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Seriously Loved: 1960 GMC 1000 Fender Side

Fender Side

This truck isn’t a barn find and isn’t even that original, but it has been seriously loved by its previous two owners. It has been well cared for over the years and even received a few upgrades along the way. It isn’t our standard fare, but I bet it could make for a fun classic cruiser. It came out of Southern Oregon and I can’t find any reason that it couldn’t be enjoyed right away. It’s located in Anderson, California and is listed here on eBay with no reserve. Bidding is really starting to heat up though so it will be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for.

Clean Cabin

This truck has only had two owners and it was reportedly always parked in the garage. The last owner loved it so much that they kept it for 37 years! It was repainted in 2011 using a single stage urethane and although yellow is one of my least favorite colors, I think it looks great on this truck. The interior looks very clean and the automatic transmission was just rebuilt last year. The 3.08 gearing in the Positraction rear end should provide for some relaxed highway cruising.

400 Cubic Inches

There should be plenty of power for it too because this thing is fitted with a 400 cubic inch V8! The engine is claimed to have been rebuilt by a speed shop back in 1985. It still runs great without any leaks or worries. Power brakes and power steering should make the extra weight out front easy to handle. It would seem that the previous owner wanted more of a cruiser than a full out hot rod, but that’s probably a better plan anyway if you actually plan to drive your classic on today’s roads.

1960 GMC 1000

I’d probably swap out the rims just to make it my own, but other than that, it looks about perfect. It’s not original, but it’s evident that someone loved this truck and actually enjoyed driving it around. Here at Barn Finds we value originality, but don’t turn up our noses to tasteful modifications done to make a car more drivable. It’s better than just letting a classic sit. Hopefully, the next owner will continue the trend and keep this old girl on the road for another couple decades!


  1. GTOJeff

    Grille is wrong along with the hood. It’s a mix up of Chevy GMC stuff. I had a 60 Apache. They had a catfish hood. Or that’s what we called them anyway. This was the first year for torsion bar front suspension. Worked great but they didn’t think so. It’s amazing that they went back to torsion bars in the 80’s if they didn’t work so good.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi GTO. We called them an ‘Eyebrow Hood.’ When I worked for a GM dealership I asked one of the DSM’s why they cancelled the torsion bars in the early 60s. He told me that it was a cost thing and nothing else. Torsion bars were also used in the big trucks (we had a ’61 GMC grain truck on the farm with that setup) and they had a lot of problems with them breaking so they were scrapped in those applications. It’s interesting that Chrysler kept used torsion bars right through. In later years torsion bars came back for a lot of manufacturers; cost must have come down.

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  2. Blyndgesser

    This would be much cooler if it had correct GMC trim.

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    • GTOJeff

      I totally agree. And if it was equipped with the big V6 would be even cooler.

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  3. Chris

    Sure, there’s a lot of incorrect parts, but I’m one of those guys that doesn’t care about that stuff. Maybe the last owner preferred certain styles of grilles or hoods over others. It was his truck, and I would say he was a good steward of this fine machine. Since the seller isn’t attempting to sell this as a pristine survivor, we can dismiss all of that. I think this truck will easily sell for $15-20K. For that price, you can get in and drive. It may be a little obvious by now, but I REALLY like this one!

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  4. DAN

    add reads like a cheeseball magazine writer,lol

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    • rockribbedrushy

      Why is the word ‘infamous’ used to describe the ’72 Chevy pickup?

      And why is Nash ‘infamous’?

      In fact, the seller is highlighting his heritage in the retail and wholesale automotive biz as much as he is hyping the pickup.

      Maybe they should call this the Truck of many Parts?

      Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song, non? A piece at a time?

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  5. JW

    I love it, yellow looks great on classic vehicles but horrible on the newer rides IMHO !!!

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  6. Old man

    After speaking with the current seller, he was very familiar with the cosmetic and mechanical modifications to this truck. He purchased from the second owner of 36 years. The grille is from a stock 63 Chevy and the power steering came off a 68 Chevy. He wasn’t positive about the hood but will call the 2nd owner to confirm the year. I give anyone kudos for running a No Reserve auction while letting the market decide the value. The guide books are high on shortbed step sides but they are considered very desirable in the new age collector car world. Good Luck with the Sale.

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  7. Chebby

    By 1985 there was absolutely no excuse for keeping a single-chamber brake system with your speed shop motor.

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  8. Tyler

    Too each his own, but I would prefer it with the original GMC hood & grille. Too me at least, GMC was always a better looking truck.

    And as Chebby said, the brake system should have been upgraded long ago.

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  9. Barney.G

    I love the ’60-’61 hood. It was fairly common to swap for the ’62-’66, but I don’t agree.

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  10. ROTAG999

    I am in the other camp Chevy was always better looking and the later hood is the way to go GMC 305 V-6 has some pulling power but is a gas hog.

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  11. Ric Parrish

    I had a short wheelbase fleetside 4×4 Chevy 1960. The 4×4 front brakes were suicide, the shoes would jump out of place, then of course all the fluid went, very dangerous.

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  12. Ck

    This truck is way cool .I’d upgrade the brakes,turn the key,and drive the wheels off it.

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  13. brian crowe

    it looks like the bed is just a sheet of plywood from underneith and there is no pictures of the bed from above. I don’t care about the mix match of parts either. To me that’s is a pretty cool driver and I would drive it everywhere.

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  14. Mickey Dorsey

    25 years ago I owned a restoration shop and always enjoyed car shows where I judged the modified or hot rod class because I could judge based on quality of work instead of arguing about authenticity. I say thumbs up to the owners of this truck and hope the next owner will enjoy it and drive it proudly.

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  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid, $12,700. 73 bids.

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