Jim

    Joe, Have you sold the olds-we have a 65 Cutlass convt. email us. we are in Mississippi and have trailer/truck and the money.

    • joe tinsman

      Jim….thanks for your interest in the olds….If you send me an email, then we could set this up for you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Joe

  13. joe howell

    Shipping costs aren’t that bad if you really want it. Had a car recently shipped from Alabama to Maryland for $600.00. I couldn’t drive with my truck and trailer cheaper then that with fuel, food and a motel overnight.

  14. Charlie P.

    Oh boy, that’s almost identical to my first car which my dad bought new and handed doen to me. Great memories as a teen cruising around in it. Is it still for sale?

    • Bob J

      Yes, I spoke with Joe T. last week and he still has the car. I’ve seen this car and it has great potential. Nice body and trim, dash, good color.

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