Seller Submission: 1961 Buick Special Wagon

1961 Buick Special Wagon

Here’s a station wagon you dont see very often anymore. Besides the unique styling, one thing that makes these Buick Specials special is the aluminum 215 V8 under the hood. Small lightweight engines are commonplace today, but this was pretty high tech when new. These engines had a high power to weight ratio, but high production costs meant that they were only produced for a few years. Lots of work had already been done on this one before Graham imported it to Canada. He has done the necessary work to keep it on the road and has now decided to move it on. The car is located in Norwood, ON and is listed here on kijiji for $8,500 Canadian. That’s about $6,500 US. Thanks Graham and good luck with the sale. If any of you have a car that you are ready to sell, please read our new listing options.


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  1. Rick

    Back in the mid 70s I knew a guy that had one of these almost identical to today’s featured car, even had the 215 V-8, except his had a factory 4 speed. He let me drive it and it smoked the tires pretty good, even chirped 2nd gear too. Most of these Specials that I saw back in the day were equipped with the V-6

  2. JW

    I had a 63 Buick special my dad bought me for my first car $200 and it had the V6 but was a coupe. It was a nice car with like my dad said just enough pep to keep me out of trouble while cheap on gas. This wagon looks to be a nice car for someone but a little pricey to me.

  3. Howard A Member

    My brother had the ’62 equivalent to this car, exactly like this. He used it for many years as a winter beater, and it was a cool car. V-8, peppy, just the right size, smooth. Sadly, he moved on and the car sat in his barn for many years, and it wasn’t that bad, but the motor had seized (common, I heard) and when he tried to sell it, a few years back, nobody called on it. He was going to junk it, and a guy called, that just wanted the motor, ( big following for those, apparently) but took the whole car. There are none on Hemmings, so they are rare, and this one runs, a big plus.

    • Graham Lloyd

      Howard, you need this car. It’s no Packard, but it rides better than any truck you and I have had the displeasure to deal with.

      That car would look good with you driving it.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Graham, ANY car would look good with you or me driving it :) Tell you what, make a darn good taxi in Cuba. I wonder if it could be retro-fitted with a Perkins diesel?

  4. Ed P

    $8500 Canadian is about $6408 usd. If that is what the seller wants, the price is not far fetched. This is a running and drivable car.

  5. Andrew Minney

    I think this Buick motor in this car was the same type that was sold to British Leyland for use in their Rover V-8s.
    If so, it is STILL in use now driving British ambulances! Quite attribute to an engine!!

  6. Rich

    Yes, the Buick 215 became the infamous 3.5 litre (well 3528cc) Rover V8, seen in everything from Land Rovers, MGBV8’s, Range Rovers, SD1’s to what seems like every hot rod built this side of the pond between about 1975 and 2005.

  7. doc

    These engines were a problem because the cylinders were electroplated! They wore out pretty quick, hence the smoking that was mentioned earlier. The fix was to sleeve the cylinders. Many, many years ago I saw one stuffed into a Datsun 510 sedan. It was done right.
    funny how they look like a mini version of the Buick 401 I head

  8. Graham Lloyd

    Somewhere along the line I read an article on this engine. The basic design soldiered on, and I could be mistaken, but I think it was used as the basis for the 3800 V6 that GM used in everything around the turn of the new century. Wish I could find that article now.

    The reason I’m selling this car is typical of a lot of guys. I’ve got too many. 12 cars is a little excessive, but for some I guess it is just the start. I’m more of a Pontiac guy and of the 2 wagons, I would rather keep my 62 Tempest Safari. And this car is one that needs nothing, so for a first time collector, it’s a simple, nothing needed purchase.

    That 215 really is a nice engine. Probably much more than any small car needs. I haven’t run into any issues with it. Probably because the car appears to have been well cared for all its life.

    One last thing. Last time I submitted something to this site, the rude comments were pretty intense from some guys. I guess they think reality tv is a true reflection on how people talk to each other. The comments I have read so far have been very civil. And complimentary. Thanks guys for the nice words.

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    • George

      Great car. Buy my house in NC and I’ll take it! VA to ON isn’t too far to pick it up, or you can drop it off when you move…

  9. career

    I think this Buick motor in this car was the same type that was sold to British Leyland for use in their Rover V-8s.
    read more

  10. EHide Behind

    There was a quite a famous/infamous middle man in story of how the tooling and “Rights” got to England. As most tooling of old designs by auto Corp. Were sold as scrap metal.

  11. bryan schloss

    Is it still for sale?

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