Seller Submission: 1956 Chevrolet 150

1956 Chevrolet 150

UPDATE 10/2/15 – The seller has dropped the price to $4,500 obo.

FROM 9/16/15 – While ’57 Chevy Bel Airs and Nomads are all the craze, I personally prefer the simpler and cleaner looks of the 150 and 210 Chevys. They aren’t as well optioned, especially the 150, but there is just something classy about them. The Bel Air is a beautiful machine, with lots of great chrome, but when I go to car shows, it is the lower model cars that grab my attention. To me, they just scream period racer and you just don’t see them as often. Let’s be honest here, if you were a young poor aspiring drag racer in the ’60s or ’70s, a 150 or 210 was probably more in your budget than a Bel Air. This 150 that Reader Greg recently found in a barn has the 265 Turbo Fire V8 and looks like it may have already seen some duty as a racer. He says it runs, but it needs brake work and floors. Parts are readily available for these, so getting it roadworthy shouldn’t be too difficult. You can find it here on craigslist in Bellingham, Washington. I can already see this ’56 all cleaned up and at the drag strip ready to burn some rubber! What about you?


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  1. JW454

    He might want to start at $7500 but that’s a long way from where he’ll end up to sell it in my opinion.

    Out of the tri-fives, the 1956 is the most expensive to restore. The trim is way more expensive to buy than the other two. IE; 1957 Grill $104.00 – 1955 Grill 270.00 – 1956 Grill $329.00.

    But, if you like them go for it.

  2. RayT Member

    The price of a new grill doesn’t matter, since all but the super-rich will be floored (so to speak) by the cost of just the rust repair on top of the $7500 price. The flipper is dreaming big here….

    There’s just no way this one comes close to justifying the investment. You can buy a decent, running, unrusted ’56 of the same trim level for not much (if any) more than this one will suck from your wallet.

    Not sure if the flipper means the brake pedal goes TO the floor when pushed or THROUGH it!

    • GreaserMatt

      I agree…

  3. SoCal Car Guy

    I hate flippers…

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I’m sure the seller is willing to hear offers. He sent this one in himself and he mentioned that it was purchased from a couple that had owned it for 20 years. The wife had been collecting parts for the restoration, but got fed up with waiting. The next owner pulled it home, but decided that it is more than he could take on right now too. He may be trying to make a buck, but he also frequents the site so let’s please try to be respectful.

      • SoCal Car Guy

        If you read Joshś write-up and look at the craigslist post for the car you will see nothing (zip, zero, zilch, nada) about wife collecting parts for 20 years or the next owner pulling it home and deciding it’s too much to take on right now. What is on Barn Finds says nothing more specific than that the car needs brake work and floors, and the craigslist post is even less specific. What is there to be read sounds like nothing more than a flipper. If you and/or Josh have more info then it is incumbent on you to include and to not get preachy.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        We included the information as we received it. We just want to make sure Barn Finds stays a friendly place to be.

  4. Ed P

    ’56 is my favorite of the tri 5’s, but for $7500 I would need more pictures to part with that much. The lack of pictures leads me to believe there is much more to restore than meets the eye.

  5. bonneville 64

    from what could be seen from the few pictures, with the amount of rust showing, and the fact seller states is not a local car, I would feel real comfortable doing a cash offer in the $1500-2000 range. I think his $7500 asking price is what he was estimated for labor for the rust repair.

  6. bonneville 64

    The comment was made, somewhat, tongue in cheek. The tri 5s’ do have value, however I have seen so many “projects” and “all most finished” with incredible prices, that a rusted, non running Tri-5 , in my personal opinion, should be at the most, depending on rarity, options, and body style, in the $5K price range. I have been restoring cars for over 40 years, and I feel that the worst thing to happen to the hobby is the televised mega auctions, like the one in Scotsdale in January. After being shown on T. V. it seems everybody thinks they have a 6 or 7 digit priced car for sale. Just my personal opinion, do not mean to offend anyone. My apologies if any one was offended. BTW 56 is my favorite of the Tri 5s.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      No you are fine bonneville. We should be able to discuss values. I was just referring to comments above about the seller being a flipper.

  7. jameowaffleo

    It may end up looking this nice,without too much effort.

    • GreaserMatt


  8. Barzini

    I also prefer the 150’s clean and simple lines, particularly on the 1957 model.

  9. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    The seller is now asking $4,500 or best offer.

  10. joeinthousandoaks

    ’56 is my favorite year. I had all three years as a kid. The 210 is better than the Belair for drag racing as it is slightly lighter. The post cars are also lighter then the hard tops.

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