Seller Submission: 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL

1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL

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A buddie of mine had a car that looked just like this. The three-pointed star hood ornament made it look like something special parked at the high school. I was always let down when I got behind the wheel though. The darn thing needed more power! The engine was anemic and the automatic transmission didn’t help matters. Well, I probably would have looked at the Mercedes brand differently if it had been one of these bad boys instead. My friend’s dad had one, but it was parked in a field. We always dreamed about yanking the V8 out of that one and dropping it into his car. Anyway, this particular 280 SEL listed here on eBay looks like a good way to experience a true autobahn stormer and it doesn’t require any yanking.

Mercedes V8

The V8 is already in place and it reportedly has more than enough power to wake up this sedate looking sedan. This car rides on what was considered Mercedes’ short wheelbase platform so although it wasn’t a sports car, it should be a lot more lively than my classmates’ car. This thing could cruise at high speed for hours and still had respectable handling when things got twisty. It would be a great thing to experience today, but many of these cars fell into disrepair long ago.  Luckily, this one has well cared for with service records to prove it.

Comfy Interior

This shot of the interior takes me back! I remember watching smoke come out of the top of that dash after my friend attempted to install a CD player. After we got back to my place, I helped him clean up the mess he had made and vowed then and there to never install an aftermarket stereo in a classic car for as long as I live! Luckily, none of those youthful indiscretions have been performed here. Those seats look soft and supple! Normally the wood in the dash will dry out and look faded, but it even looks great here.

280 SEL

The exterior has suffered one respray, but the seller claims that it was professionally done and documented. They have also checked all the problem areas and have confirmed that there is no rust. The price tag isn’t cheap, but it does look like a bargain when compared to what modern V8-powered Germans go for. I’d want some documentation to prove the mileage and a rundown of what work has been done recently before plunking down the money though. Perhaps I should give my buddy a call and see if he would like to relive some memories… At a higher speed of course.

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  1. jim s

    looks like a great place to spend time. this car would keep up with todays highway speeds. if this was mine to drive i would be in the fast lane flashing my headlight so others would know to get out of my way! thanks for sending this in.

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  2. JimL

    The style I always wanted and in a great color too.

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  3. Blyndgesser

    The SEL is the long wheelbase version. Short was the SE.

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  4. Chris A.

    This should be over on BAT, not e-b…Great car in one of the best colors. I prefer the SEL with the extra back seat leg room. Can’t tell from the pictures if it has the sunroof option. But before writing the check, I’d want to know everything that was ever done to this car along with a really good PPI. Built to cruise the interstates.

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